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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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    wiley_wiggins Community Team Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers. Please see below our game rules:

    1. Registration
    By registering to one of our games, the player accepts our Terms and Conditions, which can be found on every game's webpage as well as in every set of rules associated with the game (forum rules, supplementary chat rules, etc.).

    2. Bug Using, Game Errors, Exploits
    It is forbidden to exploit bugs and/or errors in the programming. Those who take advantage of such errors must bear in mind that the wrongfully obtained advantages shall be removed from the game account. In certain circumstances, game administrators can also decide to permanently or temporarily ban the account.

    Any errors discovered in the game should be reported immediately to game administrators (Support), preferably by writing Support a mail and sending it to them via each respective game's contact form. Bugs, errors and security gaps (exploits) that could lead to the generation of advantages may only be reported to Support via the contact form.
    This helps to protect your account.

    3. Prohibited Utility Programs and Automation
    Our games may only be played in a conventional browser in its original, unaltered form or a game client which has been specifically designed for the game. The use of unauthorized utility programs, bots, scripts, and macros as well as any other application used to automate game processes or influence the game client's design and mechanics is explicitly forbidden and can lead to an account ban. The use of browsers for mobile devices (Smartphones/tablets) with Flash support such as Puffin is allowed.

    3.1 Use of Proxies and Anonymization Services
    For accounting reasons, we must ensure that we can assign a player's payments to his/her physical location. The use of anonymization data (e.g. proxies) or other methods that conceal the player’s place of residence or habitual residence during the payment procedure is expressly prohibited. If a user is not sure whether he/she is assigned to the right location, he/she only needs to open the "Payment" page and see which flag is displayed there.


    If, for example, a US flag is shown and a player is located in Germany and uses a German payment method, he/she can contact Support in order to have the account re-assigned.

    This rule does not apply, however, to browsers or providers that use a technology to remotely run Flash under non-Flash-compatible operating systems or proxies to reduce the amount of data transferred. (e.g. Opera, Puffin, Photon, etc.)

    4. Personal Advantage: Pushing/Multi-accounting

    4.1 Pushing
    Pushing is strictly forbidden in some Bigpoint games. Pushing is the interaction between two or more game accounts with the goal of providing at least one of these accounts with any type of advantage.

    In Farmerama, it's only forbidden to provide your own account or another account with an advantage by using non-authorized methods/scripts/software.

    All interactions between the accounts of one or more players which are carried out manually are not considered pushing and are therefore allowed.
    4.2 Multi-accounting
    Multi-accounting is the operation of multiple game accounts by the same player. This is only allowed if game administrators explicitly state that this is permitted for that game.
    In Farmerama, we only allow multi-accounting if the accounts have not been created/are played using scripts or programs.

    5. Conduct within the Community

    5.1 Communication
    We believe that everyone should behave in a respectful and appropriate manner in our games as well as in all associated channels of communication (e.g. forums, in-game messaging systems, social networks, Support contact forms). We expect all players, as well as our staff (moderators, admins, supporters and community managers) to uphold and exhibit respectful conduct within the community.

    In certain circumstances, there are some rules for the individual channels of communication. All community members are required to know these rules and observe them: the forum rules (including the forum and board code of conduct) are clearly displayed in the forum.

    Insults, profanities, threats, bad behavior, as well as spam in any form are not allowed. Content which is pornographic, political, racist or unlawful in any other way as well the dissemination of links to pages with such content are prohibited. This also applies to all channels of communication provided by Bigpoint GmbH (forums, in-game messaging systems, social networks, Support contact forms).

    5.2. Real-Life Threats or Blackmail
    We shall rigorously prosecute any real-life threats or cases of blackmail. Any real-life threats or blackmail shall also lead to immediate expulsion from one or all of the games/areas of Bigpoint GmbH. Any contributions with the explicit intent of trying to track down other people or players, in order to do harm or cause damage to them or other third parties will be considered real-life threats as soon as they are expressed (forums, in-game messaging systems, social networks, support contact forms).
    If you receive such a notification from other players, do not delete this message, instead inform Support immediately. Support can be reached via the following button:


    6. Account Data and Account Security
    The user is responsible for keeping their access data (login data, passwords, etc.) secret. Disclosing this information to others is not allowed. All access data and account data which is not public must be kept secret in order to prevent misuse. This obligation to secrecy applies not only to strangers, but also to friends, relatives and other players, for example. In the case of minors, parents or legal guardians are allowed account login data only for monitoring purposes.

    The player is personally responsible for the use and security of his/her game account No Bigpoint employee or authorized member of the Bigpoint Support or forum team will ever ask a player for his/her full access data. No liability will be assumed for damage caused due to carelessness. This applies to game account access, to any potential portal accounts that might be created at , as well as the email address or email accounts attached to the game account and to which access data could be sent if necessary. Further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions under Point: 9.3.2

    Please note that further information about account security can be found in the FAQ of the game forums as well as in the data security notice shown in the game.

    6.1. Selling, Trading, and/or Gifting Accounts
    The user is prohibited from operating his/her account for commercial purposes, from selling an account or from transferring an account to a third party for other purposes. It is also forbidden to take over game accounts from third parties (whether the account was bought, lent or gifted).

    6.2. Account Sharing
    As stipulated in Point 6, every player is obligated to keep his/her access data (login data, passwords, etc.) secret. Due to reasons of security, multiple players are not allowed to share an account. Bigpoint is not liable for damage potentially arising from multiple persons operating an account.

    7. Usernames
    By registering in one of our games, players are obliged to select an appropriate username. Any usernames which are sexist, pornographic, political, racist or unlawful/offensive in any other way are prohibited. It is also prohibited to choose usernames which are similar to the names of moderators, admins, community managers, etc.

    8. Compensation
    In general, no compensation/reparation shall be made for any disadvantages caused to a player by bugs, program errors and/or server problems. The respective game administrators/Support can make individual decisions about any potential compensation/reparation. If a user exploits a bug/program error/security gap existing in the game (see Point 2), Support shall not provide compensation for any damages resulting thereof. In certain circumstances, game administrators can also decide to ban the account.

    9. Violation of the Aforementioned Rules
    Depending on the severity of the infringement as well as previously issued warnings, the measures for violating rules can result in temporary suspension from the game to permanent expulsion from the game (account deletion). Game administrators reserve the right to decide the penalties for violating the rules. The point of contact here is the Supporter or Admin assigned with the responsibility of suspending accounts.

    10 Terms and Conditions
    These rules are an extension of the existing Terms and Conditions and as such must be adhered to in the same manner. The valid Terms and Conditions can be viewed at, as well as on the homepages of our games. If individual situations/cases are not covered specifically in these game rules, the game administrators reserve the right to make a decision under consideration of the Terms and Conditions.

    11. Changes to the Rules
    Bigpoint GmbH reserves the right to change the game rules at any time. Should certain provisions within these rules be invalid or inapplicable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining rules on a whole.

    All the best

    Your Farmerama Community Team
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