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  1. missyliddle

    missyliddle Forum Apprentice

    Hi blessedlady2 - I was reading your post & saw where your daughter was injured - Back in 1992 I had horseback riding accident - Was breaking a horse & was doing really OK when something spooked her & she bucked me off - As I was sailing thru the air she kicked out & one of her back hooves landed square in the middle of my rt. leg - When I hit the ground I picked the leg up & it was sorta hanging there with one of the bones sticking out where the inside of your ankle is - Both leg bones were totally shattered between knee & ankle - Had to be put back together by a lot of plates & screws - Bones healed fine & it just took a little longer for hole to heal where the bone came thru - but that's OK too - My right leg is about 1/4" shorter - aches when it rains or is cold but I can walk fine & ride a horse just fine - It just took awhile after the cast came off to get strength back in the leg - I was 42 at the time & wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but everything is A OK - Wanted to tell u my experience so that your daughter knows that u can recover from something like that accident - Just take things slow & easy & have a positive attitude - Best wishes to u both -
  2. sanddollar15

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    Wow missyliddle, what a wonderful attitude you have. I am happy to hear you are doing ok as
    as you say and I wish for you all the best! And many blessings to blessedlady and her daughter! I hope
    her recovery is going well also!:inlove:
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  3. blessedlady2

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    Hi, missyliddle,I am so sorry about your accident and am so happy to hear that it is healed. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It is a scary thing to see part of your body detached. My daughter walks with a limp but is fairly mobile.
    I truly am a blessed grandmother today! While riding in NBHA Finals yesterday my G-granddaughter who is known here as pocahontas-1
    took a fall. While going around the second barrel, the horse's knees buckled, threw her off, then tried his best not to hit her as he fell. Very thankful neither was injured. Sure both of them are sore today. But my brave baby got right back on him and rode again. A tremendous step in conquering fear. Wish I could post the video,but don't know how and would have to delete the audio because her mom was filming it.
    This is a dangerous sport. A few years ago another granddaughter was not so lucky. When she fell the horse couldn't miss her. He stepped on her back and head where she carries a scar in the shape of a horseshoe where her scalp detached from her head. He is 15 now and she had put him in retirement but rode him in the Finals Saturday and he gave her a time of 15.8.

    Yipee. more news about pocahontas-1. Even tho she took a bad spill, she has qualified to ride in World Finals in 2018.
    She is a 7th grade student taking Honors classes and the school has recommended that she take the ACT test in Feb. Not for the scores to count, but to see where she places.
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  4. blessedlady2

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    Hi all! I am a little late but hoping all had a Merry Christmas and wishing all a very Happy New Year.
    My 2 boys flew in from Oregon to surprise me. Bless her heart my daughter hosted the whole clan. We only had 11 missing. We had our usual Cajun Christmas, lots of food, memories and pictures. Christmas shopping was easy this year. I absolutely love Sweet Olive Trees. I have had one for years. My special gift to each family was a tree and was so excited because each one was blooming. Now in the years to come when they bloom their lovely fragrance they will think of granny.
    Many years ago my precious husband made me promise him I would never get rid of our wedding clothes. As a special gesture of love, one of my granddaughters I raised took them, had them cleaned and sealed for a special gift to me so I gave them to her. The years pass so very fast, but I was blessed to share a big part of mine with my soulmate. We met on a blind date and it was love at first sight. So many beautiful memories in a lifetime.
    Now it is time to unwrap 2018.May health and happiness enfold each one of you and those you love.
  5. puppiesnponies

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    Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for the update on your holidays. You have a wonderful family and your posts are always so full of love. I enjoy reading what you write. I think it is wonderful that your family has those special trees that will create treasured memories.

    May you have a wonderful year filled with many blessings.
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  6. Willow

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    So glad you had a happy holiday time with family! What a delightful story about your wedding clothes! May your 2018 memories be as full of happiness and special memories to treasure. Blessings to you!:)
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