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    Winter Calendar

    What is the Winter Calendar 2021?
    game layer.png

    The Winter Calendar 2021 is this year's advent calendar giveaway. Every day, you can unlock new prizes, by simply logging in and revealing the prizes hidden behind the igloos.

    Prizes can only be unlocked on their specific day, you will not be able to collect them for free at a later time if you miss a day. Missed igloos can be unlocked with BBs should you choose to do so. However, if you miss one or more days, you can continue collecting the rewards on the days you log into the game.

    Logging in and collecting rewards consecutively will yield bonus rewards on the 6th, 12th, 18th and 24th!
    After 6 days, you can collect one additional gift, if days 1-6 are unlocked (present I);
    After 12 days, you can collect one additional gift, if days 7-12 are unlocked (present II);
    After 18 days, you can collect one additional gift, if days 13-18 are unlocked (present III);
    After 24 days, you can collect two additional gifts:
    - one gift if days 19-24 are unlocked (present IV);
    - another additional gift if days 1-24 are unlocked (present V).

    How can I access it ?

    The Winter Calendar can be accessed via the news page, event timer or the event place in the City:


    Special rewards you will win

    Event Sticker

    You'll find this sticker in your Sticker Album!

    Bombastic Gift (+)
    bombastic gift.gif
    Gives: 1800 EP / TEP, 3 x Crate O' Santa Claus
    Time: 23 hours
    Size: 1x1

    placeable on the 3 main and 3 tropical lands, park, shipwreck bay, the lighthouse, castaway coast, cloudrow (once charges have been used)

    Bombastic Gift (+) is a limited Charge item. It has 40 charges only.

    *Note: It will be deleted if removed from the field (even if there are charges left) however, it will be replaced with a copy of the giver item, but it will hand out EP / TEP only, every 23 hours!

    Wonder Box
    Find more info on the Wonder Box here.

    "Piccolo" Wonder Box
    Find more info on the "Piccolo" Wonder Box here.

    How it works:
    • Starting on 1st of December at 00:00 CET, you can access the Winter Giveaway Calendar:
      • Accessible via event timer
      • Accessible via event building
      • Accessible via farm news
    • Rewards can be collected per day. Starting the day after, they can be collected with BBs.
    • The Winter Calendar 2020 ends on the 26th of December at 23:59 CET so you will be able to pick up any missed days over the holiday period (for BB's).
    • At the end of each row of igloos/days, a bonus reward can be collected if all base rewards on that row have been collected before that.
    New: A reminder will now show on the news layer until you have picked up your Gift:
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