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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by 12ss12, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Piece-of-cake Strategy Thread

    SOS Piece of Cake Drop Items/Pastry Bags

    : chick-pea -Time to grow: 6 hours (64EP/BEP)
    Drop : Pastry Bag -

    The Pastry Bags will drop from all 3 main fields and the 2 tropical fields, from crops, stables, workshops and trees.

    Milling Items : 4 items
    1. Chick Pea liquid : Ingredients: 350 Chickpea + 20 Water - Time: 6 minutes​
    2. Orange Meringue : Ingredients: 1 Chickpea Liquid + 20 Pastry bags + 15 Carrots - Time: 4 minutes​
    3. Blue Meringue : Ingredients: 1 Chickpea Liquid +30 Pastry bags+ 8 Plums - Time: 4 minutes​
    4. Red Meringue : Ingredients: 1 Chickpea Liquid + 10 Pastry bags + 15 Strawberries - Time: 4 minutes​
    You need to be in Mainland level 37 and Bahamarama level 2 to finish the event in full. You have to unlock 32 tiles to finish the event in full. Start from tile 1. Then you can spread to other tiles. You can also skip some if you don't want to do that particular tile.

    Required Item NameAmount Required
    chick-pea 19,250 for the production of 55 Chick Pea Liquid
    Chick Pea Liquid 55
    Orange Meringue23
    Blueberry meringue18
    Strawberry meringue14
    water1,100 units for the production of 55 Chick Pea Liquid
    Pastry Bag1,140
    carrot845 (500 + 345 for dispensing meringue oranges)
    Cow Milk20
    Greylag goose8
    Goat milk15
    Parrot feather15
    Brown Pig15
    We have to start the event by unlocking the first bottom Orange Candle tile.
    Tiles with candles are special tiles. You get special rewards from them. After unlocking the candle tiles, you blow them out to get the reward. After that we have to wait for a 8 hours cool down time and the candle will light once again. You can them blow them once again to get the reward. Once again wait for 8 hours and continue the process and you can do this till the end of the event. But the candle tile for 1 Golden Banana requires 16 hours of cooling time.


    Additional rewards
    (You can get these couple of times)
    The sooner we unlock the candles the more rewards we get from it.
    To unlock it fast, you need 3 Orange Meringue, 2 Red Meringue & 2 Blue Meringue. Make them first.

    Click Here - Pattern so as to unlock the candles first

    Thank to -Mir85- for suggesting the pattern
    Another Pattern so as to unlock the candles first
    Thank to schlewi for suggesting the pattern

    Tile Number
    Cooldown Time
    (in hours )​
    Bottom Orange
    Left Red
    4000 EP​
    Right Blue
    6 Super grow​
    Left Blue
    5000 BEP​
    Right Red
    2 Power Feed​
    Top Orange
    1 Golden Banana​
    Birthday Surprise!
    Size: 1x1
    Time: 8 hours
    Gives: 400 EP / Baha EP

    I Love Clowns
    Size: 1x1
    Time: 8 hours
    Gives: 440 EP / Baha EP

    Bad Banners
    Size: 1x2
    Time: 8 hours
    Gives: 830 EP / Baha EP

    Blow Them Out!
    Size: 1x2
    Time: 8 hours
    Gives: 900 EP / Baha EP

    Event Cloud Row
    Effect: 4100 EP, 4100 Baha-EP
    Cooldown time: 8 hours
    Requires 3 of the event items: Bad Banners, I Love Clowns and Birthday Surprise!
    It does NOT require Blow Them Out!


    More Strategies ( will update the below list of strategies whenever any player gives a valuable suggestions

    1. The Greylag is at tile no. 16. If you do not have them, you do not want to breed them, and cannot buy them at market, you may consider skipping them. It is not a must do target. Yes, you need to resist the 5 Golden Bananas temptation.

    2. For the Cloud row, you must unlock title no. 10 and for the cloud row items : tiles no. 28 or 15 ; 23 or 31 ; 27 or 30

    More about these 2 strategies - Click here
    Above strategies suggested by dnin21cent

    • Red rings tiles - don't require event crops/drops.
    • Orange tiles - require meringues and is the cheapest way to unlock all the candles. Instead of tile 16 (greylag goose) you can unlock tile 3. Total event crops for the orange tiles: 7,700. Total drops needed for the orange tiles: 370
    • Blue tiles - The cheapest way to get the cloud row and needed items
    • Green tiles give extra items (remember 23 can only be unlocked after unlocking all the candles).
    • Purple tile give party tickets.

    The red, orange and blue marking of the tiles are shown in the picture in the spoiler below.

    More about these strategy - Click here
    Above strategy suggested by -Mir85-

    4. For New/Fresh players who do not have the necessary requirements.
    • Quickly unlocking all 6 Candles & in the cheapest way
    • Avoiding Breeding, Rare Animal Donations.
    • Avoiding Tile No. 8
    • Best Use of 6 Candle Rewards ( The Sooner the Better !!)
    • Cheapest/Quickest Way to Obtain Cloud Row items + Blow Them out item
    Click the below link for strategy
    Requirements & Tile Nos. for New Players

    Above strategy suggested by Mooboy

    5. Tiles Nos. 7 and 20 offer a total of 20 Stars. You will need 200 Pears and 15 Honey.
    Thanks Banjoman

    6. Light the candles first (1-2-3-4, 5-9-13-14-15-16-10-11-12-19-24-28-32-31-30-29) and then the rest for the cloud row and some other things like the power-feed (17-23-27 and 22)
    Thanks schlewi
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  2. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Emperor of the Forum

    I have lots of Greylag geese and Halflingers but no Turtles. Please tell me you mean Tortoises.:cry:xD

    Thank you very much 12ss12 for working out the numbers.:D
  3. alexis2112

    alexis2112 Forum Pro

    Thank you so much, 12ss12, for working out the numbers! I'd totally missed that we needed carrots, plums and strawberries, but luckily I have tonnes of those.
    Having to breed the Greylag (which is ripping through my precious store of PF :() but otherwise I'm set on ingredients. Just wish the instructions didn't always look so confusing; I know it will make more sense once it's all in place.

    Good luck everybody!!! :)
  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    I have to tell you a secret, the total requirement calculations I borrowed from other Forums. So the credit goes to them. But all others including editing, formatting, phrasing out etc., is mine.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
  5. dnin21cent

    dnin21cent Forum Baron

    thanks 12ss12 to made all the calculation. I just hate to do the maths!

    There is 6 candle, only the top orange one take double time(16hr) to cool down as it give :
    1 Golden banana

    advise to newbies & those time tight due to RL, since everthing need.... Frist is to grow thousands
    event crop. also, if you find it hard to get those stuff, they may hard to find on market(sold out)
    or prize too high for you.
    Remember, you do not need to unlock whole cake"
    aim at what prize you most wanted. always refer toFAQ to see the "lock no" if you can't remember
    them like me,
    For Got the CR, you must unlock 10 for the CR, then deco giver :
    28 or 15. ; 23 or 31 ; 27 or 30
    that mean this event give double giver,
    Since, all start with bottom orange candle & them move with connected lock , so, any direction is up
    to you, try the way(prize) you like & you could move(you had the required stuff)

    the Greylag is at lock 16, it's not on the giver list, if you find that: you do not want to breed them,but
    they are not reachable for you from market, you may consider skip them if you find it do not a 'must'
    on the path to your target!
    Yes, you need to resist the 5GB temptation.

    Cassie01' yes, it's tortoises, I think 12ss12 got a small typing mistake
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  6. Aetheria14

    Aetheria14 Regular

    Thank you so much for the note on the Greylag Goose, my market is already sold out!
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  7. Tribeca

    Tribeca Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, everyone:
    I am very grateful for the calcs that you have made and thank you all!!
    Good luck with this event and i wish Farmerama a happy birthday

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  8. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Cassie101 & dnin21cent - Corrected. :p Why can't anyone be allowed to commit mistakes in peace...:cry::pxD
    Any other errors ?:)
    I don't have a single greylag:(
    Net problem. So couldn't reply earlier. Now off to moonlight mania.:)
  9. julie1013

    julie1013 Commander of the Forum

    So before I rip my trees out, given the high level of drops and crops, it's probably going to have to be done, correct?

    EDIT: Never mind. After really thinking about this I have answered my own question. Pretty obvious, huh? Just having one of those moments;):pxDxD
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  10. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    The sooner we unlock the candles the more rewards we get from them. Here is my plan for how to get to the candles:

    The red rings are tiles which don't require event crops/drops, I have all the things required so I can unlock them as soon as I get there. (I left out tile 8 grapefruit, tile 18 haflingers and tile 26 brown pigs, as I don't know if I will do those.) The orange tiles require meringues and is the cheapest way to unlock all the candles. Note, if you can't or don't want to unlock tile 16 greylag goose you can instead unlock tile 3 for 2 blue meringues.
    • Total event crops for the orange tiles: 7,700
    • Total drops needed for the orange tiles: 370
    After unlocking all the candles I'll go for other prizes. The blue tiles are the cheapest way to get the cloud row and needed items. The green tiles give extra items (remember 23 can only be unlocked after unlocking all the candles). And the purple tile give party tickets.
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  11. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum Demigod

    I think I'm going to pretty way just stumble my way thru this one, lol. Have all that's necessary, so should be alright, and knowing me, I'll end up doing all the cake, tho I'll pick and choose first. I couldn't believe it when I saw grapefruit on the list, since it's still new o_O. I lucked out and got one last seedlings, so have them, but had to buy some on bearbabe. At least I got them before the prices started rising too horribly. I don't have a juniper on either farm, so I picked up a few of those, too, just in case.;)
  12. Willow

    Willow Commander of the Forum

    Thanks Mir and 12ss12 for the number crunching! :inlove: After reading the faqs I saw the best plan was to go for candles first to make the most of them - and you dear farmers gave the totals for that! As I have all items to donate except event crops, I will probably go for completing the entire event.

    I would encourage even the newest farmers to go for this event; complete whatever you can. There are many nice prizes available for those unable to afford the high priced donation items, and there is a good EP/CC return on leftover meringues. Best of luck to all!:)
  13. alexis2112

    alexis2112 Forum Pro

    Thanks Mir for the plan to get to the candles quickly! I'm really hoping to complete the event, but it's a terrible work week RL and I hate having to rip up all of my land AGAIN ... sigh ... but I really want the pressies ... so here goes! :inlove:

    My strategy will be to plant a good overnight crop in all fields, including MM, so that I can get the best drops in the morning (I still need one more trophy to finish the LL Rune but I'm at 29%). I don't really understand the refinery, but I've made some progress on carnations. Hopefully that will affect the crops I grow overnight.

    Then in-between work and sleep I'll grow chickpeas, mill meringue, get to candles as fast as possible, and then swoop down for whatever else I can grab! :p;)

    Best luck everybody!!!
  14. mingling

    mingling Forum Baron

    Hello alexis2112,

    I hear ya, I myself is just over half way done with the last of the LL to get to 30% I'm clawing at it as fast as I can, good luck to you.
    As for refinements, I never fully under stood it but they help. Just keep feeding it-.-and feeding it and then go to market buy whatever you are doing in the thou. and feed it more worse than that plant feed me Se more! more more more!!

    But yes, thanks Mir, bring on the cake I am ready!
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  15. dafodily

    dafodily Forum Duke

    Thanks @12ss12 for putting all the info together, this event FAQ is just too complicated to sort out during a 24hr MM. :wuerg: Need to stay focused on MM goals, will make medium effort to set up farm for beginning of event drops! :p Thanks for all the good strategy ideas. I have all the non-event items needed except for 2 Grayleg Geese :music: So bit the bullet without BBD & put my only 8 White Fronted Geese into breeding pen, hoping the skips aren't with me this time. :oops::music::oops:
    EDIT: Of course 1 Grayleg & 1 Barnacle Goose :cry:-.-:cry: So will try breeding normal Geese & now hope for a skip. :p Will the skip gods be with me? :wuerg:
    2nd EDIT: NO! :cry: 14 PF later finally have the 2 Grayleg Geese I was missing -.-xD-.-
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  16. CylentLea123

    CylentLea123 Old Hand

    I am ready. I have my fields cleared, I have everything needed. I bought what I didn't have (grapefruit, truffles etc) I bred all necessary animals this morning with some left over to sell.
    I have been growing strawberrys and rhubarb all day to sell extra crops of those. I am so ready! lol
    I just have to be patient now and wait :oops:;)
  17. Mooboy

    Mooboy Forum Demigod

    12ss12....Lovely Layout Strategy Thread, Clearly Explains all Useful Info Needed for This Event. I have been studying FAQ and Above Postings and Suggestions.

    I have asked myself Seven Questions. What is Best Strategy to do this Event.

    1. Unlock all 6 Candles as quickly as possible
    2. Cheapest way to unlock 6 Candles
    3. Avoiding The Requirements of All Breeding Animal Donations for this Event
    4. Avoiding The Requirements of Rare Animals Donations
    5. Avoiding The Requirement to Unlock Tile 8
    6. Making Best Use of All 6 Candle Givers Rewards during This Event ( The Sooner the Better !!)
    7. Cheapest/Quickest Way to Obtain 3 Givers for Cloud Row + Blow Them out Giver

    Answer Strategy to all 7 Questions

    I have Drawn up a Strategy that can Answer all these Questions. It is Essential that we unlock Tile 1, Then Follow these Tiles Steps Accordingly. As will list the Requirement of Each Tile as we go along with these Steps.

    Total Amount of Requirements to All 7 Questions Method

    • 300 Rhubarb
    • 200 Apples
    • 15 Honey
    • 15 Parrot Feathers
    • 200 Pears
    • 20 Cow Milk
    • 15 Truffles
    • 19 Orange Meringue
      • 19 x 15 Carrots = 285
      • 19 x 20 Pastry Bags = 380
    • 9 Red Meringue
      • 9 x 15 Strawberries = 135
      • 9 x 10 Pastry Bags = 90
    • 8 Blue Meringue
      • 8 x 8 Plums = 64
      • 8 x 30 Pastry Bags = 240
    • 33 Chickpea Liquid
      • 350 x 32 Chickpea = 12600
      • 32 x 20 Water = 720
    • Total Chickpea Needed = 12600
    • Total Pastry Bags Needed = 710
    Order List of Tiles to Unlock Accordingly

    • Tile 1 - 1 Orange Meringue (Unlocked Candle 1)
    • Tile 2 - 300 Rhubarb
    • Tile 3 - 2 Blue Meringue
    • Tile 4 - 1 Red Meringue (Unlocked Candle 2)
    • Tile 5 - 200 Apples
    • Tile 9 - 2 Red Meringue
    • Tile 13 - 1 Blue Meringue (Unlocked Candle 3)
    • Tile 20 - 15 Honey
    • Tile 25 - 15 Parrot Feathers
    • Tile 29 - 1 Red Meringue (Unlocked Candle 4)
    • Tile 7 - 200 Pears
    • Tile 10 - 4 Orange Meringue (Unlock Cloud Row)
    • Tile 11 - 20 Cow Milk
    • Tile 12 - 15 Truffles
    • Tile 19 - 1 Blue Meringue (Unlocked Candle 5)
    • Tile 24 - 8 Orange Meringue ( Bad Banners - Cloud Row Item)
    • Tile 28 - 5 Red Meringue ( Birthday Surprise- Cloud Row Item)
    • Tile 32 - 2 Orange Meringue (Here you have Unlock All 6 Candles)
    • Tile 27 - 4 Orange Meringue ( I love Clowns - Cloud Row Item)
    • Tile 23 - 4 Blue Meringue ( Blow Them Out - Giver Item)
    RED - Unlocks All Six Candles

    Blue - All Three Cloud Row Items + Cloud Row

    Pink - Non Cloud Row Giver Item

    These tiles listed as above are compulsory to Complete or Unlock.

    Now we ask ourselves what we do with Reminding Tiles. As we can either ignore them or do some of them or not do them all. I leave this Option to your Choosing !! I will List the Most Hardest or Expensive Tiles to unlock

    • Tile 8 - 15 Grapfruits ( Reward - 7000 Baha EP)
    • Tile 16 - 8 Greylag Geese ( 5 Golden Bananas)
    • Tile 18 - 15 Hafilingers ( 20,000 Baha EP)
    • Tile 26 - 15 Brown Pigs ( 20,000 Baha EP)

    Unlocking These Tiles will help you Unlock all 6 Candles using Less Chickpeas and less Pastry Bags, Simply just Follow Mir 85 Suggested Method in Mir 85 Posting as Above.

    But My Suggestions is Mainly for Newbie Farmers, Who not got certain Items or hardly any Power Feeds to complete certain Tiles

    Wish You all very Best of Luck :D:);)
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  18. Aluntino

    Aluntino Board Analyst

    Nice..., all questions had already been answered by 12ss12 and Mir, but it seems it was not clear enough.

    Thanks, 12ss12 and Mir. We owe you a lot.
  19. Shiny.Sparkle

    Shiny.Sparkle Junior Expert

    Wow my brain hurts!!! Thanks to the people who figured this one out. Even so its taken me a while to understand it. If I got it right I'm hoping to get most of it done.

    There are definitely some I can't get, not only do I not have 8 graylag geese I don't even have the regular geese to breed them from. Same with the haflingers and brown pigs. Also nowhere on grapefruit.

    Both the truffles and roosters are going to be a challenge to raise enough since I'm starting from none but I think I can, I think I can...

    The rest is in the barn or event stuff with all that brings!!!!
  20. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Event strategy for the want to be Market Big Dogs and soon to be Market Lion Kings:
    • Event for us is titled properly as A Piece of Cake. All required is junks growing and a little mill time. (You know better than to use the BAHA mill).
    • All animal acquisition and producing has been done. Suggest dumping only to depress prices on the breeding animal. As we planned, the quick ccs are in the base level goose. Grab the easy ccs from the goose feed now as this is the reason why we did not sell it during the last event.
    • Raise the market on wheat then take the profits. Raise the related chicken feed as it is need for poop. Let the market fall on chickens and then pick um up cheap. Take all the cheap rabbits as few will appear.
    • My model signals unload the pig feed and take every single cc out of truffles.
    • Now is not the time for feather ccs. Buy as they will not appear as often as cheap. Expect to hold them for several months to come.
    • Keep parrot feed and elephant feed outrageous. We're at about the limit on some markets with camel feed so use discresion.
    • Model indicates to dump the strawberry quick and get out.
    Again, no strategy required, just take whatever you want from the event.

    Let's roll, we'll count um up at the finish line.

    I see one more thing: Grab a few of those worthless BAHA crops now, time is drawing near, but don't overdue it they're worthless.

    For the Market Lion Kings Only:
    • The HH TOP 1000 items are appearing cheap. Grab um and expect to hold um. Of course you know this or you wouldn't be a Market Lion King anyway.
    Come on Market Big Dogs! All it takes is a one time showing of 575 Million ccs to be a Market Lion King on probation.

    You can do it Market Lion Kings on Probation, all it takes is a one time showing of 600 Million ccs to be a lifetime member.

    hahaha A piece of cake hahaha
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