Mini-Event Gift and Trade: April 2021 Offers and Requests

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by Farmers.Almanac, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    Please use this thread to post your wishlists, requests, give-aways, offers, trades. Please stick to one post, and update it or repost it updated, if you wish. Please use IGMs to discuss offers and agreeing on gifts/exchanges.

    Please be sure to check before agreeing to a gift exchange if the items are giftable / tradeable. A guideline can be found in the FAQ, but please double check the availability of the items in game to avoid disappointment.

    Happy gifting and trading!

    Note: If you farm name is different to your forum name please indicate this so other players may contact you

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
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  2. rivak

    rivak Forum Great Master

    Hi everyone!

    Last time some very generous farmers set me up well with Neon stables. This time I'm mostly looking for trees to help with quests, since I'm not having luck lately when I open wonder trees. I keep getting the same ones over and over again.

    Can anyone spare these?
    Tamarind Tree
    Mountain Juniper

    Salt Tree
    Cork Oak
    Sugar Apple
    Salak Palm
    XXL Macademia
    XXL Gold Leaf
    XXL Elm

    Orange Flamingo Lake
    Orange Fox Den
    Base Crab Pool

    I have Lychees, Jocotes, Cocoa, XL Tree Ferns, XXL Catalpas, XXL Cherries, XXL Almonds, XXL Walnuts, Ash trees, Tulips, Sloth Enclosures and Orange Reindeer Stables to give away. Plus a few other odds and ends. Please send me an IGM if you want anything.

    Happy trading and gifting!
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  3. xiop

    xiop Forum Apprentice

    Hey everyone! Game name: xiop, please IGM.
    I am looking to upgrade my farm so if anyone is having a clear-out please let me know! I'll be constantly updating the list as the event goes on :p

    I am mostly looking for stable upgrades (kinda in this priority order):
    1 neon Cat Kennel
    1 neon Cuckoo Coop
    1 neon Chameleon Stable
    1 neon Butterfly House
    1 neon Peacock Cage
    2 neon Frog Pond
    2 neon Lynx Stall
    1 neon Beehive
    1 neon Dog Kennel
    2 neon Ostrich Pen
    1 neon Fish Pond
    1 neon Donkey Stable
    2 neon Bear Habitat
    1 neon Sheep Pen
    1 neon Crow Roost
    1 neon Beaver Dam
    1 pink Salamander Den
    2 pink Hamster Stall
    1 red Pony Stable
    1 red Robin Nest
    1 orange Dovecote
    1 orange Stork Nest
    1 orange Ladybug Nest
    1 classic orange Moose Reserve

    1 neon Camel Pen
    1 neon Anaconda Terrarium
    1 neon Monkey Playground
    2 neon Elephant Habitat
    2 neon Parrot Houses
    1 neon Panda Habitat
    1 pink Shark Lair
    1 orange Giraffe Range
    1 orange Lion Habitat
    1 orange Octopus Pool
    1 orange Red Panda Habitat

    I'm also looking for most workshop upgrades as I don't have many, just suggest what you would like instead or if you have spares I really appreciate anything!

    To trade I have some wonder trees such as Ice-Cream-Bean tree (+XL and XXL), Sigillaria (+XL and XXL), Jujube tree, Mangrove tree, Mongongo tree, Monkey Orange tree, Rambutan tree (+XL and XXL), Ravenala, Salak Palm tree, Tiki tree, Tree Fern (+XL), Mahogany tree (+XL), Pawpaw tree (+XL), Honey Locust, Red Alder Tree (+XL and XXL), Beech tree (+XL), Blackthorn tree, Chequer tree (+XXL), Ice Fir tree, Kowhai tree, Loquat tree, Medlar (+XL), Mountain Juniper, Persian Silk Tree, Salt Cedar tree, Sea-Buckthorn tree, Sorb tree, Stone Pine tree (+XL), Strawberry Tree (+XL), Rowan tree (+XL), Ash tree (+XL), Birch tree, Cottonwood tree (+XL and XXL), Dappled Willow (+XL and XXL), Elm, Filbert tree, Norfolk Pine, Pecan tree, Prehistoric Fir (+XL and XXL), Tulip tree (+XL and XXL), Wish tree, Wollemia Tree (+XL and XXL), Christmas tree 2011, Mirabelle Plum tree.
    For the priority neon stables I'm also happy to give a Boxfish Pool and other nice bits I have, feel free to IGM if you have an offer!

    Happy farming!
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  4. EssaB

    EssaB Junior Expert

    I have extras of a lot of the older wonder and regular stables and trees to give away. If you need workshops or colored animal upgrades for quests, let me know. I'll be keeping an eye on requests here and sending what I can.
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  5. overthehedge

    overthehedge Forum Apprentice

    Looking for "ice home". Is anyone interested in a trade?
  6. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    Hi I would like help or Trade for Stables and Trees, as Missed out on Last Barter and Trade due to login Issues

    I am currently working of couple of Quests, I do have thinks to Trade but it is long list lol, Just IGM to Ajjg1966 aka Mooboy

    Wanted Stables
    • Yak Stall
    • Anthill
    • Chinchilla Burrow
    • Boxfish
    • Toad Pond
    • Blue Jay Nest
    • Snail Stall
    Wanted Trees

    • Ambarella Tree
    • Slash Pine Tree
    • Ravenala Tree
    • Abiu Tree
    • Honey Locust Tree
    • White Popular Tree
    • A Wish Tree
    I am seeking few Giver Items to Complete my Cloud Row if possible i Happy To Trade Rare, Trees or Stables or Givers

    Wanted Givers for Cloud Row
    • Chocolate Pipe
    • Vanilla Pipe
    • Strawberry Pipe
    • Milkshake Spring
    • Relaxed Panda's
    • Relaxed Chameleon's
    This Section will be update of list of things to Trade, Also Give to other farmers too Happy Trading Everyone;):D:)
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  7. upa70

    upa70 Someday Author

    hi all, i am desperately seeking moonlight world trees to help me progress through quests and unlock other trees.
    seeking: crimson eye, grave candle, twilight birch, medusa willow and ember beech.
    i have lots of wonder trees, bahama and normal, wonder stables, bahama and normal to exchange.
    message me if you can help and what you are looking for in exchange....hopefully we can help each other.

    thanks to all who helped me fulfill this wish list.
    i can offer a good home to some normal trees if anyone can help...happy to trade with items you may need, not looking for handouts.
    grapefruit tree, tilia tree, cork oak tree, chaste tree and pitanga tree all needed.
    cant find any on gift and trade listings.
    many thanks in advance.
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  8. Nala777

    Nala777 Count Count

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for the following trees and givers:

    Honey Locust,

    Graveyard Cleaning,
    Jump Chain

    Thanks in anticipation.:)
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  9. mkh-76

    mkh-76 Someday Author

    Lot of trees and stables to give away.
    Send message via game :)
  10. suezoroc

    suezoroc Active Author

    Hi all, I am looking for the following items if youa are able to help. Thanks in advance


    salt cedar
    acai berry
    ice cream bean
    monkey orange

    grave candle cactus
    tule tree catkin
    honey locust
    crooked tree
    slash pine
    rainbow eucalyptus
    black sapote
    crimson eye
    twilight birch
    medusa willow
    ember beech
    creepy willow


    neon goat stable


    stings like a bee
    bouncy cake
    chestnut farmer, hedgehog and spider

    thank you to: EssaB, sanddollar15, Janisella, illy1996, -Paaryna11! Much appreciated ❤
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  11. missyliddle

    missyliddle Forum Apprentice

    Hi fellow farmers - I need a disguise shop please - Just realized I don't have one on this farm - Have either a pink cowshed or pink donkey stable to trade for it - Thanks -

    Received one - Thank u illy1996
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  12. andreicool2010

    andreicool2010 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi farmers,

    Does any of you have the Chamois Stall III Red or the Spider Hut III:Red?

    I am looking for them as I haven't been able to do those specific events. :)

    My ID in game is: andreicool2010

    Feel free to message me with your offers :)
  13. love_cakes

    love_cakes Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone!

    I am looking for one otter den and one Pleco Fish Lake. If there's anyone who wanna trade with me. I can offer new Wonder Trees that can be traded.
    Send a message at love_cakes