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    * How can I get a Super Friend?
    You can rent the Super Friend from the Shopping Center for 50 BB: you will find them in the Service tab, under the names Rent-a-Super-Friend.


    After you rented them, you will see them in your neighbours list:
    Hoptimus Prime

    * What are the advantages of a Super Friend?
    The Super Friend will send you a special gift every day, for 2 weeks. The first gift will be received right after your purchase, and the subsequent ones every 24 hours from the purchase time.

    * What gifts should I expect?
    You will receive random gifts from the following list:


    * What happens if I cannot log in every day?
    If you cannot log in every day, do not worry, you will not lose your gifts. The Super Friends will save them for when you log in the first time. So if you do not log in for 3 days, you will get 3 gifts when you access your farm.

    * What happens after I get my last gift?
    After you receive your 14th gift, the Super Friend will be automatically removed from your neighbours list.
    Note: To see your gifts as pop-ups, you need to have "show gifts as pop ups" enabled in the Game Settings:
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