New member of our house :)

Discussion in 'Gabfest' started by Bisquitte, Aug 8, 2022.

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  1. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

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  2. Brookeham

    Brookeham Forum Freak

    Oh so sweet!!! I want a new pet so bad!!! A puppy is my wish! Congrats on the new fur baby!
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  3. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts dear @Brookeham :) she is a very small only 2.5 month old kitten. We're still trying to get used to each other. I hope you get that fur ball of fur you want :inlove:
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  4. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Congratulations on your new fur baby. He is just too cute, they do sleep a lot and then have moments of crazy zooming through the house and also getting into trouble. The good news is, cats are very smart, and with some patience and love you can get them to behave themselves :):) Good luck!;)
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  5. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Thank you very much for your advice and thoughts dear @sanddollar15 :) sleeps amazingly during the day. Moving towards the evening, yawns yawns yawns and makes you love yourself. cats are gorgeous :inlove:
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  6. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    How lovely! :inlove:Blessings on a long and happy life, sweet kitty!
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  7. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Thank you very much for your good wishes dear @Willow :) :inlove:
  8. sarann

    sarann Padavan

    It is very cute. Have you come up with a name yet?
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  9. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Yes, her name is "Ponçik" :) But he still doesn't recognize his name. She never looks at me when I call her by her name.