Advice on Crystal Falls II quest?

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by rivak, Feb 22, 2021.

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  1. rivak

    rivak Forum Great Master

    Hi everyone!

    I finally think I have enough stables to start collecting animals for The Crystal Falls II quest. But how in the heck can I harvest enough tree fruits such as Lychees in 24 hours? Trees produce 1-2 times a day, 2-3 if I use the mulch. Am I really stuck buying 50 trees to get the job done? I don't mind buying a few, but that many seems like overkill.

    I throw myself on your collective wisdom in the hope there is an easier way. I can offer virtual chocolate candies as a thank-you gift. Or bad pun jokes, whichever you prefer. :)
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  2. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Connoisseur

    Check if you have +3 Tree harvest bonus or Tree revenue bonus +100 in your storage. Overall revenue bonuses works as well.

    I think I used just Pinapple cake (+25%) in diamond slot and Suzy's Super-crow. Vial of Growth speed 10% trees in Baha and Pirate Parrot ship 10%. Or perhaps I just had 40 trees :music:

    If you end up using rare bonus, my advise is to have next task waiting for the harvest after first one ends in another area of baha.
  3. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I'm all in for chocolate ;):pxDxDxD

    Depending on whether you have XXL upgrades and if and how much you want to use Turbo Mulch, will depend on how many trees you will need. That being said, even if you have to purchase 50 trees, they are worth the investment. Some trees are needed for feed and others for quests. I've never been sorry for having trees even if much of the time, they are in inventory.

    The lychees required for Crystal Falls II are 160 in 24 hours. With no buffs or harvest boosters, that is 40 trees all in one harvest. The fifth step requires 200 fruit so in one harvest, you would need 50 trees but Macadamia is a feed tree so that is (IMO) not too many to have.

    Some options to consider which will decrease how many trees you will need to put out:

    Are you a premium member? Premium has auto harvest for trees so you can time the beginning of the quest with trees that have more than one harvest ready.

    XXL upgrades to reduce trees to 12 hours

    Turbo Mulch

    Vial of Growth (Alchemist product that reduces trees by 10%. You would activate this buff prior to putting trees out)

    Pineapple Cake - increases tropical fruit so trees will yield 5 instead of 4 fruit

    Tree Harvest Bonus (+3) or Tree Revenue Bonus (100% harvest for 24 hours in Gold Buff slot)

    Good luck!

    edit: I was typing at the same time as Paaryna11:)
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  4. baw815

    baw815 Forum General

    I bought the trees and animal stables, worthy investments. :)
  5. zerodegrees

    zerodegrees Forum Veteran

    You can get away with as little as 6 basic trees even without premium or using up rare harvest bonuses. ;)

    1. Put out 6 basic lychee trees and spray them with SSG (+4 tree fruit per tree).
    2. When they're ready to be harvested, consume a pineapple cake (25% more tree fruit, or +1 tree fruit for a typical tree) and a vial of growth (reduces growing time for trees by 10%).
    3. Start timed quest.
    4. Harvest your trees and then spray them with SSG and STM (reduces growing tme for trees by 35%).
    5. Wait for 11 hours and 42 minutes.
    6. Consume another vial of growth.
    7. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
    8. Consume another pineapple cake.
    9. Harvest trees one last time to complete timed quest.

    Requires 6 basic lychee trees, 2 pineapple cakes, 2 vials of growth, 18 SSG and 12 STM. Easy.

    If you don't want to use any artisan products or SSG/STM, you need 2 harvests of 20 lychee trees.

    If you're going to buy the aforementioned artisan products from the market because you don't have them on hand, it might make more sense to just invest in the 20 lychee trees for the reasons puppiesnponies stated. Depends on your playing style and if you're one of those people who hate clutter in their inventory.
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  6. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Great Master

    I did what baw815 did I just bought the number of trees needed and the animals too (using with whatever up-graded I had). I worked on two levels/tasks at one time. One on the plantation and one on the rainforest. Good Luck
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  7. rivak

    rivak Forum Great Master

    Well, I tried to buy lychee fruits at the Market and that didn't work. So once I raise some funds by selling animals I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy trees. I don't have the Alchemist open to make the Vial of Growth, so I'll need lots of trees.

    At least I can make the Pineapple Cake. I spent the day doing that, so I'm good to go there. :)
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  8. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I've sent you a Vial of Growth ;) Good Luck!:)
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  9. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Board Analyst

    I do it the other way. Buy half the amount of trees (20) and plant them. Start the timer just before I harvested them. Then 20 hours later harvest the other half. No added SG or TM. Or buy 10 trees, add SG, then start timer just before harvesting. Then add SG to the second growth. 10 trees and 20 SG.
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