Harvest Festival 2022

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by *WisdomTree*, Nov 22, 2022.

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  1. mfac

    mfac Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks, dumbunny. You're information was helpful. Guess I will have to wait for the developers to fix for me. Happy harvesting!
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  2. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Forum Mogul

    I have 3 boards but I still don't have a fox. I think our foxes are full.:p
    Waiting is so boring.
  3. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Mogul

    What is "Keira the Fox" and what "planks" ? There are many who is missing those, I don´t know about those...

    edit2: is Harvest goods = same as = Harvest Crates ? In FAQ i don´t find any use to Harvest Crates, I think...???

    FINNISH players, help me in our language and send me some Private Message in-game and of course: in finnish. Thanks! Ipsidei or someone else my OldForumFriend or my neirbourgh or ANYbody... hopefully I don´t get 120++ answers but totally lost about those foxes and planks what are "they". Opened my game in finnish time 23.45 so, what I´m missing or nothing?

    somebody is jumping in my Extra Area Field, maybe it is Keira... and planks, they are DROPS, are they, i don´t have because no-times-harvest-fields... IF SO - no need to write me finnish-letter, just only let me know here I´m right :)
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  4. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Ambassador

    No Finnish here... but Nuubi-Joonas is very lucky if he has keira the jumping fox!

    The wood planks are drops. I have some from earlier harvests, but no fox.

    We have to feed the fox to get the EMPTY wood boxes (crates) to then MILL the crates to deliver to the event to get more prizes.


    Hoping there is word come morning (well it's morning for me, anyway) on the missing foxes.
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  5. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Baron

    It stands and jumps in the field about in halfway from cat in the middle and right edge.
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  6. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Baron

    o_O I got 4 planks from first 10 seeds, 10 from next time (big fields and smaller ones to cover rest of the area) and I just collected small fields and I got 12.
  7. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Mogul

    Collect first 10 and second time 50 fields - total 10 planks now, "sounds like too little"... Lets see about 4 hours time, how many I got then... No need to spare manure so I use all plots "small". Attleast easier to calculate what is needed...

    Thinking about it wich is the better way, to donate crops or mill then to crates? Or can we donate the event drops themselfs?
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  8. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Forum Mogul

    Finally, my fugitive fox is on duty.
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  9. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    When I logged in, there was no fox in my forest. Then I logged into all my other farms. It was there in all farms. Now, came back. It is there in this farm too. Fed 14 planks to it.
  10. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    The Missing fox has showed up on my farm also about an hour ago and it was very hungry! Good luck everyone!
  11. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    Got Fox.
    Fed it.
    Again and again...
    Ho hum, humdrum...
    Waiting for drops....
    Notalotta fun.

    Edit: I am on the list at 324! (now, if only the event ended in the next two minutes!!!)
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  12. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Forum Mogul

    fox 38 feeding gave 18 wooden crates.
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  13. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Good luck davidb1yth007 and to all those brave enough to part with their barn stock!:oops: Lots of luck to any of our EN players too!
  14. -manli-

    -manli- Forum Apprentice

    where do we get the harvest festival hanging order
  15. Brookeham

    Brookeham Forum Freak

    I'm trying it this year. :music: I hope I don't miss by 1 again this year.:oops:

    Much luck to you david and all EN farmers!!:D
  16. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    Best of luck, Brookeham, and that thing about lightning!?! Couldn't happen:p
  17. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    My best wishes to all who are pursuing a Top spot ranking! Rooting for long time neighbors and friends!
  18. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Good Luck Brookeham, I am hoping you reach your goal!:D

    Update: I just saw our friend habalala is playing and is at 185 at the moment I wish him all the best!
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  19. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Forum Mogul

    I didn't attend the harvest festival before and now I'm undecided and I don't know what to do.
    I hope everyone finds their target:)
    habalala reach your goal:)
  20. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Mogul

    I can't believe how DIFFERENT the players are in this event !!!
    (last Harvest event, same thing but ME was that, who get more-by-less, now it is totally different, look at below...)

    I have submitted in "large batches" to the event Top3000 section, plus sign in the lower right corner, a total of 24.79 million (24.79M in that Trophy menu, at the bottom, next to my nickname). Well, no problem, there have been dozens of boxes, EVEN MORE than my real-life girlfriend has received BUT WHEN...

    She has delivered MORE THAN DOUBLE what I, 50.34 million, I still understand, seeing her I calculated myself as a better mathematician, we delivered in the same "large quantities" as myself, like 30000 Ixora and prizes came dozens of boxes BUT:

    My next delivery is 25,680,000 points.
    She next toutats ONLY 1.800.000 points.

    Is it really fair, the one who delivered half as much is required to have a much and many times bigger pot for the next prize!?

    Can someone grasp, understand, interpret why
    (bad word, Google give it to mee)... is like this?

    Besides, we have no way of knowing how many and what crates will be the next reward, it could be that I get 25M Donate just one Crate and he delivers 1.8M and gets many multiple crates again!?
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