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    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info (particularly translation of names).

    Waddle and Paddle
    21st of July 2021 - 27th of July 2021
    Difficulty: Medium - Hard
    * From what level can we participate in this event?
    From level 3.
    * How can I access the event?
    You can access the event from the news page,event timer and the event building:
    event entry.gif
    * What is special about this event?

    info layer.png
    • There will be a special event crop:
    Time: 6 hours
    Gives (2x2): 240 EP

    Plantable on the Main field and Green Meadow only

    Every player will get 10 seeds at the beginning of the event. If you drop under 5 plants the system will check every 5 hours and replenish up to 5 seeds.
    • There will be a special drop:
    Battle Swimsuit
    You will get these drops when harvesting your Main field and Green Meadow from crops and trees only!
    • There will be a special Mill product:
    Beach Gear
    Ingredients: 267 x Scrunchieas + 18 x Battle Swimsuits
    Time: 15 seconds
    can be produced in the main and tropical mills - Events feed tab!

    This product will be used for feeding the Spawning Ingrid!

    * How can I get more drops?
    • They can be gifted to/from neighbours and friends, for free as long as it is one of you 5-7 free daily gifts, or for the same price as in the shopping center, each after. You can receive up to 20 gifts per day.
    • You can buy drops in bulk from the Shopping Centre (see below)
    • You can get some in the Event Baskets.
    • If you have a Magic tree it will reward 1 x Battle Swimsuit during this event.
    * Is there anything else I should know?
    Yes! There is a special Spawning Character:

    spawn characters.gif
    You will have to use the Scrunchiea crops and Battle Swimsuit drops to craft in the Mill, the Beach Gear. You will need to use these to feed the Spawning Ingrids that will pop up on your Main field and Green Meadow.
    As a reward for your Beach Gear, each Ingrid will reward you a random reward.
    Please note: up to 4 Ingrids at a time will appear on the Main field/Bahamarama Rainforest. After feeding them the Beach Gear and collecting the reward, more Characters will appear. After completing the event progress bar, the event is not over! You can craft more Beach Gear and collect more rewards from the Characters.
    The Spawning Characters are spawning very quickly, you do not need to wait minutes or hours.
    The progress of the event is registered automatically, you do not need to donate anything. As soon as you feed Beach Gear to the Ingrids, the progress is added to the event counter.

    game layer.png
    If you want to turn off the Spawning Characters, uncheck the check mark. You can turn them on again, at any time.

    * Which are the event requirements and rewards?

    (a total of 78 fed Ingrids are required to receive all rewards)

    * What special items are offered as prizes?
    Each Ingrid that receives a Beach Gear from you will give you 1 x random reward.
    This is what you can get (randomly) from the Ingrids:

    lootable rewards.png

    Event Sticker
    You'll find this sticker in your Sticker album!

    Pool Diving
    Gives: 2000 EP / TEP
    Time: 12 hours
    Size: 1x1

    can be placed on the 3 main and 3 tropical fields, park, the lighthouse, shipwreck bay, castaway coast, cloudrow.
    Dolphin Friend
    Gives: 4050 EP / TEP
    Time: 12 hours
    Size: 1x2

    can be placed on the 3 main and 3 tropical fields, park, the lighthouse, shipwreck bay, castaway coast, cloudrow.

    Waddle and Paddle Magic Stalk Row
    waddle and paddle.png
    Effect: 2000 EP x Farm level, 400% more EP when harvesting "event" crops on main lands for 6 hours, +1 extra revenue when harvesting "flowers" on main lands for 6 hours
    Cooldown time: 68 hours

    Requires the 2 event items plus any one 1x1 giver and any one 1x2 giver

    * Can I use BBs to advance in the event?
    Not really, you can get some event items in the Event Baskets.
    * What drop item packages can I get in the Shopping center?
    • 1 x Battle Swimsuit - 2 BB
    • 50 x Battle Swimsuits - 85 BB (15% off)
    • 100 x Battle Swimsuits - 150 BB (25% off)
    • 200 x Battle Swimsuits - 270 BB (33% off)
    * Will there be any Event Baskets during this event?
    Yes, there will be 4 "Beach" Baskets:

    Small Beach Basket
    150 x Scrunchieas
    40 x Battle Swimsuits
    1 x Beach Gear

    Buyable twice only for €4.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Medium Beach Basket
    250 x Scrunchieas
    100 x Battle Swimsuits
    4 x Beach Gear

    Buyable twice only for €12.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Large Beach Basket
    300 x Scrunchieas
    150 x Battle Swimsuits
    9 x Beach Gear
    100 x Super-grow
    100 x Suzy's Super-grow

    Buyable twice only for €19.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Giant Beach Basket
    400 x Scrunchieas
    200 x Battle Swimsuits
    24 x Beach Gear
    200 x Super-grow
    200 x Suzy's Super-grow
    3 x Crate O' Buffs

    Buyable twice only for €34.99 or equivalent in your currency
    * What will happen with the leftover event goods?
    All the leftover goods will be exchanged after the event:
    • 1 Scrunchiea = 8 EP + 5 CC;
    • 1 Battle Swimsuit = 29 EP + 20 CC;
    • 1 Beach Gear = 1221 EP + 1628 CC + 1221 TEP.
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