2021 Harvest Hoedown

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by farmer_broke, Jun 19, 2021.

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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Everyone is mighty quiet about the Hoedown. And tree fruit prices continue to soar.
    Anyone working on the Hoedown and how ... or when .... and what?
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  2. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    I didnt Drain my barn stocks in last Hoedown like crazy, I dont see the point to be honest because in terms of prizes against Barn Stock donated is it really worth getting these prizes....:oops:

    1. The Price of Fruits and Crops just keep climbing in the markets, which means it getting far more expensive just to do some donation of stocks but with this event it need a huge amount of stocks of animals, crops and Fruits and Products

    2. Even if you have Billions of CC to spend there isnt much stuff to buy in the markets in good bulks purchases to stock up your barn for donations

    3. High Level Crops many of them need crazy huge amounts of them for Quests they aint worth buying to donate as couple of Crops costing between 30,000 to 20,000 per crop so it isnt ideal in terms of Exchange Value. Makes more sense to Grow them to make CC which i have been doing using my CC to buying good value bulk buys if you luck to see them in your market

    4. Since Flash is no more many still having issues with normal Farming to stock up their Barns, Plus many have stop playing Farmerama because of lagging issues with Flash alternative

    5. All these rare Animals and Fruits are becoming more rarer in the Markets less and less farmers postings rare Animals and Fruits to buy in the markets also you will hardly see many in large volumes bulk buys

    All these Factors is needed to be taken into consideration

    We just see how the market pans out in terms of Prices and Volumes some might or will have a rethink in terms of Affordability in CC, Hoedown usually happens in November so we have 5 months left:p of preparation if going for it or do part of it or skip it :p
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  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Fields are in constant use with events. Sooooooooooo, cannot produce and there is no sale. Make sense?
    Sooooooo, that line of logic leads to skyrocket prices as we have watched.
    Andddd, all this should lead too market combinations.
    Grow it yourself or pay dearly.

    psssssssst .... forget about the cents issue too. Just a few little ev adjustments will clean the matter up.

    Want tree fruit? I want your CCs. What is the rate you are willing to pay?
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  4. dumbunny

    dumbunny Count Count

    not going there...not touching that event with a 10 foot pole. Learned my lesson several years ago. I go as far as I want to take my farms for the prizes rewarded and call it quits.

    On the other hand, that doesn't mean I won't make a little coin between now and then.

    Anyone on Market #9 is going to have a hard time of it - prices are still depressed and many items there are none for sale because base price is rI-dYe-Ku-Lus. So no money to be made, so no one is listing anything. So nothing to buy, either.
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  5. Brookeham

    Brookeham Forum Freak

    Not doing this again! I missed top level by 1 >:(
  6. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Inhabitant

    I've been trying to build up stock and not making much headway - they get used up in events so quickly! I'm thinking about only doing regular farming for a bit and will try not to even look at the events! Of course, I'll still gift neighbors. I'm just finding all this to be too much work, and I need a break from it all!
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  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    When the broke farm finished well in the hoedown its buy rate was about .22 to .24 . I cannot believe it now.
    Can you guess which tree fruit it gave about 500 thousand of as part? Don't laugh too hard when I tell you.
    The chestnut!

    Hoedown competition would get exactly -0- chestnut today. Buy rate would be far far far too high to donate.
    If one buys tree fruit to donate then the buy-rate one sets will rule what to buy with the intention of donating.

    If growing tree fruit to donate: The maximum EV per minute of time is the deciding factor.

    If growing high dollar tree fruit with the intention of buying with the proceeds then the buy-rate set will rule the purchase. The selling price of what is produced is set by what one determines what price the market will bear. Time is required for the selling and subsequent buying.
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  8. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    i have been playing farmerama now into my 11th Year, The mistake we all make with Hoedown is that we need to be full prepared to have extremely well stock farm mostly of Fruits

    I talking about having 100,000, 200K,300K up to and Beyond Million of your Highest or near Highest EV Fruit Tree values

    The reason for this you would have to sacrifice and be very well prepared to donate your entire Barn Stock Value to stay within Top 300,500,1000,2000 and 3000

    Many Farmers have misjudged and miscalculated the Risk elements to stay within Top Group to get the best or near best prizes rewards

    Now there is hardly anything in circulation within our Markets, in terms of Huge Bulk Volumes so we can prepare and build up serious Barn stocks as Yearly Objective for each Hoedown

    I do play the markets very often, Because i enjoy being virtual Billionaire but it does have it downside now ......There is hardly anything worth buying to stock up our barns in the markets no more Bargain Buys ..... Many Items was dirt cheap in the markets in the earlier years, many crops only cost 5,10,15,20 to 50 CC to buy , Fruits 50 to 100 CC, Animals from 50 CC to 500 CC

    I am talking about when there was not any Buffs nor CAC, PJ or any crafting at all, On the Farmer Wheel just Farm Wheel Spins only you so often Win 200% Harvester at 48 Hours or 24 Hours which can be Stackable now 200% Harvester is down to 6 Hours as so very hard and very rare show up on Wheel Spins

    When the New Buffs Slots was introduced Everyone went Mental using CAC and PJ combined but there was Flaw many of us took advantage of sadly Buff System was revamp then introduce 200 Hour Buff limiters

    In those years we had much less events to do per Month, so able to stock up our barn and sell lots of stuff in the markets with ease so able to buy cheap bulk buys etc there was many fire sales too

    I have notice that Hoedown is now getting less appealing in terms of rewards year on year but have to take into consideration we have to donate far more than the previous year to get more or less the same rewards....So Basically where is the logic in that :wuerg::wuerg::wuerg::wuerg::wuerg::wuerg:

    If they give and reward us with BB Trees, Power Feed Trees, New Product Trees, Super Trees, Latest Rare Virtually Impossible New Animal Stables such as Secretary Bird or Jellyfish etc then the Hoedown Event might be more appealing to motivate us to stock up our farms and spend real money for these sought after items for our FOCD....Many of us our FOCD is cured

    I so miss Flash and Playing Farmerama on My Mobile plus Farmerama Good old days too:music::music::music::music::music::music:
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  9. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Master

    In old days the price was limited in the market. You always knew, what was the top price when you were desperately competing to be the quickest to buy horses or something else, when somebody sold them during events. In that time 1x1 item giving 90 points was something awesome. Seed shop was also unlimited, it was cheaper to buy strawberries from there than from market during strawberry events ;)

    200% Harvester is 12 hours nowadays and 100% Harvester is 24 hours. +1 Harvesters are 6 hours and I hate, that reward list does not show, which +1 it is (old fast spins are back!).

    Good old days were not always so good :cry:xD:p I wish we never get back rain ruining crops, weeds, flight miles, buying always new seeds in baha to crow something or different currency. I even played couple of national events in languages which I do not understand to get flight miles to finally get in baha.

    I believe the main reason for lack of items in market is new long time crops, you need everything yourself for FSQ. Old days you had time to crow all kind of things waiting for leveling up to get new seeds
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  10. strikoroba

    strikoroba Junior Expert

    Cobwebs on the trees if not harvested in time, red truck to take to the market
  11. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Count Count

    Love hearing stories about the "good old days" as it was before my time. But nostalgia can distort our memories of how things actually were back then, so I appreciate people pointing out the downsides too. :)

    On other forums, I've seen some recall what a buggy mess Flash used to be when Farmerama was in its infancy, just like Unity is today. It'll probably be harder to fix now because of all the features that have been added over the years, but that is one thing that gives me a little bit of hope for the future.

    I do remember weeds, though. I hate it when games try to manipulate you into playing more often by threatening to destroy whatever you were trying to build/produce unless you come back within a certain time frame, so I'm glad they got rid of that. I used to side-eye BP a lot for that one.

    Markets used to be a lot more fun circa 2014 but the downside was that it trivialized a lot of the core game content like FSQs and farm orders. That's actually why I started participating in these TOP competitions in the first place - because I was getting bored with how easy everything else in the game was becoming (especially events) and it was an extra challenge I could look forward to. Had it not been for the TOP competitions keeping me around long enough to see BP ramp up the difficulty in this game, I don't know if I would still be here today.

    I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way because I've heard from various sources that BP used to get a lot of complaints from hardcore players that they were bored because they had nothing left to do in this game. I saw the same thing happen in another strategy game I used to play where the devs tried to cater exclusively to casual/hypercasual players and made the strategy part almost completely optional (i.e., no reason to play strategically other than reaching endgame faster). Many veteran players quit the game citing reasons like boredom from constantly running out of things to do despite periodic content updates and overpowered prizes making the game even more stale by trivializing the core game mechanics. I quit that game after less than a year for similar reasons despite only being halfway through. Ironically, the devs in that game also got a lot of hate from some players for being "greedy" and "not caring about their players" because they made the game too easy and the prizes too generous lol.

    Anyway, back to the TOP competition. 2021 will by my 6th year and I have a few billion EV lying around that I'm prepared to dump into the black hole. It's been sitting in my barn since November last year, so the only thing I did to prepare this year was put a backup plan in place in the unlikely scenario that what I have isn't enough for the TOP 500. Better safe than sorry.

    I don't expect the prizes to be any better than they were in previous years. In some ways, these competitions are not as difficult to compete in as they were in the past due to more powerful buffs being introduced to the game over time, so prizes staying the same despite escalating costs is perfectly logical to me. I'm happy to take part as long as I get a nice pet and a decent amount of BB. I'm willing to do just about anything for BB lol.

    But Mooboy is right. It's far too easy for farmers to underestimate the cutoff point to stay in the top tier. I hope anyone who is thinking of competing learns from the lesson dumbunny and Brookeham had to learn the hard way because even though it's just a game, it can be quite devastating to see a year's worth of work or more go down the drain like that.

    Almost had the same thing happen to me in 2019. I had prepared for TOP 1000 but it turned out to be TOP 500. In a way, I'd miscalculated what it would cost me to stay in the top tier and I ended up paying dearly for it. I managed to stay in the TOP 500 by the very skin of my teeth but it could just as easily have gone the other way. Never making that mistake again.
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  12. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Count Count

    One feature that was lost was the automatic tree harvest associated with being a premium user. I didn't even have to log in and my trees would keep self harvesting! When it eventually got cancelled, I was about four months into a one year subscription of premium and so I had it continued for eight more months! I could go into the backblocks of no internet New Zealand for a week and come back to a virtual mountain of tree fruit!
    Oh, those were the days......... reminissing.......!:inlove:
  13. escalonilla

    escalonilla Forum Commissioner

    In the "good old days" I took part in this event twice.
    I think it was 2012 and 2014.

    Preparing for the TOP was easily done by buying tree fruit all year long. And anyone could do it. No $ was needed.
    Much has changed since then
    Nowadays, $ is needed only if you want to compete every. single. year.

    Another change is that tree fruit is no longer the top product. Instant high level seeds are.
    I happen to have lot of SG and Party tickets and will get millions of seeds anytime soon.

    And if technical problems are still happening in november, I might donate it all and leave the game.

    I feel bad saying this, but patience has its limits