The plant refinery: A strategy guide to time reducing, tools and artisan drops.

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by Arrouquelas, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    But remember, Mr P, "Don't give up, maybe you'll have a stroke of luck in the next growth phase!" xD

    Edit: This farm got a few strawberries back after the first phase of three, Illy got the Early Bloomer for Sunflowers after the first phase of three. So very happy with that. :inlove:
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  2. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    • Do you mind if I stroke you down
    • I don't mind.
    Stroke of luck; you said? Ok, I won't give up...

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  3. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    That's the spirit! ;)
    This farm got another "positive" refinement this morning - think it was early bloomer for strawberries but as it is so early, I didn't really take notice lol! xD
  4. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Latest arrival:



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  5. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Roses - I got "increase water effectiveness by 6%". I chose to keep it. What should I do next. I shall keep on doing green house. But what should I do in plant refineries.

    What amount of roses is effected by this 6% - the entire amount in my barn or a particular amount of roses. Will the roses I harvest hereafter will also be so affected by the 6% water effectiveness ? That's when I plant my harvested roses once again in the field, will they when watered give me 6% effectiveness ?o_O

    So confusing ? :oops:Hope you understand my question.
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  6. labmommy30

    labmommy30 Forum Duke

    I believe this means that in the future, when watering roses, the water will be 6% more effective.
  7. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Hi 12ss12.....The Refinements is the Effectiveness on Growing that Particular Crop such as Roses, You Can Just Improve Effectiveness on Growing Time on it own, or Make Water, Manure or Supergrow More Effective on Them. Or Be able to Get More EP on these Crops or Boost the Tools Drop Rate on these Crop

    Each Crop have Different Effectiveness. Not All Crops can be Refined. The Plant Refinery is The Place to use your Refinement of that crop you intend to Harvest ok Hope this Clear things up a Bit.

    I have been Reading These New Cuckoo Breeding Quests. That Machine Parts, Paints and Scissors. So I need to Work on These Refinements. These Extra Tools are needed to help make Moustache Saloon Production Pens. ;)
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  8. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    I have incorporated doing the refinements into my daily routine:

    Check mill has enough in the production line - check :)
    Check refinements and accept and/or start another - check :)
    Go through Cloud Rows - check, check, check ad infinitum :wuerg:
    Go to farm-wheel - check :p
    Go to Fuzzy for daily bonus - check :music:
    Remember to set off buffs if necessary - check:eek: this is one that I invariably (invalerianly) forget! o_O
    Farm ... remembering to go to Park first on Illy to set off the one pet, my lovely Owl! :inlove:
    Farm ... remembering to make sure I don't have a full water tank before I go to the Park on this farm as I have 33 water tanks on that field! :D

    And relax! 8)

    Back to topic. I have quite a few refinements now - I haven't put any to any use yet but I am getting ready to need them! xD
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  9. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you, labmommy30 and Mooboy. So herein after when watered my roses mature earlier. That's great.

    I too am trying to do refinement daily,Illy. But once I put my seeds to greenhouse, I totally forget them. Only after few days I remember to open them. Once or twice, its after several week. :p

    Just now reached mid of 3. Improving basics in Arrouquelas post and understood them without any confusion. Still lot way to go.:oops: Don't have the patience and time to go through them in one go and also because refinement is a skilled process where you have to do long term strategy and decide between several options. Hope to master it some day or the other. Hope that is possible.


    Out of your list, I do only one without fail-that is daily login bonus and farm wheel. Other ? most often forget.

    You can do Farm Society Quest (Quest requiring Products). They give you tool boxes and also if you get toolboxes from doing an Event, it will be in your inventory. If your are not in need of it, do not open it. When new workshops are released you can open it and you will be able to get the new tools. I opened 2 such toolboxes today and got 2 combs.
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  10. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    -.- Ok, back again -.-
    I have understood to the point I will have to keep going on and on and on... till I read what I want then I will be happy.

    I have steady like saved up to almost a 1000 plants, knowing the refinement may eat it all 30 50 100 plants at a time.

    How do I go on and on and on when the 1st refinement I do I get this?

    Choice "an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities." end quote.
    Does this not mean I would get the chance to use either, or buttons? :eek:
    I don't see the choice here... any care to share some thoughts? what did I do wrong this time? :sleepy:
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  11. meba091

    meba091 Forum Veteran

    Keltic it was your last search and you have to keep it. There is no option there...

    Small greenhouse = 1 search
    Medium greenhouse = 2 searches
    Large greenhouse = 3 searches.

    this FAQ might be useful for you:)
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  12. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Ummm, That works thanks off to grow more hazelnuts..... and go medium.
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  13. Chevrefeuille

    Chevrefeuille Forum Commissioner

    Not sure if I should congratulate you or commiserate with you ... still, it is a refinement lol! :p

    I have managed to get all six positive refinements on the Roses on Illy so I am done with those. I need one more for Strawberries and two more for Sunflowers. They are hard to get but I am having a great time with this "new" part of the game. How did I miss it for so long! :D

    On this farm I have all the positive refinements for Sorghum and Sunflowers, I have all but one refinement, including the all the "negative" ones, for Roses, and am missing two positive refinements for Strawberries. :p

    I have no strategy, I just pick whatever I have most of and what I tend to grow if ever I do any "normal" planting! xD

    Good luck Mr President! ;)
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  14. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    I am back once again with a doubt. I got 2 refinements- SG and Brain Food refinements, for carnation. I understood Brain Food. But what does SG refinement do. I went through FAQ and Arrouquelas's post. But still confused. 1.25 % chances of fertilizing with SG without effecting your super grow reserve. So how does it affect the total number of SGs I have.

    Do I use 9 SGs and get benefit of 10 ? Am I thinking absurd ?:p
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  15. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    The chance of fertilizing with SG without effecting your super grow ..... means that on rare occasion (if you have this refinement in one of the 6 slots) when you choose to use SG on that particular plant, you might not have your number of SG drop. (It's a gamble.) For me, I'd go with the brain food of the two you mention. Can't remember if there is a "faster" growth refinement for carnation, but if there is, I'd go with it instead of the other two. That is just my opinion.

    You can have lots of refinements but only the 6 in the slots will be active. You can change them out at a price. You don't lose the refinements, you just won't have them active. Choose wisely.
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  16. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Thank you, Cali ! I understood. Thanks for the second para too. I figured that out too. Thank for troubling yourself to answer me. I becoming more and more knowledgeable in this Refinement field. Thank for OP too. Else I would not tried my hand in this area. Earlier I was just trying with lettuce and left it as there was no results. Now I am wiser.;)
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  17. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Hi 12ss12, Thanks Calichrome for Helping Out. I do refinements all the time. They can Make Water, Manure, Super Grow or Growing Time or Special Drop Item More Effective.

    Here a Mini List How to Make Supergrow more Effective;

    • Growth Boost Rune (Makes Supergrow Effective up to 60%)
    • White Innocents Buff Gold Slot (Supergrow Effective up to 70%)
    • Fruit Cake Buff Gold Slot (Supergrow Effective up to 75%)
    These Supergrow Effectiveness can be used on any Crop up to 75% Effectiveness. But we can get SG Love Refinement on Certain Crops of 25% Supergrow Effectiveness so place this refinement into Plant Refinery combined with Above Makes Supergrow 100% Effective. This is one of the Reasons why i love doing refinements.

    Just to Point out that Supergrow is More Effective when used on Comfort Fields as Comfort Fields do Take 4 X times as long to Grow than using normal fields But Supergrow can make certain crops Grow Instantly This Certain Helps you reap EP Sooner, Help Boost Event Drop Items or Refinement Drop Items or Tool Drops ;)

    Hey i am Happy Finally Got Herbal Refinement for Organic Cotton :D
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  18. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Thank-you for sharing! I am off to build up crops, lily of the valley will be 1st, I am going for tool drops, but will also do this one as some crops I do wish took less time, hazelnut, pumpkin, tulips, Spinach to name a few.

    :eek:Just as a side thought, has anyone ever tried a refinement on a MM crop? Like:
    Tombstone, 4 hours
    Googly eye bushes, 5 hours
    I was just wondering.....
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  19. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Hi Keltic :) It is not possible to refine MM crops, so not sure what your examples are :p
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  20. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Hi, Mir85
    Ahh, ok it was a thought/hope.
    :oops: My bad, thought I cleaned them up, them be the min. I need for breeding bats/crows I was lazy and copied/pasted.
    Will edit.
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