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Discussion in 'Gabfest' started by Lyddy, Jul 17, 2020.

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  1. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    This is a survey activity. No prizes. Just need your time to share your favourite snacks in your country!
    I am intrigued of what people are munching on around the world!

    Please list only one item per entry with product name, company and country of production/purchase.
    Other participants/viewers can only click Like on an item if they have consumed it before, not just heard of, but consumed it.
    As many entries as you wish of your favourite snacks from your country that you consume regularly, but please keep it to one item per entry so others can click Like to indicate that they too had eaten that item before.

    Poster can include a short sweet note about the item. Please no long messages.
    Quoting of participants is allowed, but please keep it short.

    If you wish to share a life story about any item, please share it via Gabfest in a separate thread.

    No inserts of images. Please Google an item if you wish to see an image of it.

    Let the pleasure of munching begin! Munch! Munch! Munch!

    Here are three of my favourite munchies to begin with!

    *TimTam by Arnott's in Australia
    This is an Aussie all-time favourite chocolate biscuit. My favourite flavours are dark chocolate, double coat and mint.

    *Toblerone by Mondelez, purchased in Australia, but produced in Switzerland
    I believe this an popular chocolate bar you can buy duty-free at airports.
    I think most people have eaten it around the world. :)

    *Roses chocolates by Cadbury, Australia
    A box of Roses, a lovely gift-giving of sweet treats in Australia for all occasions like birthdays, thankyous, Mother's Day etc.
    Best for sharing, that's if you would share them!

    *Edit* - Adjustment to this thread - 19th July
    In an effort to follow the No Double Posting policy I think I better rewrite the guidelines for this thread.
    Everything underlined are no longer applicable.
    This has become a purely share and tell activity.
    My fascination lies with all the wonderful and unique snack foods consumed worldwide.

    Posters now can create a list of snacks that have been consumed, up to a maximum of ten items per entry. Please keep the description/note short.
    Hopefully, this way the double posting rule won't be breached.

    Likes no longer indicate that you also consumed the item/s listed, it's simply an indication you are in agreement of that posting.

    <Apparently my understanding of the double posting rule was somewhat muddled. I thought postings of the same query or expression all over the Forum in different sections are considered double posting. Now I understand that consecutive postings from the same poster in a thread are not allowed. I am learning something new everyday via interactions on this platform.>
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  2. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello Lyddy,

    I have moved your post to a more appropriate section of the Forum. Please do not post after yourself as this is considered double posting and against Forum rules. You can edit your fist post if you want to add more info if no-one has posted after you.

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  3. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    *Lemon Crisp biscuits. Arnott's Australia. Deliciously light and sweet biscuits with a rich lemon cream centre and a pinch of sea salt.
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  4. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Homemade fruit leathers aka fruit roll-ups. A great replacement for fresh fruits to pack for lunchboxes, roads trips, camping and hiking adventures!
    @ctindaldavies Lemon Crisp occasionally on my grocery shopping list throughout the year. :)
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  5. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    I am shocked neither of you have brought up Arnott's Shapes! The question for which flavour takes out top position is one I am yet to figure out the answer to
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  6. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Golden Days Sesame Snaps Original - Purchased from local Woolies. Munching on a slice right now, mmmm
    Each packet contains 3 individually packets to which I call packetlets. Each packetlet contains 4 rectangle slices of snaps sized 2cmX5cm.
    ie 12 slices of snaps, I only munch on one slice at a time, sometimes a packet of this will last me a fortnight as only I love chomping on this. xD
    @squigglegiggle In my household we love Original, Pizza and BBQ Shapes :)
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  7. squigglegiggle

    squigglegiggle Forum Overlooker

    @Lyddy - strong approval here, though cheddar is also a big favourite!
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  8. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    She said we could only list one at a time. I like shapes but they are not on the top of my list.. I prefer savory or BBQ, oh and the vegemite ones are pretty nice.

    Harvest Snaps Baked Pea Crisps, lightly salted.
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  9. rivak

    rivak Forum Expert

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, from the Hershey Company, USA. A round layer of crumbly peanut butter is enrobed in milk chocolate. The smooth sweet chocolate and slightly salty peanut butter contrast is divine! My all time favorite candy. :)
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  10. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    @ctindaldavies Thanks pal for sticking to this thread's guidelines. ;)
    Thanks to all other participants for the same. :)
    I've updated the guidelines so you can list more items per entry, a max of ten items!

    Arnott's Sesame Wheat crackers. Most of the time I just munch on two or three as they are, but you can get creative and dress them up with toppings and spreads.
    Don't we Aussies just love Arnott's! xD
    I love my munchies, but not a munch-monster! I love fun-sized snacks, majority of the time I just want to have a bite or two of something! :)

    @rivak Peanut Butter Cups sounds appealing! I believe Hershey candy bars can be bought in some stores in Australia, just need to keep an eye out for them!
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  11. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Woolies has them hun. @rivak I have tried them a few times. They are nice, but I guess it's what you are used to.

    Biscoff by Lotus, Belgium. I first had these a couple of years ago on the flight from Melbourne to L.A. Oh my heavens. I was so delighted to find them in the shops here after we got home.

    I also love Sesame wheats and Arnott's Cheds. Just plain, the way nature intended them :)

    Jelly Belly Beans, Goerlitz Candy Co/ Jelly Belly Bean Company. USA . Buttered popcorn is still my favourite
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  12. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Here are a few overseas products that occasionally end up in my shopping trolley. :)
    *Loacker Tortina biscuits 125g - Made in Austria - Original, White and Dark, all very pleasant to chomp on! (FYI Tortina means cupcake in Italian)
    *Stroopwafels 125g by The Dutch Company Confectionery - I call these Caramel Waffle Cookies (FYI stroopwafels means syrup wafers, it's written on the packaging.)
    *Almond Fingers 275g - Dutch Bakehouse - they are known to me as mini almond cakes!

    @ctindaldavies Thanks, will lookout for Hersheys in Woolies when I can spend more time in there. With all the social distance practices ATM, it's mostly dash-in-dash-out shopping trips, no lingering, no time to seek out new products, strictly sticking to the shopping list for the time being, just picking up a few of my alltime favourties if I walk by them! :)

    In the past, pre-Covid, when we were on road trips, always pick up a tin of Jelly Bellies when chance upon them. All eat the same colours and then have a crack at guessing the flavour, ahhhh fun times filled with laughter! I loved the tin itself, in the shape of a Jelly Belly! ;)
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  13. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Fairy Bread!! Made by me. Must be true hundreds and thousands though, non of that "sprinkles" rubbish.
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  14. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    I used to bake profiteroles and eclairs, same recipe, just different shapes.
    Nowadays, apart from bread-making, no more home-baking of cakes, too many in a batch.
    I might do the baking for entertaining a large group of guests, not much chance of that ATM, so baking is on hold for me!
    In the last decade, I became a nosher of itsy-bitsy goods, quality over quantity.
    When I feel like a baked good, I grab a pack of mini choc mud cupcakes from Woolies Bakery, contains 9 mini mudcakes, lovely mouthfuls of delight!
  15. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

    Where in OZ are you? We have gatherings back in full force here in WA. I am hoping we don't backslide. I don't mind the gatherings but the nightclubs being open bothers me. All it takes is 1 case and it will spread like wild fire, everyone pressed up against each other.

    I used to make profiteroles a lot too. They were my go to when entertaining.

    Cocktail franks (keeping with the party food line). Dorsogna, Aus. I actually have a few in the freezer.
  16. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    @ctindaldavies I used to live near Perth two decades ago. There was a UK food store in Joondalup, not sure if it still operates.
    I also lived in Vic & NSW before. Adelaide is homebase, but I do move around the states often! It seems that I have a permanent travel-bug within me! I feel so fortunate that hubby loves to be where I am! :inlove:

    Yep, best to stay away from crowd gathering places for the time being!

    *Polish sausage from Standom Smallgoods, Hendon SA. Can be a bit fatty, but it's a rare nibble, great just to zap up a few slices in the microwave. Also a crowd-pleaser food served with crackers.

    *I am very impressed with Olina's Water Crackers 200g - Natural and Black Sesame flavours in the same pack. Bought it over a week ago, kept in an air-tight container after opening, hadn't touched it since opening it, saw it today, nibbled on a few and still tasted great. They stayed crispy and 'fresh', unlike Sakata, Peckish or Fantastic rice crackers, which go stale within a few days of opening, even when they have been kept in an air-tight container. I stopped buying those rice crackers as more went into the mulch bin than been consumed.
  17. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Advanced

  18. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

  19. rivak

    rivak Forum Expert

    Hubby asked me to post about his favorite snack: Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks, from Harry & David, USA. He says they stay fresh longer than generic versions and have more 'pop'.

    Google 'Harry & David Honey Sesame' to see what they look like. :)
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  20. Lyddy

    Lyddy Active Author

    Was in a mood for a bite piece of baklava yesterday, local bakery doesn't sell them, some times can get a packet from Woolies, but yesterday there were none on the shelf. Settled for a packet of dark choc TimTams instead. Didn't gobble up the whole pack, hahaha, had to buy the pack so I can get my hands on one biscuit! xD

    @rivak Sesame Sticks looked yummy, remind me of Soya Crisps from Woolies, I buy a serving of loose ones if Pick'n'Mix counter is available.
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