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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Have a wonderful new year.

    New information and methods shape the manner in which each of us chooses to practice our techniques in this game.

    YOUR thoughts are the only official source required for posting.
  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 All Knowing Oracle

    Great idea broke. I was thinking of a pre-strategy thread. So that we can plan in advance for certain events like the upcoming neon breeding event. For instance how much to stock up for finishing the event. How much to stock up for marketing ? etc.,

    Your idea of this thread is very good indeed !

    Based on the rumour thread I am stocking up Spooky Crates, Crate of Birds, Crate of Happy Animals II and Crate of Goofy animals and not opening them. Will wait till the neon breeding event starts for opening them. Also stocking up Fiesta, klepto and convict crow.
  3. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Mogul

    Happy New Year Ya'all!!
    12s that is interesting. You really have me wondering why you are holding onto the crates? Thanks
  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 All Knowing Oracle

    Because For breeding event.

    1. The Hungarian Oracle says keep an eye on Spooky Crates, Crate of Birds, Crate of Happy Animals II and Crate of Goofy animals

    Also we can get the coloured crows (klepto crows & Convict crows ) which might be needed for the event from FSQ - Theatre of Crow. But it is a Costly Affair
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  5. morris111

    morris111 Someday Author

    The powerfeed sale always starts right before a baby boom or breeding event.
    Does the oracle know which crops or tree fruit to be watching. ? :)
    All ready opened all my crates:cry:
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  6. 12ss12

    12ss12 All Knowing Oracle

    May be you can save from now on, morris.
    As of now no new news. I will let you know about fruits and crops as soon as something emerge.
  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    In my cornflakes I can see mammals for some reason.

    I can make out clearly a Big Ol Elephant with monkeys riding on its back.

    Stranger than that, I see the Big Ol Elephant eating pheromones too.

    And there's a beaver who won't stop looking at me.

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  8. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

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  9. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I saw something in my cornflakes. It keeps appearing. :eek:

    I'll hide this information in this thread.
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  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    What I see will take 3-4 separate posts to explain to all. I do not see an end but a gradual and purposeful movement.

    Post 1 of 3: THE PEONY (a flower, ev 34)

    I cannot remember an event calling for the peony.

    Two quests specifically call for the peony:
    • Garden Expo ((level 1 silver (1,600), gold (3,400) and diamond (6,000)) Total = 11,000
    • Behive Moving ((level 4 silver (300), gold (600) and diamond (1,200)) Total = 2,100

    I do not know how prepared this farm is for what I see happening. The peony is only the beginning and appears to be only a part of a larger picture. (farm holds 941,478 peonies)

    There are uses for the peony in The Florist:

    Church bouquet, level 3, requires 100 peonies ----- reduces time for workshops
    Wedding arrangement, level 4, requires 100 peonies ----- gives 360 florist points when eaten
    White innocence, level 4, requires 100 peonies ----- reduces time when using super grow
    Royal Wreath, level 5, requires 100 peonies ----- gives 10,000 ep when eaten

    Got it so far? I assure there is more information to present.
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  11. SahraB

    SahraB Forum Veteran

    I don't think I understand that.


    Why the market price of carrots is high?

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  12. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    SahraB, must be your market, market 21 is half of that, starting price. :music:
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  13. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Market 16 has lowest price of 200 cc each. :)
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  14. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I highlighted in red all one needs to be aware of at this time. I have two more related posts.
    There is no need to think just yet.

    Market 40 has a low price at this moment of 250 cc.

    I have noticed temporary price increases of carrots.
    Chinchilla sales have increased recently also. Chinchilla feed requires 8 carrots.
    The frequency of events where growing is required cases an increase in CAC production. CAC requires 100 carrots.

    This farm held over 2 million carrots about 01 December. The farm is down to 191 thousand today having sold about 93 thousand.
    Rabbit feed price increased on a few markets I saw. The panic buying of carrots and hay began which increased prices as some scrambled to add to their barn or mill. Anaconda were used in a breeding event recently. There was the delay in anaconda feed production which uses rabbits. Carrots are used in several animal feeds. (---edited--- To remove CAC ingredients as corrected by sanddollar15 . See post #16 for ingredients provided)

    Above there are three markets with carrots near half of your market.
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  15. PeepsPlace

    PeepsPlace Someday Author

    Market 15 has a price of 413.29 cc ea., and 2 offers of 3,000 ea. for 398.09.
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  16. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 All Knowing Oracle

    Hi, I do not believe honey is used to make CAC! traditional chutney (1) no honey there, 100 carrots, 10 apples 100 hazelnuts, 100 onions,40 preserving sugar!:p;)
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  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    sanddollar15 I agree with the ingredients you have cited for CAC. I was incorrect in my comment regarding CAC ingredients and have edited post #14.
    Thank you.
    (This farm presently holds 158 CAC yet has been as high as 1,150)
    Your correct citing will enable us to go a little further with carrots.

    Traditional Chutney, level 3 Confectioner, default recipe, the base artisan product required in CAC, ingredients:
    • 100 carrots
    • 100 tomatoes
    • 100 mushrooms
    • 10 water
    • 30 sugar
    CAC, level 4 Confectioner, recipe must be purchased, ingredients:
    • traditional Chutney (ingredients cited above)
    • 100 carrots (more)
    • 100 hazelnuts
    • 100 onions
    • 10 apples
    • 40 sugar (more)
    traditional chutney, a base artisan product, shows an ev of 4,960 in the barn under the trade products category, and it cannot be sold
    CAC, a complete artisan product, shows NO ev in the barn, and it can be sold.
    (No complete and sale-able artisan products nor the game faqs list an ev for any of the complete and sale-able artisan products. We have been awaiting further information from the game team regarding this matter for several years now. I find no need to disturb our MODs any further with like questions.)

    Carrots used in CAC total 200.
    When learning I would often get lost while trying to determine what goes into what and what is used for what.

    Carrots used in animal feed:
    • 8 chinchilla feed
    • 2 groundhog feed
    • 6 guinea pig feed
    • 1 hamster feed
    • 3 horse feed
    • 1 mole feed
    • 8 otter feed
    • 2 rabbit feed
    • 2 sunk feed
    Carrots used in artisan products:
    • 100 for traditional chutney (base confectioner, level 3) -- used in several other artisan products-- unsaleable
    • 100 more for CAC (total now 200 which includes those used in base)
    • 100 for Easter marmalade
    Carrots (total) directly call for in FSQs:
    • 1,235 restaurant
    • 2,500 gaga for greens
    • 1,100 baked from scratch
    • 30 organic produce
    • 230 popcorn party
    • 1,700 stony night
    (There have been no new FSQs which have called for carrots.)

    Examples of indirect needs for carrots:
    • may be used in country fair
    • petting zoo call for rabbits and horses which use carrots in the feed
    • noahs calls rabbits and horses which use carrots in the feed
    • flotto magazine calls for rabbits and ...
    • angora frenzy calls for angora which requires rabbit feed and rabbits which require rabbit feed
    • ramport rabbits breeding animal quest calls for rabbits and breeding rabbits of various levels .... feed for rabbits
    • party in paradise calls for anaconda which require rabbits which requires carrots in the feed
    • country fair requires horses and riding lessons which requires carrots in the feed
    • magical trek requires groundhog which requires ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ... this goes on and on
    Events have called for carrots in the past.

    Thank you everyone for the revisit to carrots. IMO, the over 600 cc price for carrots which S-B reports is uncommon, not out of the question, but a bit premature. A greater than 600 cc price can be easily implemented by BP developers and team. A carrot demand and price increase is a small but definite part of what my cornflakes have indicated to me.

    Based upon the above information and other considerations, I have decided to temporarily try and raise the market price on Market 40 to over 400 for carrots. At this moment I have the carrot price at 488.75 ccs, hold 1,908,079 carrots, 18,794 rabbit feed, will continue trying an establish a working relationship with a second rabbit producer, and have agreements with 5 other farms to actively engage in rabbit production for a period of 60 days beginning shortly.

    An edit has been made to the post regarding the peony to include a second quest which I neglected to post previously. (The low price for the peony on market 40 at the moment is 820 ccs. The price has remained relatively constant for a few wees now it seems. At the moment I have other priorities than acquiring more peony except the daily seeds.)
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  18. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Baron

    Market 39 carrots currently with offers at 103.72 cc
  19. big_daddy_broke

    big_daddy_broke Forum Greenhorn

    <----- This is a broke family farm

    Carrots here on market 01 are 450.00 ccs as the current low and price goes as high as 1028.70 ccs

    Mindy I was searching for that farm on Market 39. Recently I saw a market where carrots were extremely low. And most of the crop market appeared low.

    I cannot rule out BP combining markets. Mindy's market 39 low carrot market price leads me to still believe that markets are composed of a different number of players. (I have no proof or reliable method of substantiating this.)

    Any online gaming industry company with developers who are worth their salt do have access to game data and do use it their game development procedures.

    Also, one may wish to do what I have termed a time-to-production market price computation (one uses market price as the numerator and the fraction of time as the denominator). Sometimes the earning of ccs is important for a farmer and at other times the cc earning potential means nothing to them because they have another goal.

    I also have not ruled out BP developers and team considering and even slowly implementing a license program to sell in the market. (BP is a for-profit entity and I find no fault in them considering methods to increase revenue from this game. BP MUST always consider revenue generation. The previous sentence is a given for any for-profit enterprise. I do not focus on what they must do nor do I ignore the obvious.

    ----------- edit ----------
    Leaving the farm for now after I purchase daily seeds. Someone now has carrots listed at 390 ccs. (I'll just buy my 100 carrot seeds at 3 ccs each and go.)
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  20. mindy1701

    mindy1701 Forum Baron

    Hey, Big daddy (I always wanted to say that to someone xD)
    I don't know if one of your farms is on my market, but there are 8 offers right now for the price I quoted. The next lowest price is 163.00 and highest price is 269.64.
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