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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by shooger.sweet, Jan 17, 2023.

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  1. hatzeva

    hatzeva Forum Duke

    Agree with all above. What a disappointment for a Birthday Event :(
    When I first started in 2011 it was just before Farmeramas 2nd birthday. We had to grow white and purple roses and even though I had only played a month I managed to get many great prizes, and I was hooked on the game.
    It saddens me how things now have turned out :(
  2. FarmerDelight

    FarmerDelight Forum Mogul

    Birthday events are meant to be fun with nice prizes which takes reasonable amount of effort to obtain. Sadly this is not the case for this event :(

    KAREBEAR70 Someday Author

    I agree with everyone else. There is no way we can do everything in 20sec. This mini game is terrible, especially since it supposed to be a birthday event. I've been playing this game almost from the beginning when it was less than a year old it seemed more fun then. If it keeps going like this, I may need to quit playing.
  4. BahamaLlama

    BahamaLlama Forum Greenhorn

    The music is very nice. I wonder if we could have the option to change our music one day?
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  5. majag24

    majag24 Forum Greenhorn

    This event was very frustrating and considering it was a birthday event, it was very diasappointing. Why make is so difficult if it's a celebration? It's suppose to be fun! This was not.
  6. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Pro

    I don't care for this minigame, i could hardly solve anything in time and some levels I got stuck in, not able to do any move because i did something wrong in the beginning.
  7. .Sneezer222.

    .Sneezer222. Forum Greenhorn

    Took me AGES to figure out how to sign in so I could comment on the forum. I usually just read here, and don't comment. But this mini game is not at all good. The first round I couldn't even figure out what to click on to make the macarons move. Then I got it, but no way is there enough time. When you finish the box it takes ages for it to wrap itself up and let you continue, and that means I don't get the timed reward. I played through a bit, but it was so disheartening, I just ripped my fields up and went back to regular farming. The last few games have been so nice, and then this one was just super annoying. And like everyone else has said, the birthday event is usually a good fun one.
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  8. xtaxidriver

    xtaxidriver Forum Greenhorn

    Worst mini game ever. Finished two of twente in time. i miss the swedich sait not good at english.
  9. TommyBurns

    TommyBurns Junior Expert

    I think there were some good things and bad things in this event. Even though I found the mini game difficult and didn't finish too many of them in the required time frame I still enjoyed it as it was challenging without taking tooooo long to complete. I liked that we could still complete the game even if we went past the timer and still got the 20 star coins. For me I didn't think most of the prizes were worth extending the timer for anyway but I did for things like the season points, piccolo box and crate of buffs. I did get stuck on a few of them and one took me several goes to finally finish and move on. I know we got an extra day for this event but it soon became apparent why as with all the Macaron Boxes needed we were going to need all the extra time we could get. As I said, I didn't think much about most of the prizes that could be won playing the mini game and not overly excited about the cloud row either but I did like the rewards we could buy with our star coins.

    Overall it was a lot of hard work for not particularly great rewards. Birthday parties are supposed to be fun but maybe I was expecting too much after all the fun that was had over Christmas. But with the lovely birthday presents I've received today I really don't feel too bad about it all so thank you for those.

    Happy 13th Birthday Farmerama :inlove::D

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  10. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Exceptional Talent

    Happy 13th Birthday Farmerama! As a one-year old here, I have found this game the most enjoyable and rewarding (pun intended!) farming game I've played. My actual age is many decades past a year and I've come to the conclusion that it makes me more happy to be grateful for what I'm able to get. I decided early on that I would not complete this event and set my sights on the miscellaneous gifts and played enough games to get the needed coins. I was very pleased with the results. I do understand the frustration expressed by other players and maybe the game can be adjusted if similar ones are done in the future. We each can decide how much we can expect/want to do based on our personal situation and the limitations of the game. For me, I was gobsmacked to discover all the birthday goodies today and wish Farmerama many more birthdays! Thank you to all the Mods, techs, etc. for a very enjoyable - for me - place to come each day and exercise my brain and engage in some delightful conversations with other players! Have a wonderful day everyone! :inlove:
  11. jäniksenpelätti

    jäniksenpelätti Forum Pro

    I would have enjoyed this minigame if you got the prizes for completing the level and if you could undo everything and start over from the beginning once you get stuck without growing more event plants

    I could solve only 8 levels in time and I got only up to 38. But even so I got all the prizes in the game shop and have five star coins left over. Not a particularly well stocked star coin shop.
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  12. strikoroba

    strikoroba Junior Expert

    I usually keep my feedback to myself, but decided to put my 2 cents in this time.

    Thank you BP for a very generous gift through the news layer.
    Thank you for an effort creating a memorable and distinct birthday event unlike any others before.
    Thank you mods for all your hard work and for weathering a tide of negative feedback.
    The cloud row has been more or less accessible, the drop rate was adequate.
    I liked the concept of that mini game (see more below on that)

    It's a birthday. Where are Fuzzels, Suzy and all of the usual shenanigans?
    There is supposed to be a celebration, lots of old friends' faces and balloons.
    Where did this Fenri character come from for the past 2 events?
    Did he eat everybody else like he probably ate all of the cake, decorations, and grandma together with the Red Riding Hood?

    I do not think that any type of logic or timed puzzle game where the prizes/rewards depend upon how quick and successful you are in solving that puzzle belongs with the farm game.
    Please do not get me wrong - I personally like logic puzzles a lot and am pretty successful playing this mini-game (got everything I wanted), or "find 1000 random useless things in 60 seconds" detective game (usually able to get the highest score), or tetris-like one, etc.
    Let me elaborate why I think these mini games do not belong here.
    1. They discriminate against older people and people with a varying degree of mental issues, penalizing those with slower reactions or lack of concentration; reaction time and memory skills decline as we age, depression chips away at the ability to concentrate, ADD spectrum struggles with attention altogether. Do these people not deserve the rewards?
    2. They discriminate and penalize people whose puzzle solving abilities are not their topmost cultivated and refined skill. Do these people not deserve the rewards?
    3. They discriminate and penalize people who do not have a computer or internet connection fast enough, whose mouse is not as quick and responsive. Do these people not deserve the rewards?

    Did the BP ever consider what is the demographics of players of this game versus their other games versus logic puzzle games?

    When I come to Farmerama I come to play a farm game. If I wanted to play a logical puzzle game I would have gone to play a logical puzzle game. I come to Farmerama to de-stress. Timed games become very stressful when the reward depends on the timely completion.
    I can't speak for everyone, but there is enough stress in everyday life as it is.

    On the rest I concur with the above posters.
    The prizes are great but for many players hard to obtain like a dangling carrot,
    The ribbon ties steal the precious seconds,
    Not enough time to assess the moves, you need to start moving pieces as soon as the game starts and there is no time allotment for error or backing the moves. I would have enjoyed that mini game much more if it was not so stressful.
    The timer is completely outside of the view field when you are concentrating hard on the boxes and moves.
    The 10 second timer after the game ends - no purpose at all.

    Best wishes for Farmerama birthday.
  13. elimeno

    elimeno Forum Overlooker

    I too must agree with all the other post. I will say that BP has made this game a whole lot of nothing...stressful, frustrating, impossible, money-grab. I too have also been playing for 12 years. not impressed with the next event either.