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  1. -Niknar-

    -Niknar- Advanced

    Starts 31th of July
    Ends 3rd of August


    You have to grow one of the three event crops depending what on one works best for you, collect the event drops and mill one of the three event products depending on what crop you are growing.

    Event Crops:

    Purple Vein Berries
    Time: 5 hours and 30 minutes
    Plantable on the fullmoon and mushroom forest only!

    Green Vein Berries

    Time: 7 hours
    Plantable on the fullmoon and mushroom forest only!

    Pink Vein Berries

    Time: 11 hours
    Plantable on the fullmoon and mushroom forest only!

    Note: The crops provide this revenue when harvested:
    • Purple Vein Berries provide:
      • 1x1 plot = 2 crops, 1x2 plot = 3 crops, 2x2 plot = 5 crops
    • Green Vein Berries provide:
      • 1x1 plot = 3 crops, 1x2 plot = 5 crops, 2x2 plot = 8 crops
    • Pink Vein Berries provide:
      • 1x1 plot = 4 crops, 1x2 plot = 6 crops, 2x2 plot = 10 crops
    Event Drop: Mysterious Sack

    You will get these drops when harvesting your full moon field and mushroom forest from trees and crops only

    Mill Product: Berry Goop

    Ingredients 1: 165 x Purple Vein Berries, 25 x Mysterious Sacks
    Time: 15 seconds

    Ingredients 1: 145 x Green Vein Berries, 22 x Mysterious Sacks
    Time: 15 seconds

    Ingredients 1: 165 x Pink Vein Berries, 28 x Mysterious Sacks
    Time: 15 seconds

    They can be produced in the main and tropical mills - Events feed tab!

    Needed to complete event

    56 Berry Goop

    9240 Purple Vein Berries + 1400 Mysterious Sacks

    8120 Green Vein Berries + 1232 Mysterious Sacks

    9240 Pink Vein Berries + 1568 Mysterious Sacks

    Needed to get CR + Givers

    46 Berry Goop

    7590 Purple Vein Berries + 1150 Mysterious Sacks

    6670 Green Vein Berries + 1012 Mysterious Sacks

    7590 Pink Vein Berries + 1288 Mysterious Sacks
  2. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Thanks Niknar
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  3. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    Thanks again Niknar. I'm sticking to the 7 hour crop so I should be able to harvest all at once (in theory)! :p
    Again, I will do what I can but if I don't finish, no biggy! :music:
  4. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Duke

    I'm with Illy on this one - 7 hour crop (green goop) - because it's the same amount of time as the other event crop and because it needs the fewest drops when milling the goop.

    Go as far as you can on this one, folks. We only have 3 days to do it, so it means not farming anything else on the MM fields. And yes, I'm up in the middle of the night posting this, because I'm waiting for the event crop to mature so I can harvest, replant and go back to bed. I am beginning to think I may be completely addicted to this game and utterly crazy.
  5. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    Only just beginning Ms Bunny? :p

    I got really lucky and, added to my two plant bonuses +(100% and +1), I won +100% harvest for 24 hours on the Wheel - I will have all my MM event plants done in about an hour or so! Not quite sure how that happened but I'll take it! Not even two full fields as I couldn't be bothered to lift all my pens and trees! :music:
    So back to normal MM crops (the longest of course) so I can get the drops I need. :inlove:
    Good luck all! ;)
  6. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    Thanks Niknar, I am same with Illy and Dumbunny The Seven Hour Crop is the most viable method as it make sense to reap event crops in unity

    Even using just CAC can reap enough Green Berries to Mill either 46 Green Goop for Cloud Row or 56 Green for all Rewards which includes Hellbound Den needed for Spooky Quests

    I got 439 Mysterious Sacks so far The Drop rate for these is below par we need at least minimum 1012 to get he cloud row , 1232 for the whole event

    Manure is far to expensive and rare in the markets too to help increase the drop rate unfortunately the terror bouquet doesn't work on any spooky berries

    I am revising my tactic to obtain Harvest Booster same tactic as Illy Well Done on harvest Booster on the Wheel.

    I do have 200% Harvester I won on Buff Crate I have this in reserve also 100% harvester any buff you gain from the buff crate or farm society rewards you can boost the effect using pinkie pie pie any you when on the wheel can't be used in buff slots therefore can't use PPP I just stating this for newer farmers;)

    it all depends to see how drop rate goes I have alternative tactic to the reason why I have been hoarding super grow as I can use and initiate The Nuking Tactic Using All Supergrow Boosters and expensive splurge on mature stocks too as for Chestnut CR only effective for 6 hours

    Dumbunny I too so love this game :D:inlove:
  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Duke

    Drop rate is too low with just green goop. Not sure, but wondering if a planting of the 11 hour event crop might increase drops? Only MM crops longer than the 7 hour crop are the duskshadow bloom and glowmold at 8 hours each. Maybe overnight?

    Anyway, if you don't desperately need a hellhound den, you can skip that last donation of 10 goops - so there is that...
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  8. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Hello fine farmers. Ahhhhhhhhh and nicely: Please DO NOT send your drop trash to this farm. Please keep your trash on your own virus infected farms.

    Not strategy related and for your entertainment:

    Introducing you to the one duck which will never be sold: joanc-the-duck. joanc-the-duck is number 3 in the broke barn with easily over 105,000 duck friends and over 24,000 feed.

    BUT GET THIS! All of the farm animals are now laughing at none other than sanddollar-the-fish!
    sanddollar-the-fish has made a crazy move and is now on page 1 of the broke farm.
    sanddollar-the-fish is now number 5 with 70,757 friends.
    Why are the other animals laughing?
    Is it that sanddollar-the-fish maintains social distancing in her school?
    Is it that sanddollar-the-fish insists on all fish wearing masks?
    What is it?
    Could it be that there are over 55,000 finished fish feed?
    sanddollar-the-fish has been amazing and is still recruiting for her school.

    And on a sad note: Who knows what page illy-the-ladybug is on? :eek::eek:

    Good luck with whatever you're doing.
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  9. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I have just finished getting all my "Green Berry" event crops I have 9,258 waiting for my drops to catch up ha ha I have 740 drops so far, I think that is pretty good! Good luck everyone!
    @farmer_broke, I am very happy sanddollar-the-fish has finally made her move!;) She waited patiently while having all the school wear masks and do Social distancing which has not been easy, but we do what we must to protect the masses!;) sanddollar-the-fish is quiet but always planning! Good luck and I hope the school keeps growing!:music:
  10. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    I thought CAC didn't work on MM Event crops? It certainly isnt on my farm.

    After this harvest I will have enough crops to finish the event. I just (sheesh) need another 218 sacks:wuerg:.
  11. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    It should work on your MM crops, CT. I just had to check and it does work there ... :eek:
    Yikes, I think I need about 500 sacks! :wuerg:
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  12. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Nevermind. I am currently wasting a +2 harvest bonus on MM "products".
    I did read somewhere though that CAC didn't work but I cannot find it now. The wasted harvest bonus is unfortunate.
    My 218 is just to the cloud row. No way I will make it to the Hellhound pen
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  13. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum General

    hi CT, CAC buff works on all Crops including MM Crops and MM Event Crops it only doesn't work on Event playing Field

    You will get 218 drops for best drops used either 8 Hour crops of Glowmold or Dark Shadows Blooms don't forget using Terror Bouquet

    I got the Cloud Row up and running just 10 more Green Goop to mill;)
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  14. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Hey Mooboy, thanks for the advice. But I don't have terror bouquets, nor do I have the mushroom field at my disposal (just the first section). I have used the bouquet we got as a reward one level 6, and just bought another. I need 49 more sacks to get to that cloud row. My harvests of Glowmolds net around 38/40. I'll buy the last few if I have to. I have 3 hours 5 mins left on the current crop with 8 hours 15 mins left on the event. I will have to set my alarm to finish it off, because it finishes at 4am my time.
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  15. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I just finished this event and have CR up and running! I went with the Green Berries and Green Goop. I had 135 1x1's on one land and 139 on the other, I had trees and pens in the other plots and that worked well for me, both for event crops and getting the drops! Good luck to all!
  16. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Great job, sanddollar
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  17. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I was too stubborn to lift the dozen or so pens out and so would probably have finished eazy peazy. I took them out this morning and am planting the 11 event crop with SG (which is now nearly gone!) to see if I can net the last 154 drops before the event ends. Here's hoping! :music:

    I do have the CR up and running, I just like things to be finished. :oops:
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  18. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Duke

    Got the CR up and running on the two main farms. The baby farms don't have enough of the second field open to get far enough, but the one baby farm did reap a few goodies from this event. I found that the drops were best with the two 8 hour MM crops, so planted them on one field, event crop on the other. Also been getting up in the middle of the night to harvest. So now I have a few hours to plant whatever...whee. I think.
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  19. escalonilla

    escalonilla Board Analyst

    Send me an IGM and I will gladly send you a few terror bouquets for the following MM events
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  20. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    Only two more needed, should get them with my last harvest of the day in about one hour. Wahoo! :music: