flying carpet price plz

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by villager99, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    i want to open camel rune so that i can fill flying carpet quest
    but i need to know what is price of flying carpet in market plzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Elemeef

    Elemeef Forum Pro

    I don't have any flying carpets at my market place so can't help you, sorry. You have asked a few times, perhaps no-one has any. Good luck with your query.
  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I do not believe you will having flying carpets in the market until you open the camel rune. approximately 3700 - 4100 here though
  4. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    yes u are ryt u can see them in market only if u have camel rune opened..
    in previous version there used to be a thread where u can place about ur market and all
    anyhow thnks for help
  5. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    you know different market price may be different.
    farmer_broke 's market is cheaper whereas at my market : 14, Carpet is at 4900CC
    so, villager99, you need to know which market you belongs, then you may get more accurate
  6. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    i am at market lvl 9
  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    market number 40 here and the low for carpet is approximately 4250 at this time.
  8. Jools

    Jools Forum Pro

    I'm a little confused as you why you don't just go to your market and look for yourself?

    Anyway, on M18 they are 4200-5000
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  9. Michael1877

    Michael1877 Exceptional Talent

    I'll take a wild guess, it probably doesn't show if the camel is not unlocked yet...
    Anyway on market 15 the price is currently starting at 4550CC
  10. baw815

    baw815 Forum General

    Market 21 starting price is 4668CC. I'm not sure I get why the cost of flying carpets matters to open the camel rune. That I don't get . . . o_O.

  11. muscaricat

    muscaricat Forum Pro

    The flying carpets are currently 3599cc on my market. They will only appear for you when you have opened the rune.
  12. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    thanks for reply
    for those who asking why i need to ask about price
    i have 25 nows if i open camel rune nd by filling flying carpet i will get 20 bananas harvester power feed etc etc
    now if price is 10000cc it will cost me 3.8million cc
    if it is 5000 it will cost 2 million cc and also i will get back about 0.5 million back
    i think now u people understand why i was asking
  13. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    bcoz i havent opened it yet
  14. Jools

    Jools Forum Pro

    if you haven't opened it, you can't buy it. So it really doesn't matter how much it costs until you can buy it does it?
  15. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    it does matter
    if price is 5000cc i will open it (as i have 25 bananas now) and i will get power feed harvester 20 bananas in 1.5 million cc which i have
    if price is 10000 i wont open it as it will cost 3.8 million which will take time
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