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Dear forum reader,

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  1. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    Hello oldmcdonald! I am familiar with your nickname, but I can't say for sure if I've been from the beginning or not. I didn't read many player threads up until fairly recently, I almost exclusively came to the forum for event info and such. On top of that, I've got a terrible memory I'm afraid. ;) Should probably be called saltygoldfish instead. :music: No matter what though, it is certainly great to meet you "personally"/officially!

    Oh yeah, old Baha! I'd almost forgotten what it looked like, it's been so long. No more airplane and air miles, now we just have a ship. Do you remember the bouncing turkeys and worrying about the weather harming the crops on main farm? Good times! I like the new graphics though, but some of the old stuff was/is pretty great. I worry about the parrots sometimes, what it'll be like when they get their makeover (they're my baha favourites).
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  2. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Forum Veteran

    Hopefully this banner according to your wish ... Congratulations to use it .. !! :music::music:

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  3. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

  4. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Forum Veteran

    You're most welcome, Salty ! ;);)
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  5. oldmcdonald

    oldmcdonald Forum Pro

    Cool banner :D
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    IVANCICA30 Regular

    hi saltypixel and welcome to forum :D sorry for so late. have fun and happy farming
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  7. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    Thank you IVANCICA30 and likewise! ;)
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  8. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    Oh, nice banner :)
  9. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    Thank you oldmcdonald and bygo_cris (on behalf of SG really, since he's the one who made it ;) ).
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  10. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Forum Veteran

    Is there someone call my name?? :p:music:
    What's new here? xDxD
  11. saltypixel

    saltypixel Regular

    Don't want to make a new thread specifically for this, so I'll write here.

    As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been around on the forum for a while. 3 weeks ago I lost my dog, whom I loved above all and everyone else in this world, and I couldn't bring myself to talk to anyone for some time. There were some other less pleasant things happening irl around the same time, but losing my dog overshadowed everything and still do.

    Sorry I just disappeared without saying anything. I'm very behind on all threads on the forum as I've just checked the official updates and nothing else and I'm not quite ready to even begin to try to catch up if I'm honest. I took a break from the game of about a week and after that I have forced myself to play a bit as it does help keeping my mind off things.

    I'm still very raw and can't bring myself to either talk about him or look at pictures yet so please don't think me rude if I request that you please don't ask me any questions about him or what happened. Been through this before, and sometimes it takes me months or even years before I can talk about it.

    Thanks for understanding, and I wish everyone all the best!
  12. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved dog.
  13. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    I'm so sorry for your lost... I head a dog I lost when I was young... I'm recovered but... still hurts when I'm thinking about her. So I know how you feel. No need to apologize I understand you and I think all players understand. I'm glad you are ok and I hope you will fell a little better soon. Hugs.
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  14. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I am so sorry to hear that saltypixel.
  15. wolfeyesone

    wolfeyesone Forum Veteran

    My condolences saltypixel, so hard to loose part of the family, My thoughts are with you. (((Hug)))
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