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    *What do I need to know about the Surfer Hut?
    The Surfer Hut is a unique 2x2 "stackable" Deco item. It will be able to be upgraded with special "Surfer Hut Upgrades" that will in turn, change the appearance of the Deco item and also it's rewards.
    At this time, there is currently 25 Upgraded Levels available for the Surfer Hut during June and July 2023.​

    *Where can I get the Surfer Hut?
    The "Base" Surfer Hut will be booked to all players automatically as soon as the Sale begins. It is claimable once only, from the 7th of June 2023 - 1st of July 2023.

    *How do I get upgrades for the Surfer Hut?
    There will be two special packages available from the 7th June - 10th June and the 28th June - 1st July in the Supply Store for 25 BB each. Each package can be purchased a maximum of five times each.

    Surfer Hut Upgrades will also be rewarded during these Events throughout June/July:
    • Soccer Event, June 2023
    • Firefly Event, June 2023
    • Upgradable Objects Event, June 2023
    • Neon Breeding Event, June 2023
    *What is included in each of the Special Packages?

    Surfer Hut Pack 1
    • 1 x Surfer Hut Upgrade
    • 50 x Super-grow

    Surfer Hut Pack 2
    • 1 x Surfer Hut Upgrade
    • 20 x Suzy's Super-grow
    *What else do I need to know?
    • Upgrading the "Base" Factory will have the following results:
      • Each level will improve it's EP / TEP revenue
    • Every 5 levels there is one of the following improvements:
      • Improves the appearance of the Surfer Hut
    • Will receive one of the following:
      • Additional / improved revenue from the item
      • An additional / improved buff

    Surfer Hut Upgrade
    Needs to be applied to the Surfer Hut givers.

    The Surfer Hut is a 2x2 item. It can be placed on the 3 main and 3 tropical lands, Park, The Lighthouse, Shipwreck Bay and Castaway Coast.
    The Item can be placed on the Pet Playground from upgrade 1 (Surfer Hut 1) and above.

    Surfer Hut
    (levels 0 - 4)


    Classic Surfer Hut
    (Levels 5-9)


    Grand Surfer Hut
    (levels 10 - 14)


    Epic Surfer Hut

    (levels 15 - 19)


    Legendary Surfer Hut

    (levels 20 - 24)


    Rad Surfer Hut
    (level 25)

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