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    Stop by the Bank today and buy Barnyard Bills, Premium advantages, Monthly harvester subscription, starting packages, event baskets or other offers to get 24 hours of 100% more EP!

    Any of the payment purchases will give you +100% EP bonus on your farm harvests!

    The bonus is not given for Cinema or Cash4Action offers !

    The mega EP bonus will be displayed in your Buff panel, above the crafting slots.

    This Mega EP bonus affects both Bahamarama (including Shipwreck Bay) and the main lands, but it does not affect the cloud rows, the quests or the farmhouse orders!

    You can only get one Mega EP per farm day! This means that you can earn during a usual 24 hours event, the +100% EP bonus, twice - one before midnight CEST (farm day reset) and one after.

    The Mega EP bonus is given only for "real money" purchases in game.

    Please note! If you take advantage of the offer twice, the bonuses will stack, and you will have for a limited time +200% EP.

    After making a purchase, please reload your game. If the bonus does not show up,
    inform us as soon as possible, before harvesting!​
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