do you really want to solve the loading problem

Discussion in 'Technical issues' started by alibabakırkharamiler, Mar 18, 2023.

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  1. alibabakırkharamiler

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    at first, you didnt believe the problem was yours. you said that it was from the internet provider. At last, two days ago, you admitted that it was from the game not provider. two days passed, but the problem still persists.Do you really want to solve it, do you really work to solve it? can we believe you?
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    Hello alibabakirkharamiler :)

    I know it has been a frustrating week for all our Turkish players. We are frustrated too on your behalf. We have been working diligently with the Game Team communicating all the issues players have reported.

    We recommended many suggestions to try to help each one of you get back to playing the game smoothly. When those suggestions failed, we were told the issue was with the Internet Service Provider. We have to rely on what the technicians tell us.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience of these past days and are sorry for misinformation, but as moderators, we are not expert computer or game technicians and must consult with the experts. We pass that information on to you as we receive it.

    The Game Team is aware of the problem and is working to identify the issue and find a solution. It is the weekend so we ask you to be patient until we have more information. We have promised to update you once we receive more information.

    May I assist you further?
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