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  1. Frenchmom14261

    Frenchmom14261 Forum Pro

    Am I crazy or blind ? I cannot find my ostrich pen nor any ostrich upgrade anywhere?
    I discover the number of ostriches I have in my barn is very small compared to my other animals, when I wanted to breed them. So I decided to add one more pen. Then to my surprise, the ostrich pen is neither on my fields, nor in my barn? I am sure I had an orange one, possibly a red one, but nothing appear on my list, not even a single pen. Then I decided to buy one, and it did not appear on the list of possible buy either.
    As you can see I breeded some in the past, so it make no sense.
    Can you help me solve this weird problem?
    thank you
    ID 20499009

    Sorry, I was Crazy. The ostrich is not in baharama, like I thought, but in my normal farm. I found it. You may close the thread.
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  2. WildCat

    WildCat Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Hello Frenchmom14261,

    It's good to hear the ostrich pen and upgrades were found.

    Closing as requested.
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