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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by shooger.sweet, Sep 15, 2020.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,


    Please post your constructive comments, positive and negative, regarding the "On Northern Shores" Event in this Feedback thread. We are looking forward to capturing your initial reaction to the event, as well as the final opinion after participating in the event.

    Please be sure to bring arguments for supporting your statements, simple comments saying you like it or hate it will not help the Team understand what goes great, and what needs to be looked into, when planning future events.

    The FAQ of the Event can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Issues section or the Technical Issues section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. illy1996

    illy1996 All Knowing Oracle

    I will probably not participate in this event mainly because of the restricting of the Anvil drops to trees. Too many required to obtain even the starter seeds let alone those needed to complete the event. Why have recent events been complicated by having to mill starter seeds and drops only coming from certain items? For me, this is unnecessary. :(

    I am usually someone who does most events unless requirements are excessive. This is not the case this time, I just don't see that the rewards are enough to justify the work required to change fields from trees to crops during the event. :eek:
    Please can we return to getting drops from everything. 8)
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  3. istanboy

    istanboy Someday Author

    You're lucky you even understand this event!

    I will not participate in this one. I prefer to use time to catch up on normal tasks.
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  4. Laurelei

    Laurelei Forum Pro

    I said the milling of starter seeds was a bad idea that shouldn't be repeated and here is the proof. I will be two or three days trying to get the anvils necessary to mill the starter seeds. What makes me even more angry is that premium members who pay the monthly fee are supposed to get extra starter seeds for events but now this new dynamic makes that promise moot. As I've completely slowed down paying real money for this game I think I'll also have to cancel my premium account because one of the promised benefits is now forfeit. Shameless, ridiculous and money grubbing practices BP you should be ashamed but no doubt you will not see how completely you are alienating your base.
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  5. Janisella

    Janisella Forum Apprentice

    Another event ruined by a ridiculous drop item requirement.

    I'm sure many people will be sitting out this one.
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  6. bauernfrau4

    bauernfrau4 Someday Author

    It requires quills? 75 quills? Why such a specialty item ?? I can't make them and I can't afford them in the market. 400k for one last I looked. I will definitely sit it out.
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    KAREBEAR70 Forum Apprentice

    I will not be doing this event. It is a very bad idea to have to mill the starter seeds. I used to spend more real money on this game now I only get the harvester. I've been playing over ten years now and its getting ridiculous with the events and requirements and the rewards. I don't need another cloud row-I have over 400 of them. I will spend my time catching up on my regular crops and my FSQ's.
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  8. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Mogul

    The Anvils being limited to trees only, as well as other drop requirements and animals being needed will put many people off. Especially the experienced players.

    But I don't understand the quills. This is a special item from a production pen that is not available in the game to win or purchase. Therefore it stands to reason that most newer players, or the unlucky ones that did not receive one when it was available, will not have this workshop, so you would have to buy them if you wanted to proceed to try and finish the event fully.
    I just did a tally up and to buy 75 Quills in my market right now is .........33,707,918.60CC. What new player has 33,707,918.60CC to just throw away for 15 Suzies Super Grow and a 1 hour harvest helper?
    The rewards are not worth trying.
    ~Edit~ Last night (36 hours to event end) Quills were selling at approx 2millionCC each. Thats 150MillionCC if you tried to buy them all!!

    I am doing a little of the event, as far as the wonder stables, if I can but that is it. There is no drive to purchase SG, there is no drive to buy drops, there is no drive to finish and I definitely will NOT be buying quills.

    On a positive note: I like the graphics, very cool
    On a second positive note, I finished the first 2 structures and the 3rd up to the quill requirement. My refusal to buy them never changed. However, the downtime has given me a chance to enjoy the 9hr workshop mini-event, extra trees, stuff I wouldn't normally be doing because I am too busy farming event crops, and for the first time ever, selling a little of the event requirements in the market and getting a little CC stored in the bank. If you ran this event again, I would consider doing it again if the tree drop rate, and the crop requirements remained the same as it is for this one.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2020
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  9. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Exceptional Talent

    What I have to say will not differ from the above. It makes me inquire, again, do the people who come up with these events even play this game? For me, with the builder, moving around with trees is no big deal, but if you do not have the builder, it is a major pain in the rear. The quill issue is one that we have come up against before, an unreasonable request, quite frankly, even for players who DO have the pen, because with the non stop events, we don't have time to stock up our products. This unrelenting, end an event one day, start a new one the next day... even though, thankfully, we've been having events limited to one or two fields, it's still tedious, exhausting and unnecessary. I watched a documentary yesterday on how Social Media write algorithms designed to keep the user online longer, and the parallels to this game were frightening. It's a GAME. Not a job or a lifestyle choice. We are worn out, annoyed by irritating things such as this pointless milling of the first few seeds, and quite frankly, we are leaving the game in droves. When will it be understood that happy players spend more money, and frazzled ones stop playing.
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  10. habalala

    habalala Forum Freak

    Players usually gain an amount of extra drops on the first harvest after an event started. These extra drops came in handy later on during an event, sometimes even reduced the amount of harvests needed, and if unused these extra drops provided a small reward at conversion. Worst of all .. players didn't pay for it.

    It seems the Game Team wants to stop such player profit by asking drops for event plants at the start. Drops from initial harvests will no longer be an extra but will become a must. No doubt the Game Team will look for matching unrealistic requirements so players start buying the drops; at the start or later on during the event.

    See, the point?

    Agreed, because of this and the boring excessive requirements for minor rewards, this is another worthless event. No joy in it = not worth my time = not worth a dime.
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  11. alpenliebe

    alpenliebe Forum Apprentice

    no joy
    thumbs down 8)
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  12. tlcsquared

    tlcsquared Someday Author

    Yep....not even going to try....
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  13. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Greetings lovely farmers,

    Thank you for all the feedback. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts so we can pass it along to the Game Team.

    Closing thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
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