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Dear forum reader,

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    Effect for workshop products by the end of next season. Thanks 12ss12. :)
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    Listen up, farmer! Set up your free Hellhound Mansion and buy this Super Manure and Susie's Super Manure Pack and the Hellhound Mansion Upgrade from the shop to increase the bonuses. Play the June events for more upgrades!

    enjoy a free hellhound villa with its upgrades and get great bonuses

    Breeding June

    "I would start with the simplest approach. Often the simplest is always good.
    I don't think our fortune teller would complicate things, either for you or for us.
    Considering that (prophecy) if there was "no other approach,"
    I will prepare with mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish ." # 163

    [​IMG] Mammals




    Watch out whether we have 1PF event this weekend to prepare in advance.
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