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Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by Lyddy, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Looking forward to getting my very first Howie Donut from the upcoming sale later today, 'heard' fellow farmers mentioning this Howie Donut in threads, always wondered how can one be acquired. Pity it's only buyable once, hope this sale comes around frequently.
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  2. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Did you get one?
    I have one from years ago, and just bought another. That 300 BB pack offer was a rort. I have about 40 useless Brian Schnitzels floating on the cloud, only ever got 1 Howie.
    My biggest failure, always has been, is moving the buggers around. I hate leaving blank squares for a totem I may or may not use.
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  3. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Yes, got one, placed on the Main Farm presently. Keeping my eye out for upcoming sales to acquire more Howies.
    I am looking into unlocking that rune Living Legend II to trade in Howies. 400 stars needed, I only have 32 stars ATM.
    I found that as you progress in the game, stars are very hard to come by.
    I mostly fulfill FSQs just to collect stars, not really care about other rewards.
    I wished that Season orders include stars as rewards.
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  4. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Agreed, very hard to come by stars. I have done all the FSQ I can. Most of them want what I just dont have. Even at level 1. I would consider buying my way through but that wont get me very far. If you havent done it already, the parrot feathers Baha quest is good. You can buy your way through that one easily as the CC rewards far outweigh the cost of purchasing them.
    Other than that I seem to be stuck. I did manage to get enough to open the Rainforest, but it was hard.
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  5. 123Ghost

    123Ghost Forum Expert

    I have unlocked that rune and traded in one Howie. I'm not sure if it's possible to trade in more than one. "trade in Howie Donut" is all greyed out and the rune/triangle is all greened out, so I don't think there is space for more than one.
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  6. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    I am still far off from unlocking that Howie Donut Rune, 40 stars ATM.
    When the sale was on, it specified that purchases can only be made if you have less than 5 Howies. So I assume as more Howies are acquired, if it is in the inventory, then the rune is available for trade-ins again. If not, I think it's still worth it to just trade-in one Howie to get 5% drop chances on all playfields. And perhaps no need to purchase anymore Howies for each field.

    @123Ghost I'm slightly time poor ATM, haven't tried to locate FAQ for Howies or Living Legend II carving. I am not concerned about this ATM, just working on collecting stars for the time being. Could be a query for the General Issues if you want to know more about Howie trade-ins.
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  7. 123Ghost

    123Ghost Forum Expert

    @Lyddy I now have 2 Howies. Unfortunately only 1 can be placed on the rune. I will have to drag the other around if I want it working.
    Maybe some day Beeps will charge me another 400 stars to place it next to the first one in the rune o_O:wuerg::cry:
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  8. rivak

    rivak Forum Expert

    I'd say put the second Howie on your most active field. That way you get 10% better odds on that field and 5% everywhere else. It's what I plan to do if I ever get to the top of the tree. :)
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  9. 123Ghost

    123Ghost Forum Expert

    Thanks for the advice :) I will most likely do that... and drag it around during events for drops :sleepy: It would be much easier if I could just place it in the rune.
  10. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    I bought my second Howie. Still working on collecting stars.

    @123Ghost & @rivak I believe for the 2nd Howie placed on whichever field it should generate 10% drop rate now, that's if you have one Howie in the rune already. I think that's how it works in this game. Still haven't got around to locate FAQs on this.

    My 7yr old terrier is in vet hospital ATM on the drip to hydrate her body, fallen ill suddenly for the 1st time in her life, all sorts of test were carried our in the last few days, no concrete diagnosis yet, waiting for more results, hopefully will get it by tomorrow (ie Monday in Australia). She's on 2 types of antibiotics and one anti-inflammatory med to reduce her high temperature. A lot of doggie diseases and viruses have been ruled out.
    She has gone off food suddenly on Sunday 26th July, due to all the covid-19 happenings, couldn't get her into the vet until Tuesday 28th July. I tried to syringe some chicken broth into her all the while, but by Thursday 30th July, she's been hospitalised. Hubby and I visit her everyday, syringe a bit of soup into her on our visits, she's still not eating anything on her own. It's a wait and see situation.
    Had many pets in our lives, but still, it's an overwhelming time in my household presently.

    For the time being, I am farming leisurely on my virtual farm just to keep my mind calm of everything.
    *Addition* - Hey @rivak A moment ago saw your post Howie Donut Question in Newbies via New Posts. It's great to know that my suggestion of Howie percentage been stacked has been confirmed. :)
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2020
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  11. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Oh no, Lyddy. Your poor little fur baby. Please tell me they have ruled out stomach/bowel obstruction. Thats a common cause of pain, no eating but often they overlook it. I hope she will be ok. Poor little mite. Please keep us updated.

    Don't forget to refresh your browser everytime you move your howie's around. Move, refresh, harvest, repeat. I'm doing it with 3 of them until I get the rune open, then will probably still move 2 around during events. I'm sitting on 28.5% of LL. And I like you have very little stars left. It took just about all I had to get the rainforest open. Thank goodness the seasons event was on.
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  12. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    @ctindaldavies Thanks for the tip about refreshing the game whenever a Howie is relocated, did not know that, so tedious.

    Obtained 130 stars now, my aim is to unlock the Howie rune first so at least all playfields benefit with 5% drops.
    So far only opened Bakery, Florist & Confectionery, need to collect a sackful of stars to unlock other carvings.
    I am farming in free-play mode, suspect will be like this for a long while, will take forever to collect those stars!

    Terrier update - all the basic causes of infection has been ruled out, not flu, not UTI, no allergies, no obstructions or hairball in her system. Her sudden illness is a real mystery ATM. Her treatment presently is a bit of trial and error, as a priority, the vet is working on to reduce the fever as dogs can die from fever if prolonged, something else I've just learned as a pet owner. This is my first case of pet illness of unknown causes, just coping with changes one day at a time.
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  13. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    @Lyddy , the refresh is just to make sure the move has synced with the server as this is a server based game, with nothing but cached info stored on the pc.

    *points to self* mobile groomer here, so I see a lot of illnesses, or hear about them and speak to vets a lot. They would have tested for parvo and leukemia in the standard barrage of tests. Makes me wonder if there is a pet virus going around because she is not the first I have heard of with an unknown illness and fever. Still keeping my fingers crossed for her.
  14. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    I am used to refresh game often, especially when the activities log get too long. Got 157 stars now.

    @ctindaldavies I do recall that you are in the dog grooming business from that heated post that got shut down, hmmm.
    Hope social distancing policies has not interfered too much with your daily routines. Victoria is all cooped up now due to a few stubborn bag eggs!

    Thanks for the reminder about doggie diseases, everything was covered in the blood works done.
    She's a rescued dog, been with us since she was about eight months old, not clear on her family/medical history.
    Now I am waiting on results of her bone marrow, will get it by this Wed arvo. This is the last elimination test.

    Terrier update - she's home now since yesterday evening (Aussie timezone), well hydrated now. The mixture of antibiotics seem to be working, her temperature has decreased to 39.7 degrees celsius. Ideally it should be below 39.2, so she's not out of the woods just yet.
    Another dog had an emergency surgery over the weekend, a real howler, kept all other patients awake 24/7. So we decided to nurse our terrier at home, she needs good rest as the meds are causing her to be very lethargic, one of the side effects.
    She is eating now but only by handfeeding, she doesn't want to leave her bed. Food intake is about 10-20 grams between many hours.
    I syringe crushed up tablets and water into her system, as she won't eat the chicken that's mixed with meds and won't come to the water bowl. I also monitor her temperature. FYI - I used to be a nurse. My terrier is getting top-notch care. ;)
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  15. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Poor little mite. That must be so hard for you all. Very draining. I was in that position for a week with my previous boxer. No fever though but couldn't walk or eat suddenly. Each day would be different. In the end he took the decision out of our hands. We now think aneurysm, as the vet couldnt come up with any answers either. At least her temperature is coming down.

    I never stopped working, even when the whole country went into level 3 restrictions. Go figure, we got essential service status.
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  16. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Attention FarmaMods:
    I think nothing new could be said of Howie Donut here. I do realize this conversation has diverted away from Game Related Chit Chat. Please make your call to either close or relocate this thread according to Forum requirements. I am happy for this thread to be closed.
    A basket of goodies by your cave! :)

    @ctindaldavies Glad to hear life goes on as usual for you. Similar for us, minimal interruptions, we are also in the essential services bracket.

    Sorry that you had to part with your boxer in an extraordinary circumstance. It is draining when we pet owners don't know why our pets are experiencing mysterious pain and unfortunately dying from it.
    Hubby and I only had one experience, over a decade ago, to make that decision with our cat, nine years old, who ended up with feline AIDS.

    In regard to our terrier, two aspects stressed us out over the week, one is the inevitable decision to send her to doggie heaven if treatment failed to reduce her fever, and the other is an inconclusive diagnosis and how will this affect her quality of life.

    As long as she is eating, I have a good handle on how to take care of her. And as long as she is not living with constant major pain, then she will be a part of the family for many years to come.

    She's only seven years old, would be a heartbroken experience to let her go so young. She has never been sick, the unexpected suddenness of her illness did hit us like a ton of bricks. I am glad to say that hubby and I are realistic people, discussed our options when she was hospitalised and reshuffled our fiances to see what we can afford for her medical needs, so reduced stress there. No matter how realistic we are, as humans, to overcome overwhelming emotions takes time.

    Terrier's temperature today is 37.6 degrees celsius, so far so good, I will become much more relaxed after at least three consecutive days of such temperature reading. Fingers crossed she won't experience a relapse of whatever mysterious infection she had any time soon.

    I am just enjoying some leisure free-play and working on my goals of obtaining 400 stars for the Howie rune, and building up the Confectionery. As my attention is no my terrier presently, will not be participate in events for a long while, they are just too elaborate for my 'processor'! xD
  17. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    It sounds very promising Lyddy.

    Back on topic, I love having the Howie's but find I stop moving them around when there is no event drops. That reminds me, I had better go and put them on different fields now.
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  18. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Thankyou for the goodies 8)

    ~closing thread as requested~
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