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Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nordais, Sep 19, 2023.

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  1. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Commissioner

    Just posted in the Forum - Baby Boom and Happy Discount Day this weekend. Good luck to those doing the event.
    Also, an extension to Snake Eyes 8.

    I checked my inventory and have 33 lucky dice. My main farm is mostly trees. Wish I could send the dice to those playing!
  2. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Exceptional Talent

    Ouh, auts, cosh, OMG... just milled over 4600 event plants WITHOUT any GD to games... Me and My BIG MOUNTH !
    Don´t (ever) beleive yourself, Yes I don´t !

    BUT still LotOfGamesToPlay and lot of time to do some event plants. And get some GD´s

    Now played 108 games, 14780 points, 3 times Yatsy (with 3,4 and 6) so my average is 136,85 (maybe bigger IF every time when have 2-pairs NOT try to FullHouse and every time to get FullHouse in 1st try, get it and don´t try 4some or Yatsy...).

    MISSING still 4x 5´s and 6´s !!! that is NICE !

    This-Time-This-Way-EDIT: used 16 FW-tickets, then look Party ticket+s AND "tadaa" in 01.07am local time get "crops +1/6h" -bonus... and then "we" are avake all night !
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  3. davidb1yth007

    davidb1yth007 Forum Overlooker

    In Yahtzee, I Never hold two pair because it stops you getting four or five-of-a-kind. And I want to keep open those possibilities at least until they are all full. So, if I have the fours and fives of the pairs showing, and I don't have either full house done, then and only then would I try for the full house.
  4. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Exceptional Talent

    Mr King Of the Full house´s IS READY :) ;)

    192 games, 25070 points, LEFT 1 game, 132 milings ready waiting plant (what a waste of PF !!!) and only Yatsy with 4´s is missing.

    BTW: So who needs fullhouses? Got 83 about 192 games (yes I make a table, I´m matamatican, statistian if we are accaurance!)... 12300+250 points "so only" 12550 points of my 25070 (50.059 %). Waste of time? :music::inlove: :D I thinks it is NOT...
  5. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I now have the Sunfish Pen!xD I played a total of 164 mini games and completed level 81 on points side, 20,250 points, I also got 3280 Starcoins to spend!:music: I do have fun with this game, good luck everyone and have fun!;)
  6. TommyBurns

    TommyBurns Active Author

    I've reached my goal of the Sunfish (level 78, 145 games played) so am very pleased with myself. I still have a few more games to play and with over another day to farm I might try to see if I can totally complete the right side. Never have before in these types of games so I'll see how I go but won't be too worried if I don't make it.

    Good luck to everyone still trying to reach your goal, you can do it ;)
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  7. -Niknar-

    -Niknar- Padavan

    If anyone has any spare gifts can they please send me drop. I need 3380 points to get the starfish.
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  8. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Ambassador

    My farms have gone as far as they can go with all the falderal going on. Good luck to all continuing to play.
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  9. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    Finished with 179 games. Was hoping for the final Neon Crate to be one I needed, but alas, it is an 'extra' one. Fortunately, the mini game goes quickly.
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  10. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Great Master

    I need HELP: I'm missing 32 drops to get the cloudrow on my baby farm Nordais!! If you can spare some I'd appreciate it!


    Thank you everyone, I'm missing just 2 drops to mill the 65th mini-game and I'll get the cloudrow! Can't believe that I could make it with no SP & SSP and with no Howie to help by the skin of my teeth!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2023
  11. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Exceptional Talent

    For fun and entertainment, I still play!

    The shop is still MISSING a 1h coupon, a 3h coupon, wood manure and the "Parkin" mystery stable. Everything else is "sold out".

    29270 points accumulated in 230 games, or 127.26 on average. I think it's a pretty tough result with that number of games, seriously until the end, because...

    Yatsi is missing with numbers 4! If you get that, then "all is well"!

    Neighbor gifts can be given to other neighbors, I don't need shakers, more than 600 in stock.
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  12. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Overlooker

    I did 190 games to finish both sides, then did a few more to get all the Power Feed. Well pleased with myself but could not have done it without the extension of time. Don't forget to spend your coins.
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  13. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Exceptional Talent

    238 games, 30360 gamesa and...tadaa...last game... surprice... 2,2,3,3,3... of cource "hull house" to me :)

    Shop-right-side: only left = no sold out --> 1 "Parkin", 1h and 3h coupongs (I have hundreds of those) and 1 time "tree manure".

    And average is important to statistican: 127,563025210084 points :)
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  14. anki74

    anki74 Someday Author

    better than my IRL-man nuubi = 30320 games BUT "only" 235 games so avg. 129,0212765957447 points (that´s important ;) )
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  15. Nordais

    Nordais Forum Great Master

    My main farm Northy player 195 games but maid it just above 23000 points... I was able to play 67 games on my baby farm Nordais and squeeze that cloudrow in my last event crop harvest! So please about that! Thank you all who sent me the last 32 drops, really appreciate! :)
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  16. -Niknar-

    -Niknar- Padavan

    I was able to get the starfish. Thank you all who sent me drops.
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