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Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by chocomallow, Jan 14, 2022 at 10:22 AM.

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  1. chocomallow

    chocomallow Someday Author

    Hello guys, how can I get more "Nublon Battery" for this event that starts today?

    With which harvest crops more "Nublon" drops fall?

    Can my farmer friends who have a strategy on this subject share their knowledge with us?

  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Normally, the longer the crops, the more drops. Best to prepare the day before an event with your longest crops. This can be tough for a beginner but you will level up and gain longer crops all the time - this game is one for the patient! Good luck! ;)

    Just a couple of pointers, you don't have to donate the full amount that shows when you go into the left hand to donate - you can adjust the figure to what you want to shell out. :)

    I personally don't do this event - Farm Coins are given as prizes for lots of events and stock of crops and animals, etc, take time to accumulate. Just one of the things you learn in this game, there are some events that suit some more than others.:music:
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  3. chocomallow

    chocomallow Someday Author

    An activity that requires donations but also a long-term harvest. I need this event. Because I can unlock the "crystal waterfalls" section with farm silver. thank you for your advice @illy1996 ;)
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  4. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Hi Chocomallow

    We can get farm coins from Farmerama Wheel, without the need of any donations, This Event is no longer allow you to donate Tree Fruits to get Farm Coins

    It terms of Donations to get Farm Coins it is not really worth bothering with it if i was you, like Illy said above you can get farm coins doing Events and Quests also from Crates too

    It make sense to try build your barn as much stock as you can so you can complete Events and Quests Better :p;)

    Not many posting on English Forum as much as it use to be so bear with those who can spend a moment to help others ;);)
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  5. chocomallow

    chocomallow Someday Author

    Thank you very much @Mooboy :)

    I'll take your advice and illy into consideration. I notice my friends who like to help farmers who need help. After all, I'm on a foreign forum right now and I'm grateful to those who helped me. I've always been someone who likes to help. you are too cute for that ;)

    then the 'Recycl-O-Mat' event is shelved..! :p
  6. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Exceptional Talent

    I always play couple of rounds, even I get Farm coins from Crates and Farmwheel. All recent additions to game requires Farm coins, not Stars or Golden Bananas. Who knows what we'll get next. I regularly buy power feed, power grow etc from shop.

    I usually donate Parrot Feathers, which I get from trees and crates, so I have plenty of them and they have good value, when donating.
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  7. Greek-Guy

    Greek-Guy Forum Inhabitant

    This event has changed a LOT since I last played it. In my opinion, I like the fact it's all about Farm Coins since I need them to unlock the rest of the Crystal Falls and Pet Playground.

    What I don't like is that we have so many events at the same time. The Birthday Event, Recycl-o-rama, Wonder Trees AND the Season. It's pure chaos and honestly, I'd rather focus on the Birthday Event in order to get the Season Points. Recycl-o-Rama is insignificant at this point.
    Also, what's Beryl Broom? I have 400 of this and I can donate it but not plant it anywhere. o_Oo_O
  8. chocomallow

    chocomallow Someday Author

    Hi @-Päärynä11 Today I planted an activity plant in the green meadow and glade. But the value is too low. I saw it when I wanted to donate. I did it with 35 Nublon and it gave 24 farm money. But I don't have a harvest for donations more than that. Will this event be added again?


    you're right @Greek-Guy ..! a piece of heaven my activity continues well. i will take care of her.

    I don't know anything about beryl broom o_O
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  9. upa70

    upa70 Advanced

    beryl broom was an event crop from last year. maybe it was allocated to your account and because you have only recently returned to the game, when the event finished the crop was traded out of the game for ep & coins. as you were not active at the time it may explain why it is still in your inventory. some event crops remain in your inventory....why ...i don't know that...i have some. can only think it relates to time from end of event to time you next log in after the event ended....maybe the conversion to ep/cc only last a certain time, after that your stuck with a crop you can not use unless it ever gets reused in another event.
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  10. Greek-Guy

    Greek-Guy Forum Inhabitant

    In this situation, it's not a problem. Out of nowhere, I have some extra crops to give to the machine, which means easier Farm Coins! :p
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  11. dumbunny

    dumbunny Count Count

    Grow FERN whenever you can. Buy some at your market to give you "starter plants" as you cannot buy fern like you can all the other plants from the sidebar.

    Fern's value is 200. It makes for easy math. Plus, it's a 6 hour crop, considered a flower so any buff you have that shortens flower grow times, shortens it. And buffs that give additional flower harvest will give you additional fern.

    1500 fern = 300000 donation value to the Nublons. Enough for 90 batteries donated.

    If you are just starting out or purchased a chunk of Pet Playground, etc. and are low on Farm Coins, The Nublons are your friends! Do this event! The rate of return is much better than the fruit market (8 farm coins for the largest donation and the amount of donation needed gets bigger every donation!)

    DO NOT fool around growing the star flower that is the event crop for this mini-event. It is worthless as far as donation value goes.

    Every month, before the end of the month, use some farm coins (if you can spare them) and at least purchase the green goo, Suzy's super grow and power feed. I also purchase the season points when a new season starts.

    Thus concludes today's lesson from the dumbunny...the bunny who sometimes gets it half wrong. Sometimes. Not always.
  12. chocomallow

    chocomallow Someday Author

    Thank you so much dear @dumbunny :) I can't plant it in my field because my fern is not open . But next time. This time I planted apple trees. I've collected both the cookie blender and the Nublon battery. and on the recommendation of a farmer friend of mine, I bought parrot feathers.

    50 parrot feathers = 100,000 worth.
    I can convert 35 nublons with this

    I earned the highest "50" farm money with 35 Nublon

    I now have 199 farm coins in total :inlove:
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  13. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Someday Author

    It's hard when you first start farming to keep a cache of farm coins or stars or GBs, but eventually, you'll be able to save them up for when you really need them.

    I am a firm believer in saving your crates to open when you have a lot of the same kind. I think you get a better array of the prizes that may be contained therein. Be careful with crates that may contain green farm wheel spins. If you open a bunch and get more than 99, you lose them - so those crates you have to be very judicious in opening.
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