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Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by farmer_broke, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    This thread is opened for discussion regarding specifically the markets in this game. Beginners are welcome as well as long-time players of this game. Sharing accurate information will greatly assist others in their enjoyment of the game. All comments agreeing or disagreeing or one's own preferences are welcome.

    Considering the above statement I will begin:

    The single most important computation I have termed the point-nine-zero computation (.90) .

    If this farm purchases in the open market or even the daily seed allotment, sometimes the farm would like to earn a profit.

    The items price divided by .90 provides what one MUST resell the item for just to make -0- . Anything above that number and a farm makes profit.

    For instance, the daily allotment of a single corn may be purchased for 8 ccs .

    8 (the cost) divided by .90 gives: 8.888889

    I ask myself: Can the farm sell corn for 8.89? (at 8.88 it will loose)

    I think it can. So I buy the corn for 8.00

    Another example:

    I see a lettuce listed for 66 ccs.
    Should I buy it and try to resell it for profit? I want to know.
    66 divided by .90 gives 73.3333
    Hmmmmm Do I think that I can resell it for at least 73.34?

    Well, I might have a problem if I buy at that price I do not need. I pass.

    Sometimes I will make the computation if I have doubts but not every single time.
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  2. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    The Seed Shop corn Investment Value is 8 Country Coin (CC). The corn Barn Value is 4,7 CC. Do not sell corn at 3,34 CC: you loose 1,36 Exchange Value. Add Market Value fees: minimum 4,99 Total Deficit of values.
  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Thank you elRe. I agree with you that the corn shop price is 8cc and I wrote 3cc. I was not right. And the price I provided was unintentional BUT it was garbage/trash.

    Making any error in what I regard as the simplest most important computation while marketing in this game is terrible to me. I did "the terrible."

    Thank you again elRe. I will do my best not to post anymore garbage in this thread. (And if you post a number, I'm going to check it too.) Great elRe.
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  4. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    As soon as this post is a double post, I am frustrated.
    Your Reply Stay Record starts now.
    Our Posts Stay Record starts now.
    What is your ever best daily longterm investment in the Seed Shop?
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  5. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I will fix the computation. No error will show. Good and accurate information is better here. We do not need a problem. Thank you again.
    This farm tries to buy seeds (300 each) every single day. (Every seed the farm can make ccs on and any crop the farm has under 100,000 of it purchases.)

    To answer: the best long-term invest in seeds from the seed shop has been in corn. The farm has over 1,625,000 corn today. The farm is able to receive over 64 times what it pays for corn in the shop each day.

    this farm cannot make even two times what it will pay for corn in the open market.

    The best ever was lettuce. The farm purchased from the seed shop for 1cc. It sold the lettuce for over 125 times what it had purchased it for.
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  6. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Your decision is my way of disposal.

    I build continuity taking into account precedents. If You delete a reply, the remaining double posts can be joined together by the Moderator. More You reply, more you delete. More You delete, more double posts remain. I am not contributing in your discussions to create upcoming double posts. But I know, that it is the risk. Each time I reply to You now, a new Reply Record starts for your reply.;
    This means, that you grow your barn contents to maintain the current corn Market Value at 512 and if You are growing your barn contents since an approximative four months duration, your daily Farmers’ Market additional corn purchase represents 13241 corn units, the equivalence of 45 Seed Shop maximum packs of 300 seeds.

    Actually, I do not know about my own best daily longterm investment in the Seed Shop, but I know, that I have never enough corn.

    Do You have a penury of one product or do You have enough of all products on Farmerama?
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  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The action of deleting is my choice as it is your choice. Up to me! Up to you!
    If you do not wish to take any risk in replying to me then ............. do not do so ..... up to you.

    elRe, I like all of your computing.
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 15 years?
    Anyone on this market who wants all of the corn and will pay a fair price .... may have it all right now and this farm will have -0- (for less than one minute)
    This farm is not trying to grow a barn. Four months .... try four days at most

    You want enough corn?
    I see four choices:
    (1) grow it all
    (2) buy it all
    (3) both grow it and buy it
    (4) do without it

    So a farm selling corn can play with two of the above choices. 2 out of 4? hmmmmm I'll choose to play it for now and do.
    Yes, a high demand exists.
    Maybe for three days straight the farm must buy buy buy buy buy spending millions of ccs and making no sales.:cry: It will buy any quantity as long as I can sell it: the 1s, 2, 6s,10,100s, 330s, 1,000s ...
    I da care because I cannot.
    I want corn and I'm not growing it.
    We learn why farmer's want it.

    If we actually market, one tactic is to list items on the market cheap and not get nearly what one can:
    lolxD And hope others will come and list their items even lower and lower
    Come back in a while and laugh because they do not know the market and only want to sell sell sell ... sell at any price

    Sooooooooooooooooo, One may come back and buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy all offers and sometimes pages and pages and pages ...............
    And then even delete their own offer. Why? To pick the time to make good profits easily. xD

    "elRe, post: 206467, member: 19617"]Do You have a penury of one product or do You have enough of all products on Farmerama?[/QUOTE]

    I listen to everyone in the English Forum and try and get something out of it if I can
    The farm has 214,703 of one, 189,036 of another ..... 6,992 of another and 1 of another

    People in the English Forum help to drive me crazy on the farm being good people: 1 is not enough, 1,000 of something is not enough, 2 million animals not enough, 21 million tree fruit not enough, ....

    elRe, Why you do not have enough corn?
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  8. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Each time I mill Skunk food (2 corn), Sheep (1), Mouse (2), Cow and Duck (3), Otter (8 ), Power (25) or Rooster (45) feed: corn is the most used seed on Farmerama.
  9. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    :) elRe, you are good my Turkish friend, real good. I have two things for you.
    (1)Here is what I will do right now with corn:
    Before I buy the farm has 1,625,416 corn in the barn
    and 6 listings on market of 1,000 @ 498.97

    There are over 11,000 corn listed on the market before mine now
    they range from 420 @ 330.95 to 100 @ 450.94
    (my offers are on pages 8 and 9, the very end of all offers)

    If I take my price and multiply this time by .90 I get the most I can pay for corn to be someone else's work I am already reselling
    so 498.97 times .90 equals 449.07
    If I buy any corn over 449.07 then the farm looses if selling at 498.97.

    450.94 is the highest before my offers.
    ahhhhhhh that farmer selling 100 @ 450.94 is trying to keep me from doing what I am about to do.
    If I buy the 100 @ 450.94 then I must sell at a higher price than what I already have on the market. not my problem to worry about
    (I must sell for 450.94 divided by .90 equals 501.044) and
    nooo noooo nooo no good for me. Too hard to sell over 500 ccs today (but I have). not now though

    All other 8 pages are good to take a now I go and buy them all
    I bought almost all but not that 100 @ 450.94
    Now the farm has 1,636,426 ............. (the farm bought 11,010 more corn) and still 6,000 on the market

    wait wait wait ..... while I am buying I will go and buy 300 shop corn seeds @ 8 ccs

    My friends in the En Forum make me think to do crazy things like this.

    (2) big big big problem for this farm is hay (farm has 1,158,412) look at feed and you will see why a problem

    corn is a vegetable
    hay is a grain
    edit 1

    elRe elRe elRe

    I came back. Now is five hours later. ALL of my corn is gone. Someone bought. 8)
    What I shared for you is what the farm did to be Number 6 in the game (Top 10 cc holders). I don't know how much the farm made. I do not even care. I know it made ccs.

    Maybe you will tell my other Turkish friends so that they may do. I want to learn Turkish language. Now I cannot speak.

    Now the low on market is 600 @ 614 .
    I know not to buy.
    But for you I will make sure.
    614 divided by .90 gives 682.222

    Nooooooo noooooooooooooo nooooooo good for me. Only a problem.

    I do not think I can sell for at least 682.23 and make nothing.
    Make nothing? :mad: no good for me

    What do I do :eek:
    over 600 ccs is now the low.:eek::eek: bad bad bad I think.
    They can buy mine or wait because now I list
    I am happy with what I got before
    I list 4 lots of 1000 @ 498.97 again

    So people now wait.
    I wait for people to grow more corn for me to sell too :)

    No hurry-hurry. If grow slow, no problem for me.

    elRe, please tell me something about hay.
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  10. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant


    Congratulation! Actually, You reach a better result.
    Hay: Chamois feed (40), Yak feed (10), Reinder food and Bison feed (5), Cow and Rabbit feed (3), Moose and Goat feed (2), Hamster feed (1); total, 71 [less than total corn, 89 (less than cress, 100)].

    Oat and wheat are other high consumption ingredients.
    Hay is nostalgia. Hay is my first experience with weed on Farmerama
    (weed [​IMG] be removed March 2017).
  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Now it is later and I come back again. No corn sold. But they make more for me to sell and the farm buys pages and pages again. This time I refuse to pay so much. The farm paid 412.32 the most. (For you 412.32 divided by .90 is 458.1333 to make nothing. The farm is already listed at 498.97. So I am still selling someone's corn now and easily.)

    Maybe next time I will sell a little cheap. If farmers want to make the price high. I do not care. Then they will fight with their own corn. xD I will sell their corn back to them. xD
    I think this is right. The problem is hay takes less than 1/2 the time of corn to produce. Hay does not sell as quickly as corn. Prices are very close together too. The farm only has 1,158,552 hay. (One day the farm went crazy again and I sold to -0- . They make more.)

    xD You are funny. xD
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  12. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Does the Farmers’ Market make use of Market Battle Rules?
  13. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I do not know exactly what the game chooses to enforce or when about the market. Are one or two farms picked to exercise force or is the same force applied to hundreds of thousands of farms? I really do not know and quite sadly I do not even care.

    As in real life, as long as someone gets the price they want from the market then that individual will not complain.
    They get their money and happily go on their way.

    As in the real world, when an entity grows large, that entity is nit picked and can do nothing right. People begin crying because they cannot do what they want to do so easily. Not always, but in my opinion I can see one entity wanting to get something for doing little or nothing. The other may have worked hard and for a long time.

    I am sure that players complain about this farm's actions in the market. And I know that sellers in the market will stay out of my reach in the market. And that is okay if they choose. As in the real world, someone will play the other and someone is angry.

    I have seen transfers being made to farms in a market.
    One 9999 item at .10 I will say a mistake.
    Ten 9999 listings of the same item I will still say a mistake
    But 10, 9999 listings of many different items by the same farmer is hard to believe a mistake ......... BUT A TRANSFER to another
    and I have seen it

    There are advertisements about programs which will give advantage to a farmer in the market.
    (Such programs cannot be liked by BP)
    I know nothing about them
    nor do I wish to use them
    nor will I sell or give anything that I know to them
    nor do I recommend any use of such entities or programs in playing this game.

    (and I know of others who are using them)

    I know BP has choices even with big farms. A few choices are:

    BP may just take an account or farm forever (they already suspend farms. A farmer has no or little defense and this is well-known)
    BP may decrease the number of markets in the game (I can see evidence this will occur but only my opinion)
    BP may increase the number of markets
    may limit the number of transactions a farm can make
    may charge real life funds to make more than some set number of transactions
    may simply remove the names from the listings
    All seem to have their benefits and other problems created

    Battle in the market!
    I am happy to say that this farm lost many battles in the market before it grew and learned.
    Farmers learn to use everything available to it in this game.

    elRe, you know about feed and some in the game have no idea nor will spend the time to learn.

    Are you wrong by entering into a feed battle with another farmer (if you choose)?
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  14. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Your question makes me feel, that Farmers’ Market Battle Rules exist.
  15. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I only asked to see how you feel about battling another farmer in the market with feed based on what you know.

    I have never found anything in the game faqs regarding battling with any farmer in the market.

    Several know the feed market and well.

    This farm holds 16,602 wolf feed (I know the grey wolf is the national animal of Turkey too!)
    The farm bought many a long long time ago.
    Low price on this market now is 11,378.49
    I may list at .10 if I choose
    or 1.00 if I choose
    or 13,009 if I choose.

    This farm holds 154,952 chicken feed
    Up to me what I list for
    Up to me if I even sell

    One day in another forum a farmer asked me for chicken feed.
    I liked the farmer. I said okay and that I would give a good price.
    I listed and gave a good price and the farmer bought all of the chicken feed.

    No one was going to beat my price and that price was up to me and what I know.
    I did not care what that friend did with that chicken feed because I wanted ccs for something.
    Time goes by
    Why should I complain if that farmer battles with me in the chicken feed market today? I sold. over and done
    In my opinion, it is silly for me to start crying later but people do.

    One of us is going to win on that market battle. No problem.
    All I can say if I loose is:
    You win one battle does not mean you win the war.

    Competition happens everywhere, everyday.

    Not always, sometimes this farm will buy something on page 2 or 3 of the listings.
    First, up to me what I pay.
    Second. I know I will battle with the big boy or girl on page one someday and I do not want to help them fight me.

    The first thing I was going to master was that point nine zero computation.
    And I did.
    Up to youuuuuuuuuuuu!
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  16. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    What makes loose a battle?
    What makes win the war?,int_product.unit_lowest_highest_

    AO.03.05,14_wolf Feed.01013_04417,52_08738,41_
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  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    In my opinion, many times deciding who wins or looses a market battle is very hard. Sometimes I find this very easy.
    Say my farm has been listing and selling pigs.
    Say the farm sells 800 pigs every three (3) days.
    You watch for a long time.
    One day you decide to begin listing the same quantity (amount) but at a lower price.
    You do this again and again and you sell and I cannot sell mine.

    Maybe I get angry because I make no sales of pigs.
    Next, my farm lists the same amount as you but much cheaper.
    Before my farm can sell, you come and list the same and lower.
    Again, my farm is not able to sell pigs.

    Who is winning and who is loosing?
    I would think you are winning.

    Again, sometimes the question is difficult to answer..
    Someone winning a battle may really be loosing the war in the market.

    Please consider everything from above battle.
    Remember, I am loosing to you with pigs.
    You are happy to get your ccs and now I am angry because I got none and I am :cry: (you may think 8))

    Now I go through the entire market and find your name.
    EVERYWHERE you list, my farm makes it so that your farm will not sell anything.
    Day after day after day after day after day ....

    So your farm wins with pigs.
    My farm will take everything else.

    Who lost the war?
    (and you think about it each time you delete an offer or those goods get returned to your barn)

    **** A situation like the above really happened (but with another item). Each day there is a price paid.
    Today, that farm's offers sit many many days even if at the very top of the listings.
    The listed prices are not that bad for me.
    But my farm will not buy from the other farm.
    The other farm does not bother my farm anymore in the market now either.
    Maybe enough time has passed that I should purchase from the other farm?
    Maybe ...................... I do not want to forget so quickly and have another market war.

    Who lost the war? Who won the war? (this farm made its decision, is well and has no regrets whatsoever)

    I am no one but a single player sharing information in this game. I have learned:

    If one only grows corn then maybe one should not bother to play with the big boys and girls.
    If one does not know that corn is only one grain, maybe one should not play with the big boys and girls.
    If one does not know about all of the grains produced in the game, then maybe one should leave the big boys and girls alone.
    If one does not know the uses of corn in the game, then maybe one might look into it.
    If one does not know which animal feed(s) use which grain then maybe the big boys and girls should be left alone for a while.
    If one knows little or nothing about exchange values then maybe leave the big boys and girls to someone better able to compete.
    If one does not know the interrelationships among items then maybe one should just take what they can get from the market and be happy.

    If one knows little or nothing about game events then perhaps one should play a couple in order to help learn the market.
    Entering into a market battle may not be the best action to take. As shown in the case above, sometimes one may only be making a problem for their own farm. Perhaps it may be better to simply ignore the other farmer.
    up to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (Caution: One may not receive what they may think that they want and wind up :cry:) --- Marketing, not just selling!
    I see the data from the market the farmer_broke farm is on.
    The information must be alright or En Forum Moderator would not let it stand. (many hours now) --- the same given earlier
    elRe, maybe the data is good for you. up to you if you post Not good for me.
    That is OK. We can be different. We try to communicate.
    up to you if you post the information.

    I have good results for over 300,000 breedings.
    Will I post the information? Absolutely not.
    But for gifts of: 2,500 CAC and 5,000 Spring Wreaths ..... then I might think about it.

    Marketing is far more than just growing a crop or producing an animal and then listing.

    Game faqs are not so hard to get and piece together.

    Other good information requires a little more effort to gather and becomes an advantage.

    We are not beginners in this game here and beginners must be left to other threads. An assumption is made that basic selling procedures in the game are definitely understood.

    Who wins or looses in a market battle does not really seem to matter. In the end, we all will quit the game.
    But until then .......

    Question: What do you think about parrots (the Baha animal)?
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  18. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    Well I won't lie I can't really keep up with this thread but it's still fun reading your posts:p
    First of all why should we divide the price by .90? Why this number?
    Strangely I kind of miss weed:oops::wuerg: xDIt "forced me" come and harvest regularly, haha now that I know there are no weeds I leave my crops unharvested quite often:oops::wuerg:
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  19. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    The point nine zero computation reviewed (.90) -- Why so important to us!

    10% or .10 of the listing price is charged for each listing.
    We actually net -----> 100% of the selling price less the 10% listing fee which gives us 90% of whatever amount we sell for.

    An example:
    I buy an item for 126 ccs and I want to resell to make a profit for the farm, anything.

    126 divided by .90 gives me 140 <------- This number is often termed the break-even point (-0- made, -0- lost)
    If I sell that item for anything under 140 then the farm will loose ccs on the purchase and resale.

    If I sell for exactly 140 then the farm will make nothing -0- . (not loose, not gain)

    If I sell for any amount over 140 then the sale of the item will make ccs.
    The more beyond 140 I sell the item for, the more profit the farm will make.

    139.99 and under ..... loose
    140.00 make nothing and loose nothing
    140.01 and above ..... make ccs

    The point nine zero computation tells exactly where the make-nothing-loose-nothing point is.

    Arielh I hope this helps. If not, just say so and someone will try again to make this clear.
    And thank you very very much for asking. Really.
    but I am broke and cannot send ccs to you
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  20. elRe

    elRe Forum Inhabitant

    Perhaps, You are one or more of the 32 Market Lion Kings & Queens and the unlimited number of Market Big Dogs knows about.
    If I know the information You share on the same way You know the information I share, the worst comes to the worst.
    Using some of your words as my own enriched expression to expose a battle like transaction show:

    Say my farm has been listing and selling.
    Say the farm sells every three days.
    One day you list more but at a lower price.
    You do this again and again and you sell and I cannot sell mine.

    Maybe I get angry because I make no sales.
    Next, my farm lists a bigger amount as you but cheaper.
    Before my farm can sell, you come and list more and lower.
    Again, my farm is not able to sell.

    Who is winning and who is losing?
    I would think you are winning.
    1. Parrot is the best friends animal and the pirate knows.

    To learn about: « How produce armistice on Farmers' Market? », I suggest a poll: « Market Scavenging » or « Vacuum Cleaning »?

    « Market Scavenging »?
    Market Scavenging already be experienced.
    I suggest a contest. Write the best Market Scavenger rendering, and I give You ‘’, minimum 3 participants (I have the capacity to award 10% of 500 participants).

    « Vacuum Cleaning »?
    Vacuum Cleaning is the pretext to speak about Market Scavenging.

    2. The Parrot on Bahamarama is jobless, since the ‘Parrot feather tree’ exist.
    Contest number two: reply the sourced solution to the question « What appeared first as an official information on the english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum, ‘Parrot feather tree’ or ‘Scented tree’? »; the winner get ‘1.anniversaryBoutonniere.500.EP’.

    What about sport on Farmers' Market? Do You play ping-pong?
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