The plant refinery: A strategy guide to time reducing, tools and artisan drops.

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by Arrouquelas, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    I see ;) Besides terror bouquets, there is a cloud row that reduces time for MM crops :) It is awarded at the end of the Jack's back FSQ. You also need 4 M items to put on it, so it takes a while to get there, but it is something well worth working for :)
  2. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    Oh, yes i agree.
    I have to do the bat/crow breeding then that quest after that I want that row!!!
    Only thing is I can't find how/what crops are needed for the Cer,cur, the 3 headed dog ep giver, besides getting that for the beanstalk I want like 6 for my park <grins>

    Then the other quests, all the other ep givers then the spookie pens...... I will be here for years and years and.... But I digress I got 46 more stars to get, then the livin legend is mine, then on to refinements I am going to grow like 5000 of different crops and then sit back and feed that refinery till I figure it out. I got all the writings to help and getting it to work is just something I need to overcome.

    I got the time the next quest I am out of, still don't have the bananas to open breeding so no pandas yet, growing the food now to level up so I have all this month to get that refinement to work for me.
    I may be thick but I move on!!
  3. CaliChrome

    CaliChrome Forum Baron

    Here is some information on the Jack's Back cloud row. I've pulled the information from several places as the Moonlight Mania FAQs are not quite complete. (Yes, the mods know that it needs updating.)

    Items required: Cerberus, Cauldron Cat, Spider web, The Dracula Bunny, Skull Candle
    3.000 potion plant
    2.500 Moondew
    1.500 Glow mold
    2.500 Dracula orchid

    Cauldron Cat
    Requires: 1000 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees, 1000 Tombstones, 2000 Ghosts

    Spider Web (aka Spooky Spider)
    Requires: 1500 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees, 250 Tombstones, 100 Ghosts

    Dracula Bunny
    Requires: 250 Killer tomatoes, 500 Monster Pumpkins, 1000 Bonetrees,
    1500 Tombstones, 1750 Ghosts

    Skull Candle
    Requires: 500 Killer tomatoes, 500 Monster Pumpkins,
    500 Bonetrees, 400 Tombstones, 100 Ghosts

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  4. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    I got part done Thank-you I was getting a headache trying to remember were I was as I totaled the things up, was going to do my best then go trip sillyguy so as I help get off the ground I could let the facts fall out and catch the eye,(math minds can't help but check) <grins>

    Mine deleted.
    read below for correct info.
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  5. cpeterson

    cpeterson Forum Inhabitant


    Once you have the LL rune open, you need to remember to give it all of the trophy upgrades you receive from completing the two relevant quests.

    The LL rune does the following:
    1) You no longer need to devote field plots to the trophies (nor do you have to remember to move them), since they are permanently installed in the LL rune.
    2) The effects of the two trophies become cumulative and are applied to all plots (crops, stables, etc.) on all lands.

  6. cpeterson

    cpeterson Forum Inhabitant


    That is correct. Once you have the living legend rune, both trophies will be cumulative and the effect is applied to all fields.

    Here is an example: you have a 6% trophy for crops + a 7% trophy for animals. Once both trophies have been donated to the LL rune, you get a 13% drop chance for every plot (crops, stables, etc.) you have.

  7. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    No, they both apply to everything :) If each of them is at 11%, you will get a total of 22% if they are both in the same field. As you suspect, the only advantage of the LL rune is that you don't have to move them :)
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  8. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Carrots and Wheat now stuck on returning crops again. When will this absurdity end???
  9. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Hi Bhodho The Refinements on Wheat and Carrots is not that Impressive or Effective as I do Refinements on Crops that is Far More Effective than refinements on Carrots or Wheat.

    Yes Some of Us Including me do get stuck on some Refinements on Certain Crops Recently was working on Organic Cotton i was Aiming for Dropper Elixer which Boost Drops of Herbals by 20%

    I Need to Work on Crops that Boost Machine Parts so that I can Slowly Build up Moustache Salon Production Pens. It would be Great if we have refinements for Zen Rakes, Scrap Metal or Drip Tanks
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  10. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Oh, I didn't know. I thought I should get refinements for the low level crops first in order to boost my chances at high level crops, since I am failing on those...
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  11. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Bhodho Getting Refinements on other Crops does not help boost your chances of Getting Better Refinements on other Crops. I am Trying to save your Bacon (Refinement Timing) As From My Experience on Refinements Follow these simple steps.

    • When Start on Refinement on New Crop Always Choose Small Refinement
    • Progress to Work on Medium Refinement when you have Two Refinements Already of That Crop
    • When you have Four Refinements Choose The Large Refinement of That Crop Stay with this one until you got all of the refinements you Want for this Crop
    • When you Win a Refinement Always Keep it even if it is not the one you Want
    Not Want you to be Silly Billy xD
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  12. SillyGuy

    SillyGuy Forum Veteran

    It would also be nice if we have refinements for Comb. xDxD Need for CC maker .. :cry::cry:
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  13. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    Oh! Mooboy; why are you always a bearer of sad news. I was hoping it would, but thanks for the advice. Will try it pronto. No more Carrots and Wheat. Back to Roses...
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  14. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    Bhodho I cant be Bearer of Bad News at Least I have put you on the Right Path, Along with This that luck comes your way. Also on the good Path it boost your chances too.

    It you have some Supergrow to Spare or Splurge as you can with Supergrow Jumbo Trees. This will help speed up your Refinements. It Might Actually Boost your Luck you never know lol 8):D;)
  15. Scarlett

    Scarlett Active Author

    So you don't need to have the trophies at 100% to place them in the rune?
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  16. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    No :) Place the ones you have, then when you get an upgrade you can place them there too :)
  17. Scarlett

    Scarlett Active Author

    Wow I didn't realize that & I have been saving my stars for so long :D
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  18. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Glad you know now at least :D those trophies are so heavy :sleepy:
  19. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Yes, Mooboy. You are right. I got duo fertilizer love for roses, few hours back and already have water love. I wasn't able to login for several days and hence my carnations on comfort field turned to weeds. Drops lost. Felt sad.:eek: Now roses are growing in my Comfort fields with both the refinements + 2 buffs for SG + Rune.:D:D. My loss of drops will be compensated I believe.
    Aiming for 15,000/- event crop.

    Now I have started loving refinements.:inlove::inlove::inlove:

    Congrats for the Herbal refinement, Mooboy.

    Whew lot of work in keeping the farm and the forum updated.:oops:
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  20. CJAT

    CJAT Forum Expert

    Hi Arrq! I love that you remade this thread! So many helpful strategies for those wondering what to do (and where to start) with refinements! I know I was reluctant to start at first, until -horsecrazy80729- posted some strategy in the old forum, which finally got me started... and I still am working on them lol!

    I saw your mention of the singing flower thread in your first post, and thought I would comment below. (I love the purple text, by the way; what a great way to highlight what is new!)

    So, I was very happy to have recently won my last flower for my singing flower cloud row!!

    Type: Themed
    Cooldown time: 48 hours
    Effects: 30% more EP/BEP & 10% faster growing time for "Flowers" crop category
    plus 10% more EP for event crops, all effects lasting for 24 hours!

    Unfortunately, your flower cloud row math explanation from your post first makes my head spin lol! :p:music:(If I think hard enough I can decipher it, but I feel for those who math was never their strong suit!) I am sure that there are enough farmers now with the flower cloud row that would love a chart to refer to!
    Besides, for me personally, I am simply the type that is driven nuts if I have to dig out a calculator to figure out times lol! o_O:pxD

    I have found it is so much easier to make a spreadsheet once rather than to calculate (and then the next time recalculate times over and over again!) So during the Gone Fishin' Event, I took some old data, moved it around, and made my own chart (combined with those lovely Early Bloomer Refinements) and posted it in the Gone Fishin' strategy thread.

    So here it is!
    I think this flower row will be especially powerful for those wanting to reduce their times during events needing drops. Carnations with water and manure (and without any refinements) takes 13:36 to mature. With the Flower cloud and Early Bloomer refinement, that time drops to 10:48. That gives nearly an extra 3 hours a day to grow another crop! So whatever drops one gains in that 3 hour period could be considered a bonus!

    Again, I did not calculate any negative refinements into the third column. (I have not gotten that far yet, as I do not have those refinements). However, it should be pretty close to those times, give or take a few minutes. If anyone has those tier 3 early bloomer refinements, and wants to igm me individual times when growing them, I would gladly update it! (As I have time that is lol!) I think the current priority will be moving house at the end of the month!

    Blessings! ~CJ

    PS To all: Feel free to copy/paste this chart (or any of my other posted charts) as needed for whatever strategy thread, etc. it might be helpful in.
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