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Discussion in 'Forum games' started by 12ss12, Jun 7, 2021.

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  1. IamOldandSlow

    IamOldandSlow Forum Greenhorn

    Name: Tony
    Place: Texas
    Animal: Turtle
    Thing: Toothbrush

    Next: Z
  2. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Padavan

    Name: Zoey
    Place: Zanzibar
    Animal: Zebu
    Thing: Zoo

    Next: J
  3. marlenef24

    marlenef24 Forum Inhabitant

    Name: Jeremy
    Place: Jackson
    Animal: Jay
    Thing: Jug

    Next: A
  4. xiop

    xiop Junior Expert

    Name: Anselmo
    Place: Aveiro (the Portuguese Venice)
    Animal: Arctic Fox
    Thing: Album

    Next: N
  5. IamOldandSlow

    IamOldandSlow Forum Greenhorn

    Name: Nancy
    Place: Nashville
    Animal: Newt
    Thing: Necktie

    Next: K
  6. ag56

    ag56 Padavan

    Name: Kathy
    Place: Kelowna
    Animal: Kangaroo
    Thing: Kite

    Next: F
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  7. xiop

    xiop Junior Expert

    Name: Fábio
    Place: Funchal (Madeira Island), PT
    Animal: Firefly
    Thing: Flowers

    Next: D
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  8. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Name: Dennis
    Place: Devonshire
    Animal: Ducks
    Thing: Dogwood

    Next: L
  9. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Padavan

    Name: Lydia
    Place: Lima
    Animal: Llama
    Thing: Link

    Next: U
  10. nm56

    nm56 Forum Duke

    Name: Ulysses
    Place: Uruguay
    Animal: Urial
    Thing: Umbrella

    Next: H
  11. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Overlooker

    Name Hannah
    Place Home
    Animal Horse
    Thing Handbag