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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,

    We would like to welcome you to the new Farmerama Forum - we strongly hope you will enjoy it an feel like home in no time!

    Quite a few things have changed, so please take time to read this entire introduction post to familiarize yourself with a some of them.​

    Signature size
    The new approved signature image size is 468 x 60 px, so you will not be able to use your old signatures. In addition to the banner, you can have a maximum of 4 lines of text and 2 blank lines. Increased font size will reduce the number of text lines accepted.

    User IDs, Usernames, Forum names
    As you know, you are free to choose a different name than your username. Therefore, always remember to post your user ID when you need your account logs checked. Mention your username if it differs from your Forum name when you are looking for neighbours, so others can get in touch with you.

    Forum Profile
    Please do not post any contact information or personal details. We will not allow this, for your safety.

    FAQs and OAs
    To keep them for future references, all the OAs and FAQs from the 1st of April 2013 until now, have been posted on this forum, to make sure important data is not lost, and can be looked into when needed. You will find all the OAs in the Headquarters Archive, and the event FAQs in the FAQ Archive. The general game FAQs are being reviewed, updated, edited and checked to make sure we will have all the information up to date. As soon as an FAQ is 100% finalized, it will be added to our Index. We estimate the process to last around a week due to the high amount of content and linking between them, so if you spot any mistakes, please do not report them at the moment and bear with us for a few days. As soon as the final version of all the FAQs is ready, we will open a thread where you can highlight any suggestions, mistakes, ideas, etc.

    Forum Rules
    The rules are more or less the same as in the old Forum, and you can find them in our Forum Netiquette. These guidelines need to be followed throughout the board.

    Forum Structure
    The Forum Structure has changed quite a bit as well, so here is a short presentation of the new sections:

    House Rules - important rules you should familiarize yourself with before using the Forum, Chat, playing the game

    Headquarters - this is where the Farmerama Team will post all the announcements, please keep an eye on this entire category
    Official Announcements - general official announcements
    Tech Announcements - technical issues, bugfixes, improvements
    Events - all the events and mini events will be announced in this area
    Dev Blog - producer's newsletters, new features announcements and teasers
    Game FAQs - this is where the Farmerama Team will post all the feature and event descriptions
    Index/descriptions - Index of FAQs, to help you find information easier
    Game FAQs - Game feature presentations
    Event FAQs - Event and Mini event presentations
    Technical FAQs - Technical FAQs to help you troubleshoot common issues
    Payment FAQs - Payment information
    Help - the section where you can seek the help of the moderators team
    General issues - for general game questions
    Technical issues - for technical problems
    Newbies - for beginners questions
    Users + Game
    Neighbour Requests - seek in game neighbours here
    Forum Competitions - for official competitions organized by the Farmerama Team
    Player Feedback - this is where we will seek your feedback regarding features, events
    Game Strategy Discussion - a place for you, the users, to share strategies
    Player Suggestions - the suggestion box
    In-Game Chat Issues - for Chat related questions and problems
    Grapevine - our famous rumours section
    Users‘ Corner
    Game Related Chit Chat - discuss anything Farmerama related
    Farm Pictures - find official Farmerama pictures and videos, and share your own screenshots
    Players Introductions - introduce yourself to the world!
    Team Introductions - a place for the Team to introduce themselves
    Gabfest - all the non-Farmerama related discussions are welcomed here
    Archive - content will be archived periodically
    Headquarters Archive - all the HQ announcements will be archived here
    FAQ Archive - all the FAQs will be archived here
    Help Archive - all the newbie/general/technical questions will be moved here
    Everything else Archive - archive of user's corner and all the other sections
    Sensitive matters
    We no longer have a private area, so we will not be able to discuss sensitive matters on the Forum. For such inquiries, please contact our Customer Care Team.

    Steam Room and Games
    Two other sections frequently used by many of you are no longer present on the new forum: Games and Steam Room. The negative feedback will be mixed with the positive one from now on, but please always bring arguments to support your vent, instead of just steaming. As for the Games, please do no start any counting / naming / etc games, because we will have to delete them.

    Use the report function of the Forum to bring to our attention inappropriate content, posts that are breaking the rules. Please do not use this feature for reporting answers you are unhappy with. For complaints about other players or moderators, please contact our Customer Care Team.

    Event timers
    We are not able to post countdown timers on the new platform, therefore, please make sure you check the current CEST time, as all the times used (including the ones announcing features and logs from your accounts) are in the CEST time zone.

    Old Forum
    The old forum can no longer be accessed.

    It is natural to be a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I sincerely hope you will welcome this Forum change. It's the only thing we can do - embrace it, get used to it and learn to love it - I'm sure it will not be too hard. For any questions you might have, we have created this special thread, so please use it for any concerns, we will promptly assist you.
    Your Farmerama EN Team
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