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    Baha Museum

    What is the Baha Museum?
    The Baha Museum is the long waited storage quarters feature for deco items.
    After reaching level 50, you can unlock the Baha Museum and save more space on your land by placing up to 8 decos under 1 Baha Museum.
    You can place any size combination of deco items in the Baha Museum.

    At this stage, only deco items that can be placed on the tropical lands will be placeable in the Baha Museum.

    The TEP collected from the Baha Museum will be the sum of all the deco items you place in it. The production time will be the longest harvest time out of the deco items placed in this Baha Museum.

    Please note: When you place a new deco item in the Baha Museum, it will reset the countdown, therefore we recommend you to wait until the countdown is up and harvest the Baha Museum before you add new deco items.
    How can you unlock this feature?
    After reaching level 50, you can unlock the Baha Museum with 105 Golden Bananas from the Monkey Temple (Node 12) and/or with 399 BBs from the Tropical Shop (deco section):​


    At the moment you will only be able to have these 2 Baha Museums, one from the Shop and one from the Monkey Temple.
    How can I use it?
    The Baha Museum can be placed on your 3 tropical lands, Shipwreck Bay, Castaway Coast and the Pet Playground. After buying it, you will find it in your Decorations inventory:
    After placing it on your field, you can select the deco items you wish to use in this Baha Museum. By default, you have 4 slots, but you can unlock 4 more - by upgrading the Baha Museum twice, with 2 slots each time.​

    Click on the cogs icon to start adding deco items into your slots:​

    You can click on the green deco item icon to upgrade the base deco item. If the green icon is unavailable, there are no updates for this deco item in your barn.

    Once you fill in your slots, the timer begins. You will see the construction sign once they are ready to be harvested.
    • Givers of any size can be placed in the Baha Museum
    • Pets cannot be placed in the Baha Museum
    • Only givers that can be placed on the same field you place the Baha Museum can be placed in it
    • Howie Donut is not placeable in the Baha Museum
    • Vanity items (decoration only) are not placeable in the Baha Museum

    • The deco icon will show how many buff items, if any are placed in the Baha Museum that you will get when harvested.
    • The Baha Museum can only be harvested with the Pet Helpers.
    • You can only upgrade an item once when placed in the Baha Museum. For further upgrades if an item has them, you need to upgrade the item on your field. You can then add the fully upgraded item to the Baha Museum.


    When a Charged giver is placed, the icon will show how many charges are left.
    Once all charges have been used, like on a playfield, you have to delete the item from the Baha Museum then you can re-place it again to receive the base EP/TEP reward.

    The upgraded Baha Museum has different graphics as well:​

    Bah Museum I

    To upgrade the Baha Museum and unlock 2 more slots you will need regular tools (10000 x Bricks, 4000 x Roof tiles), 10 x Power Drills (random drops that can only be gathered from harvesting the Storage Houses), and 8 x Bah Museum Blueprints - which can be obtained by completing The Bah Museum quest in the Farmer's Society.
    Bah Museum II


    Then you can upgrade it again for unlocking 2 more slots, reaching a total of 8 slots, by using 20000 x Bricks, 8000 x Roof tiles, 20 x Power Drills and 16 x Museum Blueprints.
    The Baha Museum Quest


    1724 quest.png
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