A tiny bit of reflection

Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by saturnia22, Aug 31, 2020.

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  1. saturnia22

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    As we humans grapple with the changes brought by the health crisis it's important to remember our members who typically during the first months lost their jobs and any income extra went with it. It could be assumed by some countries with social and economic safety nets put into place to insure aid to those who needed it. But, not all members had/have this benefit. It created financial stress and diligence to get through the months, even members who have lost someone dear. I'm sure BP's numbers reflect it along with the tourism, Retail, etc.
    I'm reflecting on my own situation as well, I work in essential service so I stayed employed throughout but my time now is limited to a couple times a day to update on my farm, priorities shifted to other things, and made me careful of my money and looking ahead as we are in no mans land; this could take 2+ years to see any kind of light of day.
    I used to have a dozen active neighbors..those over 100 level but now I see another neighbors' account turning red, I'm down to four. I'm sad about my long time neighbors and wonder how they're doing in real life.
    The changes we've all been going through the last 6 months are challenging everything we do now so bear empathy with the players; we're just trying to cope.