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    premium features.gif

    *What features are included in the Premium Package:

    Layout Saver
    When a user saves his layout, the layout of the current playfield is saved and he can choose a name for that slot. If the player selects his save the current playfield will be scrapped (all items on that playfield go back into his inventory) and the saved layout will be placed on the field.

    Items that the player sold/lost/traded/etc. and are no longer available in his inventory will just be skipped during this re-placing. The timers will not be saved, all items will be placed like they were the first time. (That means all used consumables water, dung, feed, etc. are lost on replacing everything, just like they would be when deleting the field.)

    The player will have three individual save slots per playfield, which he can assign different icons to and name individually.

    If the player should end his subscription and at a later time re-subscribe, his old layout saves will be still available.

    These items are excluded from the layout saver, since they are excluded regularly from the builder helper as well.​

    (All future Top 1000 Items and Pets will be excluded from the Layout Saver)

    Bonus Pack
    Each month that your Subscription is active you will receive a bonus pack that includes:
    120 x Super-grow
    60 x Suzy's Super-grow
    60 x Suzy's Turbo-mulch
    40 x Power-feed
    3 x Party Spins

    Extra Event Plants
    Premium users will receive +5 extra event plants with the start booking of events. This will be useful for the first time propagation of the plant stocks.

    More Neighbour's and Gifts
    Your Neighbourhood can now hold an additional 8 Neighbours (in addition to the regular amount of 17 neighbours).
    With a bigger Neighbourhood, you can also send 8 more free gifts a day (in addition to the regular amount of 5).

    More Water and Manure Capacity
    Your Supply Tower will hold an extra 800 units of manure (with all runes opened total capacity is 2800 units of manure) and your water supply is increased by 200 units of water (with all runes unlocked, total capacity is 650 units of water).
    You will also benefit from a never ending Supply of water when watering.

    Auto Tree Harvester
    The Automated Tree harvester will function similar to its previous version, with one major change: The maximum amount of tree harvests is restricted to the amount of harvest of one week. This means no matter how long the user is not harvesting (or entering the specific field) he will only receive the harvests of the trees of that field that would have been possible for the maximum duration of 1 week and not longer. Shorter harvest amounts are always possible. Additionally drop items from trees will only drop once for these consecutive harvests and not for all of them.

    Extra Free Spin
    Receive +1 extra free spin when collecting your Daily Login Bonus. Your free spins do not accumulate if you do not visit with Fuzzles every day.
    Mill Subscription

    With the Mill Subscription, your Mills will produce feed 50% faster (including Power-feed).
    Free bottle of Pheromone for Breeding


    Now your breeding is even faster, enjoy 1 free bottle of pheromone added to all your Breeding selections.

    *What else do I need to know about the Premium Package?

    There is only one package available with the new Premium Package. This can be purchased as a one time payment or as a subscription, monthly for €7,99 (or the equivalency in your currency).

    The one time payment option is not stackable and can only be bought again as soon as the previous Premium duration has ended.

    The Premium subscription runs for 30 days. The Premium Subscription can be cancelled monthly and will end at the end of the running month.

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