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Dear forum reader,

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    Howdy Farmers,

    We all have waited so long for the launch of the new Bahamarama. Finally, it went live yesterday but unfortunately many bugs appeared, too. We tested the new feature very sophisticated and for a long time. We do have a “test server” (where we do the tests) and a “live server” (which you use).

    When testing the new Bahamarama, everything was fine and worked well. Based on the different configurations between the live server and test server we couldn’t see those issues during the testing phase because those issues that appeared are caused by the changed configuration of the live server.

    Also, this time was a little bit more tricky than usual because we needed to do a transfer from the old Bahamarama accounts/levels to the new ones.

    The most critical bugs on Bahamarama could be fixed already, like for example the resetting of the level or the loss of crafting products. But we still work on all the other smaller bugs that remained.

    We would like to apologize for any inconveniences that appeared and still hope that you can enjoy the new Bahamarama and see our lovely graphics and especially the easier level ups.

    We will do our best to let such a situation not happen again.​

    Thank you,
    Your Farmerama Team
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