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    2016 Event FAQs
    1778.png Neon Stables Event
    1778.png Hooked on Fishing
    1778.png Piece of Cake
    1778.png Carnival Queen
    1778.png Labor of Love
    1778.png Fondue Party
    1778.png Spring Cleaning
    1778.png Special Delivery
    1778.png Play It Cool
    1778.png Easter Eggstravaganza
    1778.png Around the World

    1778.png Temple of Doors

    1778.png Neon Stables Event
    1778.png Firefly Jamboree
    1778.png Viking Saga
    1778.png The Mind's Eye
    1778.png The Perfect Pea

    1778.png Little Helpers
    1778.png Football Fever
    1778.png Once Upon a Lilypad
    1778.png Tea Solves Everything
    1778.png The Fruit Market
    1778.png Friendly Invaders
    1778.png Football Fever Final

    1778.png Shipwreck Summer
    1778.png Pigs Can Fly
    1778.png Rascal Ride
    1778.png Summer Sportacular 2016
    1778.png X Marks the Spot
    1778.png Life's A Picnic
    1778.png Fortune Smiles

    1778.png A Step in Time
    1778.png Return to the Temple
    1778.png Wild About Animals
    1778.png Septemberfest: Ingrid's Song
    1778.png Wilder About Animals
    1778.png House on the Hill
    1778.png Fright Night

    1778.png It's A Dog's Life
    1778.png Cool For Cats
    1778.png Picture Perfect
    1778.png Winter Is Coming
    1778.png Santa's Secret Event Quest
    1778.png Learn and Grow, Malala Charity Event
    1778.png Over The Hump

    1778.png Christmas Nights
    1778.png The Big Bang

    2015 Event FAQs

    2014 Event FAQs

    1778.png Snowed In
    1778.png Prepare to Party
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #1: Party Crasher
    1778.png A Valentine's Date
    1778.png Aqua Ballet
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #2: Orla's Album
    1778.png Day and Night Event: Cheesemasons
    1778.png Swimming in the Rain: Aquarama
    1778.png Easter Egg-citement
    1778.png Three Wishes
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #3: Down with Borsty!
    1778.png Cuckoo Breeding: Cuckoo Kids
    1778.png Rudy Awakening: Groundhog Gag
    1778.png Soccer Spectacle
    1778.png Panda Therapy
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #4: The Breakdown
    1778.png Cosmic Curiosities: Meteor Shower
    1778.png Cuckoo Breeding Returns: Covert Cuckoos
    1778.png Farm Campout
    1778.png Lunar Buzz

    1778.png Renaissance Faire
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #5: The Storm
    1778.png Septemberfest 2014
    1778.png Cuckoo Breeding: Cuckoo for Cuckoos
    1778.png Chili Weather: A Chili Day
    1778.png Specter of the Opera
    1778.png Halloween 2014
    1778.png Farmerama Comic #6: The Deal
    1778.png Cuckoo Breeding: Cuckoo Secrets
    1778.png Chestnut Festival
    1778.png Santapalooza: SantaCon 2014
    1778.png Cookie Wonderland
    Christmas Event 2013
    1778.png Small Mice, Big Bash

    2013 Event FAQs

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