Sunshine Stable Stories - Strategy

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by racheliz, Aug 3, 2022.

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  1. racheliz

    racheliz Advanced

    FAQ =
    Starts: Thursday, 4th of August at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)
    Ends: Wednesday, 10th of August at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

    Here's a rough guide to requirements for this event. At each level there are 12 mini steps and a choice of 3 items to donate. The 1st and 2nd options will require 6 donations to progress 2 steps each time to complete the level. The 3rd option will need 4 donations to progress 3 steps each time.

    Main Field only Crops

    Goggles Cactus - 5hrs 30 mins
    Sprouting Spoon - 9hrs 30mins

    Bahamarama Plantation only Crops
    Toy Spade Flower - 5hrs 30mins
    Surfiniaboard - 9hrs 30mins

    The figures below are based on donations from the 3rd level only which seems to be the most economical way of using event crops and barn stock. There's a choice of donating 1st or 2nd options or a combination of all/any depending on your farm level and available stock.

    Gecko - 3rd option
    Sprouting Spoons = 3512
    20 sheep's wool
    8 bio-glue
    8 cow's milk
    8 guano
    8 angora wool
    8 raccoon masks

    Lobster - 3rd option
    Toy Spade Flowers - 4913
    1,000 grapes
    800 cinnamon
    800 yams
    800 aloe vera
    800 cactus
    800 passion fruit

    Seal - 3rd option
    Goggles cactus = 5258
    1200 pears
    1200 angel trumpets
    1200 cherries
    1200 olives
    1200 ginko
    1200 oranges

    Seagul - 3rd option

    Surfiniaboards = 3289
    1000 beans
    400 white lilies
    1000 strawberries
    800 dandelions
    600 artichokes
    600 leeks

    I find the FAQ quite complicated but this event appears similar to previous ones and hopefully will become clearer once the event starts. Please correct any mistakes I've made.

    Hope this helps. Good luck everyone!!
  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks for putting the thread together and doing the hard work Racheliz. ;)

    I will be skipping this event - not because I don't like it, but, firstly, it is a lot of work to get the main prizes (wonder stables and trees) and I would prefer more definite top prizes than a tombola that may (or probably not) give me a much sought after new animal pen, pink pen or new tree. This is the negative reason. :p

    The main reason is that I would like to make some headway on "Alpine Disaster" - I mainly need the Alpine Asters and they take forever to accumulate so this gives me a week to maybe finish a few levels. :music:

    I should say that I have got both CRs and the main two prizes on the fishing event or maybe I would be doing this ... it's just a matter of choice for me on this occasion.:D
    Good luck everyone going for it. :)
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2022
  3. upa70

    upa70 Forum Inhabitant

    same for me. a waste of time and effort for what???????........ time finishing fsq's is better spent.
    got the 2 CR's up and running, fishing event is boring now i have already exhausted the main rewards, only spins left to exchange my pearls for
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  4. PrairieMaiden23

    PrairieMaiden23 Junior Expert

    Thanks for starting the strategy thread, Racheliz!

    Only sewinglady's farm is doing some of this event. And that farm is only going as far as getting the first batch season points. All my other farms, including (and maybe especially) this one, are sitting this event out.

    Good luck to all who decide to participate.
  5. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Good work. Hard work too. Thanks. Very helpful.
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  6. AniE

    AniE Board Analyst

    Skipping this event, it seems too complicated, too much hard work.
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  7. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Do marketing AniE. You can make millions.
  8. juhasakari

    juhasakari Forum Greenhorn

    Lots of season tokens to get - and they will do hundreds of millions of ep's for me.
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  9. ctindaldavies

    ctindaldavies Forum Baron

    I'm out also. Thanks @illy1996 for being so logical. I started the event out of habit. Shutting it down now including deleting fields already growing. Not worth the effort. The seasons points are enticing but Nah, cant be bothered.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2022
  10. cats50

    cats50 Padavan

    I dislike this type of event. If a cloud row had been attached, maybe I would have. Even the season points couldn't get me interested. I am out four times over
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  11. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Overlooker

    All finished. Now to remember to do the fishing. Does anyone else think that there is no skill in the fishing event? Seem to be random fish every time.
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  12. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Mogul

    @farmerumf Congratulations on finishing! I think no skill! :p I can hit that sweet spot and get the lowest level fish, or miss it all together (no green ring) and get the highest level.
  13. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    @farmerumf and Solatido, I also agree that it makes no difference where you land in the fishing event, or what lure you use, you will get what the computer wants to give you! Congrats to all who have completed the Stable stories and "Good Luck" with fishing!
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  14. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Overlooker

    I thought that, too, until yesterday when I played off what my baby farms had accumulated. There's a "sweet spot" - right at the inner line of the bright area in the middle - get it just right and voila! a swordfish.

    However, having said that, when you don't care about pearls (and my baby farms are just in it to get what they can get), turns out mackerels are pretty darn nice to have - 40 power feed?! - yum yum and thank you very much.

    Don't forget to gather the crates and keep on fishing until the bitter end...
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  15. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Congratulations to everyone who finished the event. I think I'll get a "Sunshine Seal"..! I don't think I can win another one. I took so many breaks from the game that this confusion cost me dearly. :(
    Sad ~
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  16. sapeli

    sapeli Someday Author

    oops - un-expected END of this... doing with SG and suddenly last couple of levels reguired so little "stuff"... level 12 :)

    But 100% complete.
  17. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Don't worry. Sometimes that happen. It has happened to many of us. Moreover this event has 4 crops. And requires lots of crops, products and tree fruits. Many have skipped the event. So no wrong in skipping an event or partially doing an event. It is not necessary to complete all events. Be happy and look for next event.

    This time season shop requires 13 token for +1 crop. I think earlier it was 9 season tokens. Am I right ?
  18. Bisquitte

    Bisquitte Forum Expert

    Thank you for always giving me morale dear @12ss12 :) I made multiple mistakes. That's why I couldn't plan well. I hope I can save up for the season.
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  19. MeadowCrossing

    MeadowCrossing Forum Pro

    I also remember it as needing 9 tokens. I only did part of the stable event...enough to get the tokens needed for the aqua event. Happy with what I could do and rewards.

    Dear Bisquitte, I think it may be easier for some of us, like myself, who's retired to do more at times. Others who have school or work responsibilities will, I think, have more of a challenge. My dear friend and mentor, HappyCallie, who introduced me to this game, reminded me to take things slowly and enjoy whatever I'm able to do. I love her advice and believe it's good not only for the game, but also in real life. PS. Thank you for sharing the adorable pics of your darling kitty! She's a real sweetheart! :inlove:
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  20. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Overlooker

    This farm and PM23 sat the whole thing out. Sewinglady's farm did the whole thing and then I regretted that - spent a fortune at the market recouping the trees used. Sometimes we have more important things to do than "poke our farms". Some days, I struggle to find the time to do more than just open the farms and collect the daily gifts.
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