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Dear forum reader,

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Howdy Farmers,


    Please post your constructive comments, positive and negative, regarding the "Birthday Prep" Event in this Feedback thread. We are looking forward to capturing your initial reaction to the event, as well as the final opinion after participating in the event.

    Please be sure to bring arguments for supporting your statements, simple comments saying you like it or hate it will not help the Team understand what goes great, and what needs to be looked into, when planning future events.

    The FAQ of the Event can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Issues section or the Technical Issues section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
  2. farmerumf

    farmerumf Count Count

    With all the problems there is absolutely no way this event is doable for me. A 'very easy' event would have been the way to go. I will pass this time.
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  3. -matselleste-

    -matselleste- Exceptional Talent

    This is a fun, relatively simple event, and the drops are great. I like that we only use a couple of fields and the graphics are good. My only complaint is a common one - the requirements are such that it takes more than one complete harvest to be able to advance at all. This is tedious. Some simple instant gratification is much more rewarding and makes slogging through endless amounts of crops much more bearable.
  4. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Greetings lovely farmers,

    Thank you for all the feedback. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts so we can pass it along to the Game Team.

    Closing thread.

    Best regards,
    Your Farmerama Team
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