Making Money - A Guide For Beginners

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    Howdy folks!

    Many of you reading this will be new farmers (and some of you might be oldies, too ;)) so first of all, welcome to Farmerama!

    Like I was when I started this game 4 years ago (shocker! I've made such little progress...deary me) you're probably wondering how to make money. So, here's a guide for you.

    Older players, if you have any tips that aren't in this post, or general comments, feel free to post in this thread!

    So, let's get started!

    *Disclaimer: this thread discusses all ways of earning CCs and BBs (or as many as possible). Please note that I am not necessarily encouraging, endorsing or recommending particular methods. Some are better deals than others and it is up to you to choose how you go about earning your money - this thread serves merely as a way to explain to you how and where to get your money if you're struggling with finances

    What's first?
    Firstly you need to understand the currency.

    Farmerama has 2 basic currency items - "Country Coins" (CC's) and "Barnyard Bills" (BB).

    Country Coins are your everyday cash; Barnyard Bills are a rarity. It is important that you understand this, because 100 CC is a LOT different to 100 BB. Especially when you're starting out, 100 BB is a huge amount to spend.

    What can I spend my money on?
    CCs can be spent on most everyday, regular items. This means*:
    • seeds
    • trees
    • basic stables
    • water
    • anything that can be bought on the market
    • some items at a discount in Pirate Cove

    BBs are spent on higher quality items. This will include*:
    • tree upgrades
    • stable upgrades
    • bakery and confectionery recipes
    • secret seedlings
    • secret stables
    • automatic finish of Farmer's Society Quests
    • some items at a discount in Pirate Cove
    *Please note that these lists are not exhaustive.

    So where can I get money from?

    There are a huge number of ways in which you can get CCs. Once you know how, it's really easy to earn your CCs.
    You can earn your CCs by*:
    • Completing Farmer's Society Quests that include CC rewards. Please follow this link for a full list of Farmer's Society Quests, their requirements and their rewards
    • Filling Farmhouse Orders
    • Selling produce on the market (note: you need to pay a 10% commission fee). Please follow this link to a complete guide to the market
    • Harvesting CC-giving items (note: these will usually need to be won in events)
    • Completing event levels that give CC rewards
    • Harvesting a CC-giving cloud row (note: you need to complete the Magical Stalk Miracle quest to open the Beanstalk). Please follow this link to the Magical Beanstalk FAQ
    • Purchasing a CC startup kit for 50 BB; a CC stash for 75 BB; a CC vault for 300 BB; a CC nest egg for 175 BB (in the store under service)
    • Winning them on the Farmwheel
    • Unused drop items getting converted at the end of the event (this is particularly useful if you don't intend to finish or play an event - left over drop items will automatically be converted into EP and CC, usually anywhere between 3 and 7 CC per drop item).
    Please beware: Somewhere in-game (it used to be the bank but upon visiting was gone) there is a deal whereby you can swap your BB for CC. Do not be tempted! CC are very easy to make if you know how and take the time to do so, but BB are not. They are not worth anywhere near the same, so the deal is a huge rip-off. It would be like trading gold bars for 2014 football cards.

    You can earn your BBs by:
    • Purchasing them with movie points
    • Earning them through Cash for Action (in the Bank)
    • Buying a Barnyard Bill Pack (note: this requires real life money)
    • Completing Farmer's Society Quests that give BB rewards
    • Completing event levels that give BB rewards
    Please follow this link to a complete list of BB sources

    I'm running low on cash. Is there any way to save money?

    Absolutely. Not everything has to cost a fortune - and you don't always have to pay "full price". Here are a few tips to save your money:
    • When you unlock a new crop, buy your seeds from the market. There will usually be people selling seeds for less than the store price. However, make sure you check the store price before buying from the market. There are as many people who sell above the store price as there are who sell below. You don't want to buy your seeds for more than you need to. To compare the prices: In the market, the column titled price/unit shows the cost for 1 of that item. Make a note of this CC value. Now go to the store and locate that crop. It will be automatically set at the price for 100 units of that crop. Reduce this to 1. The displayed CC value is the cost of 1 unit of that crop. Compare this to the CC value you obtained from the market. Purchase from the cheapest seller, whether that is the market or the store.
    • Depending on the growing time of the crop, you don't need to buy hundreds of seeds. You can work your way up by growing and harvesting seeds. I usually buy anywhere from 10-120 seeds, but no more. It is cheaper to buy a few seeds and grow your own produce than to buy thousands of one crop.
    • Invest in some water tanks. Whilst this may cost a fair amount to start off with, it pays off financially in the long run. Ultimately, depending on how much water you use, you want to have enough water tanks to fill your main water tank at least halfway. In the beginning, though, it's ok to have as many as you can afford - 5 units of water for free is better than spending 5 CC. Since you have to spend 1 CC for every unit of water (and therefore anywhere between 100 and 300 CCs to fill your tank), it is cheaper to invest a few hundred once off for some water tanks and fill up for free for the rest of eternity, than it is to spend your hundreds every few days on fresh water. Importantly, these water tanks don't have to get in your way - you can stick them in your park and be on your way. *Please note: each water tank gives 5 units of water. If you have a full-capacity tank - 300 units of water - you will need 60 water tanks. This is fairly unrealistic - not impossible, so you can do it if you want to - especially to save just 300 CC. It's your decision. Maybe invest in half, or even a quarter of the number. It saves you CC either way. Another note (if you've read this far) is to not harvest your water tanks if your main tank is full. The water you harvest won't go over as excess - it will simply go to waste. Don't harvest the tanks until you need to replenish your water supply.
    • Buy your water tanks at a cheap price. As indicated above, you may end up with quite a few, and they're not cheap little guys once you start buying them in bulk. They can be found in the store under decorations --> nice to have for 250 CC. Alternatively, you can check in the Pirate's Cove, because water tanks are often there on sale. The best price I've ever gotten was 175 CC for a water tank, and whilst that's still hefty in bulk, it cost me 1750 CC to buy 10 water tanks (giving me 50 water for free every 12 hours) when it could have cost 2500. I saved nearly 800 CC by buying on sale at the Pirate's Cove. Please follow this link to a more detailed explanation of Pirate's Cove
    • Produce your own stuff. It sounds crazy, as this is a farming game, but I'm serious. Unless you actually need to buy something (for instance, to finish an important quest or event), you should always try to produce your own goods if you're low on cash. It's not bad to buy some things at market as a rich player, but when you're poor, you need to save every penny. Grow your own crops, produce your own artisan crafts, make your own products, poop your own manure...(or get your animals to do it for you ;))
    • If you're only going to water some of the seeds you've sown, plant those seeds in the Glade (if you have it open). This is because the water in the Glade is free. Using your own water when there is free water right next door is a poor choice, because you're going to have to pay for it (or wait for your water tanks to be ready for harvest)
    You told me to sell at market - but what do I do?

    Like with real markets, you need to use strategy. How beneficial will it be for you to sell at market - will your products even sell?
    Kind of like when you catch a wave in to shore, you need to watch the tides and judge when the best time to offer your produce will be. Below are a few hints:

    • Check out the requirements of an event. You may decide that you don't want to participate, and if that's the case, the market is a good strategy for you. You can still profit without having to participate in the event. Events occur under timed conditions, so people want to complete levels as quickly as possible. They often don't want to make their own crops/animals/water/manure. This is where you come in. Other farmers are looking to be able to buy the crops to meet event requirements quickly. Sell what you can on the market for a price that is going to make you profit. Do not sell as high as possible - there are going to be lots of other farmers trying to sell their produce/manure/artisan crafts on the market so if your offer is more expensive, it will be less desirable. Sell for a price that is attractive to the customer whilst still giving you a profit. To keep on top of the events on offer each month, please see the Official Announcements, the Events section of the forum and the Monthly Preview Calendar (2014 edition). For event requirements please visit the Event FAQ's section of the forum.
    • Sell products that are used to make bakery/confectionery items. Much like with events, people do not want to spend hours growing crops needed for their artisan crafts. Check out what's required for the most popular crafts (think CAC, ZAB, PJ, CB etc.) and sell those crops (if you have them) in the exact quantities needed for the product. Please follow this link to all artisan recipes
    • Remember the 10% commission fee. For every offer you put on the market you need to pay 10% of the profit you will make should your offer sell. Ensure that a) you can afford to pay the fee, b) the fee is not too high and c) you will not be gravely impacted should you lose the sale
    • Remember that your offer may not sell. If your offer has not sold after 7 days, your produce will return to your barn but you will not be repaid the 10% commission fee you paid at the start.
    • Don't get greedy. It's easy to try to sell your produce for the highest possible value but you need to remember that those who are buying it are humans who are probably looking for a bargain. Even if they're not necessarily looking for a bargain, they aren't going to buy from you when they can buy from someone who offers the same amount cheaper. Any profit is a profit, and you're more likely to make a large profit by gaining profit slowly than you are by trying to make it all at once.
    • Sell any artisan products you may have that you aren't using and never will use. You may have obtained these via gifts or you may be a higher level player who has found themselves slightly poor. Either way, if you have artisan products that you don't want, sell those little guys. Just make sure you follow the same guidelines for selling as you would for anything else - don't get greedy etc etc
    Please follow this link to a more complete guide to the market.

    *Please remember that the market is only available from level 3 up. Even though by the time you've found the forum you're probably already a level 3 player, there is still a chance that people reading this are below that level. If you can't see the market and think that one of us is stark-raving bonkers xD just plant a few more carrots and you'll soon have access to the market.

    What if I have 0 Country Coins?

    A tight pickle indeed - but don't worry, there are ways out:

    • If you're a player over level 30, you might have the Magical Beanstalk. If so, make it your priority to fill the 2nd row - this gives 1000 CC every 24 hours.
    • Fill Farmhouse Orders. You may not have money but you still have crops. Even if you only get 10 CC from an order, that's better than nothing. You can grow your produce back.
    • You may have CC giving items. If so, harvesting these will give you CC without you having to pay anything. Seasonal gift items also often give a limited number of harvests of CCs, which can be enough to get you back on your feet.
    • Complete Farmer's Society Quests. These often have monetary prizes.
    • Use the cinema. For 75 cinema points you can earn 750 CC.
    • Ask your neighbours to gift you herb patches. Although each one only gives you 4 CC every few hours, you'll get 40 CC in total, and multiples of this if you have a few.
    • Play the farmwheel. This will give you the chance of winning a few CC.
    The key thing to remember is that you don't need a lot of CC to make a fortune. Once you have a few CC in hand, you can begin to play the market, making small profits here and there, and gradually rebuild your supply of CC.

    That's a lot about CCs - what about BBs?
    Unfortunately I'm about as lost as you in regards to making huge wads of those beauties, but I do have a knack for saving them.

    As mentioned earlier, they buy pretty valuable things. Equally, they are rare, so you don't want to go spending them willy nilly. Below are my tips:

    • I don't spend my BBs on upgrades. Have patience, be willing to wait, and your regular sized items will do nicely. If you're like me and want to harvest all your trees or all your pens at the same time, upgrades are kind of frustrating :mad: because they are ready earlier than everything else. If you're not going to harvest them earlier than everything else, don't bother spending the BBs. If you kind of want one but don't desperately need one (an upgrade, that is), they're winnable for lower level pens.
    • I usually buy just 1 secret seedling/secret stable. You can't guarantee that you'll get anything worthwhile so in my opinion it's not a gamble worth taking. I don't want to spend 5 BB on a tree I could get for a few hundred CC. Of course, that's your call to make - if you want to take the gamble, feel free. But if you're trying to save your BBs, it's inadvisable to buy more than 1 secret seedling/stable.
    • I'll confess, I did spend a few BB on an Australian flag (because, shockingly, I'm Australian). I do, however, consider it money well spent because when I see it sitting in front of my farmhouse every time I go to the main farm, I feel a rush of pride. That was my little indulgence :inlove:
    • Unless your purchase is going to pay you back in some manner or form, don't buy it. You need to benefit in some way from your purchases, especially with BB.

    So, I think that's about it from me. Like I said, if you have any tips or comments of your own please contribute to this thread - your expertise is very much appreciated. Alternatively, if you have any questions about money making or money saving feel free to drop me an IGM or post your question in this thread and I or any other reader will be more than happy to answer your queries. Between our different time zones we should be able to get your question answered in no time :D
    I have added the links to relevant FAQs, however if there is any FAQ you would like direction to or think should be linked in this post, please let me know and I'll edit it in, or if you have the link yourself, feel free to post in a comment.
    I sincerely hope this has helped even one person. Please note that I've probably missed out a lot of stuff, so I'm relying on my fellow farmers to fill in any gaps I may have left 8) Make sure you check out the comments too, because there will no doubt be tips there for you to follow from experienced farmers who know their stuff!
    A special thanks, I think, is in order for the moderators - especially teddy.bear - for making the FAQs that I have linked in to this post. The forum, and indeed Farmerama, would not be half as functional without their endless and tireless work to make it what it is. So thank you!
    Happy farming everyone! :inlove:
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  2. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    squigglegiggle good work!:)
    I wanted to add that you can earn 1 BB by passing a level on Farmerama (unfortunately not on Bahamarama)

    I am on level 85 and I should have got and the 85 BB but this started when I was over the 70th level and they said that they wouldn't give for the previous levels:(. The good thing is for the new players is that they get a lot of BB by that way.
  3. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Thanks Arielh!
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  4. obics

    obics Forum Greenhorn

    squigglegiggle good work :inlove:
    I wanted to had that during events you can earn lots of CCs by selling manure :p
  5. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    Nice thread, but I would add a couple of notes.

    Initially you can only grow a few crops. Be patient, keep growing the lettuce, carrots, etc and you will continue to earn EPs, gaining levels and opening new crops. That you have already found the forums and this thread says a LOT!!!

    Also, before too long, visit the FAQ for the Tree of Wisdom offerings. You won't be able to get it initially, but you don't, say, want to buy a vacation with real money or BBs if you won't need it for months... you can perhaps earn it in the tree. (but note, it will take months, so it could be worthwhile for you to buy it). Also.. gives you a bit of an idea on things to "shoot" for.

    You don't have to leave your stables active. If you delete them, you do not lose them, they go into storage. They don't produce there, (also don't use feed or water), but as soon as you place them, feed them, they start right up again. This can be particularly critical when doing events. I generally clear out all my fields and focus just on event items. (note.. you generally get 5 or 1- of each special event crop, so you don't have to clear everything right away)

    Also, per events, you often don't have to finish the entire event (intiially, you may only be ABLE to complete a couple of levels, since other levels will ask for items you don't have). Again, be patient. Take what you can.

    I do disagree with the OP on one point.. I actually have found buying secret stables and trees a good deal. I earned a few items I could not get otherwise, but it definitely IS a gamble. I "scored" a few times, but also got more than a few "duds". AND, I am not as high up yet as the OP.... so take that into account. The "rare" seedlings and stables are nice, but they appear for sale in the market not that long after they are available. Often the price is very high to start, but then drops significantly. So, you can buy what you need to full fill special quests and such.
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  6. villager99

    villager99 Padavan

    if u dont want to complete event do same but if u want u might wana keep eye on drops... now manure price is high during 2nd or 3rd day so if u wana make cc and at same time complete event then sell manure on 2nd day nd continue with event after that
  7. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Thanks everyone for your input.
    I've now done as complete an update as I think is necessary regarding links to other sources on the forum. Obviously, as there is an FAQ for every tiny little feature of this game, I haven't linked to absolutely everything unless completely necessary. However, as always, if you think there's an FAQ, OA or other important thread that would be of use to other readers, feel free to request it be linked in the main post, send me an IGM or post the link here yourself.
  8. Cahethal

    Cahethal Forum Apprentice

    You should add to the original post, on the part about how to get cc, that trading BB for cc is one of the worse choices that a new player can make. cc are pretty easy to make but BBs aren't.
  9. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    Might include a brief bit about what to do if you go down to 0 CC, especially at first.
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  10. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Thanks to both of you - adding now.

    EDIT: The suggested changes have now been implemented. As per usual, any missing FAQs you can link in the comments or ask me to edit into the original post.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2014
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  11. Raina10

    Raina10 Forum Greenhorn

    Got confused on the part about filling farmhouse orders. What r those & where do I find them?
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  12. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Count Count

    They are in the Farmer's Society Building in the Village. When you click on the building, you get three choices. From left to right "Quests", "Comic Quests" and "Customer Orders". Click on the one to the right to bring up the customer orders. Scroll down as necessary. There may be more than 3 customers depending on how many orders you have filled.
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  13. Raina10

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    Ty Cassie :)
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  14. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    You mention herb garden, but the hungry cow, traveling sheep are actually somewhat better deals for small, quick cash.

    And... I would definitely NOT suggest using movie points for CC, any more than cashing in BBs. Using movie points for BB is a MUCH better deal.

    Also, even if your CC register as 0, you can sometimes still sell 1 lettuce, particularly if you do it right away, apparently it takes a few moments for the rounding to 0 to register... so you might have a tenth or two of a cent even if it shows as 0.
  15. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Thanks Woody. As mentioned in the post, these lists of CC sources are not exhaustive, so hungry cows and travelling sheep are definitely a good addition to the list.
    Also, I agree that using movie points for CCs as opposed to BBs is a bad deal, however it is a good way to earn extra cash when you don't have any CCs.
  16. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Or when you don't have any CCs, you can earn some CCs from the farm orders and you can use movie point for BBs ;)
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  17. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Exactly. I'm actually going to put this in the post as a disclaimer, but just a reminder that this thread is not intended as any sort of recommendation, endorsement or encouragement of methods for earning CCs or BBs. It is intended to point out to struggling players how and where they can get their money from, irrespective of whether or not certain methods are good value.
  18. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    When you don't have CCs at all, all methods are good until you have enough money to sell in market. I think so.... ;):)
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  19. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    Precisely my feeling :D
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  20. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Sorry if wrong place but I clicked on market as said here to sell my stuff, and tried to sell my chickens, seems I messed up somewhere as my own stand has nothing to click on to sell them anyone know how I messed this up?
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