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  1. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

    It's been a long time, she forgot to even use the forum, forgot the game but still doesn't forget old friends, I wanted to wander around, it's strange that I can still log in.
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  2. ç.çiftçi

    ç.çiftçi Forum Master

    Welcome back to fukuku. I hope you have fun.
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  3. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Welcome back -fukuku- !
    Happy to have you back.

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  4. aLbayy

    aLbayy Forum Greenhorn

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  5. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

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  6. TC-çiftçi

    TC-çiftçi Forum Apprentice

    Welcome -fukuku- ;):);)
    By the way, nice to see an old friend, aLbayy hello..
    nice to see old friends
  7. sblongun

    sblongun Forum Greenhorn

    ooo who do I see, my friends from the time of the tr forum, after the management of the tr forum changed, I never thought of writing on the official forum, but when I saw my old friends, I wanted to say hello :);)

    i miss the old days so much:cry::cry:
  8. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

    i miss the old live farmrama too it was fun
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  9. ekremdenizakyoll

    ekremdenizakyoll Forum Apprentice

    Seeing you here impressed me, we are still in touch, don't leave the game :)

    I will open a topic, if all Turkish players gather there, we will exchange ideas

  10. ntuncer4257

    ntuncer4257 Forum Apprentice

    I've been playing this game for 3 years, but I couldn't mow...the game just opened but this time I'm cold too...I forgot to play...I forgot some apps too...but I'm playing to pass the time...good luck....
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  11. danger0us

    danger0us Forum Greenhorn

    Wow Nice to see some friends a couple of years. We were friends in game for a very long time. I hope you will come back to some day...
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  12. Emre555000

    Emre555000 Forum Greenhorn

    You Are Right;)
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  13. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

    sorry no foreign language :(
    I wish there was still a Turkish forum :(
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  14. SONER1111

    SONER1111 Forum Apprentice

    Waow, Turkish players have gathered here :) I can even see some similar faces. It is really a joy to see that people still play come back to this game. I dont know how long it has been since I even first logged in Farmerama. It was probably around 2007. Ah, güzel günler. . .
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  15. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

    If there were farmerama and forum, people would be reunited, friendships are not easily forgotten
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  16. sblongun

    sblongun Forum Greenhorn

    Hello my dear friend :)
    farmerama, is a very good game, but as in the past, we do not have a Turkish forum where we can learn about events and important points of the game, participate in good games:) share our favorite song videos:music:
    hear from each other, we listened to each other's problems, and tried to find solutions to the problems in our lives together:cry:
    doing fashion mod events is boring now, very old friends stop playing the game because there is no such interactions
    I do not forget my forum friends and I am very curious about what they are doing right now
    I'm on the phone with some friend like you but I don't know what most of my friends are doing I hope they're all good and remember the good old days:(
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  17. -fukuku-

    -fukuku- Forum Greenhorn

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