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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Calliope

    Calliope Forum Greenhorn

    Greetings, fellow players! I am still figuring this game out. It seems to have endless nooks and crannies. My name is Billie, and I am a poet/artist in Houston, Texas.

    I enjoy live music, performance art, reading and going out dancing. I am a gourmet cook and grow fresh herbs (along with various pretty plants) on my balcony garden. My best friend and constant companion is my amazing, sweet and very smart little kitty.

    I am looking forward to being part of the Farmerama community--once I know my way around!
  2. Decree

    Decree Old Hand

    Welcome Calliope,

    It's nice to meet you. If you have any questions or need help we're always here.
  3. shellhappybj

    shellhappybj Forum Inhabitant

    Hello Calliope,
    Welcome I think you will find great people here. And they are always are willing to help.
    So happy farming and enjoy:)
  4. jollyfama65

    jollyfama65 Forum Apprentice

    Hi Calliope, this forum was a big help to me finding my way around (and, as a matter of fact, still is). I hope you enjoy your time here. The people here are very helpful. Smiles to ya and your little kitty too!
    I have three little kitties who aren't so little anymore - they're bigger than my dogs now, lol (the interesting part is neither the cats nor the dogs are aware of this difference now)!
    And yes, there are so many nooks and crannies in this game. I love all the figuring out of things in this game. The game strategy section in the forum is a good place to go to try to kick your brain into high-farming gear. I found when I first started that the How to make CCs posts were the most helpful for me. Here's a link to the posts/thread I'm talking about:
    I hope that link worked! It's a great thread and I think it will help you a lot.
    Dinner timer is going off! Can't burn supper! (A cook I'm not! lol)
    Take care and I look forward to seeing you in the postings! :D
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  5. elena516

    elena516 Advanced

    Welcome, and nice to meet you :D
    This game has a lot to offer, if you have the patience to take your time to reach all the objectives.
    The forum is a big help, there are a lot of people around willing to help. Just ask if you need anyhting ;)
  6. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)Hi Calliope!! Welcome to Farmerama and our friendly, all-things-farming-forum/community!!:music:

    One of the good things about this game is that you Never stop learning new things!! Especially here, on the Forum.

    For doing Events, some great helps are: *1. Under "Users + Games": *Game Strategy Discussion; which talks about the current Event going on; And *2. Under *"Grapevine", where you will find hints and helps and speculations as to the upcoming Events.
    These help us to plan our farms to do better with the events, and win more prizes from them.

    Under "User's Corner": the *"Game Related Chit Chat" listings will overall help to understand the good and the not-so-good of the Game as a whole.

    *"Gabfest" lets us see and share some of our normal lives' happenings (Yep!...including t-h-e Weather!!)...and there is one listing called *"New Baby Reindeer to my herd" in which a player shares her experiences raising a herd of Reindeer!! It's fascinating, and a favorite of many - myself included...and we have all become attached to the individual reindeer in the herd - their birth, growth, and journey into adulthood. And you are just-in-time for the upcoming Spring births of the new babies!!:D

    Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and interests - sounds like you have lots of good things in your life.
    And, I have to say - CATS! Most of us here love cats (and dogs too, of course!), and we'd love to see pics of him/her, if you ever feel like posting them.

    We're glad to have you joining us, Calliope - and hope you will continue to learn and enjoy your farming experience with us!! Hope to be reading your posts on the Forum as soon as you are comfortable with it!!

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  7. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    :) Welcome to the forum, Calliope! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. I also love to garden and grow herbs for cooking and other household uses. Happy Farming!
  8. Calliope

    Calliope Forum Greenhorn

    Wow! What a wealth of information! When I figure out how to post pictures of Cici Wiser (my smart little kitty), I will do it. She is a total character. And, I look forward to checking out the New Baby Reindeer. Thank you for your superb post. :)
  9. FrootloopGrove

    FrootloopGrove Forum Great Master

    Greetings Calliope,
    Hope you enjoy yourself here. I for one have become addicted. I have not been around very long but I will tell you there are A LOT of really wonderful people here. You have already met some of them. Everyone has made me feel right at home here on the farm ;)
    As you have noticed there is a lot of elements to Farmerama, some I have not even ventured into as of yet. I do spend a great deal of time reading the forms and collecting information. You will be needing neighbors to help you clear "Two Ponds" (I call it) I believe it's called Green Meadow. On the map it is pictured with two ponds, hence my name for it. If you should find you need a helping hand with that send me a neighbor request I will be more than happy to lend a hand :)
    Welcome and Happy Farming
    as someone once said to me "may you have bumper crops"
  10. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8) "Cici Wiser"?? What a unique and terrific name!! What color is she? What do you call her most of the time? Cici? Wiser? Surely not Wisenheimer!! (jkg!)LOL! I can hardly wait to see her pretty little kitty face! :D A-l-l pics are eagerly awaited! Love her already!:inlove:

    P.S...Want to see/have some fun with kitties?? Go to "User's Corner", Gabfest/"GOOD MORNING!!...Just for FUN!"
    click on the green 'Spoiler'.....and be sure to tell us your picks! xD

    (I just saw that 6 pictures are missing! Sorry - it was a lot funnier with those pics. :( )
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  11. Calliope

    Calliope Forum Greenhorn

    Cici Wiser is a pretty little calico with a white face, chest and belly. We call her Cici or Cici Wiser. Her other name seems to be the sound of a can of Fancy Feast opening, because she answers to that immediately.

    I loved your Good Morning post! Great kitty pictures.
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  12. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak


    8) A Calico!:D With all her colors - she IS a Fancy Feast!!:inlove::D

    Glad you enjoyed the kitties!!
  13. happycallie

    happycallie Forum Great Master

    Hi Calliope
    Welcome . Glad you decided to join us. As you can see I had a Calico also miss her very much.
    I am sure you enjoy the company of your cat. We have a really great group and try to help
    each other out.
  14. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Welcome Calliope!:)