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  1. 12ss12

    12ss12 All Knowing Oracle

    Wheat offer !! No.
    Frog feed - 8000 !!!!! What am I going to do with 8000 frog feed ????

    I am a humble farmer who doesn't need 8000 frog feed. Sorry to say no. But it is no broke. :pxD

    I always try to mill my feeds. Never buy.:)
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  2. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    S-B - the - Swan won't hire me. :inlove:
    One-Two - the - Chicken won't hire me. :inlove:

    But One-Two asked me:
    Oh I get it! This is a quiz to see if I may be deserving in the future. xDxDxD

    I'll answer your question for a slight fee of 3 CAC per word. I won't be concerned with your credit. Here goes:

    What does One-Two do with 8,000 frog feed?

    The answer:

    M i l l <------ 3 CAC
    S o m e t h i n g <----- 3 more CAC
    E l s e <----- 3 more CAC

    My cornflakes told me what you should do! :eek:
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  3. king_broke

    king_broke Forum Apprentice

    Wonderful One-Two :inlove:, my offer is rejected now as the farm has the operating funds required. Although unsatisfactory to you, I still graciously appreciate your consideration.

    As a result of my rummaging through your market, I am able to temporarily conclude that there is absolutely no need for the "king_broke" farm to operate as a team player. Therefore, the farm will behave as a "loose cannon" while openly displaying no rhyme or reason for its actions.

    Back in January the following was posted:

    I find elephants and peanut butter (the elephant product) now mentioned as possibly required in the grape vine.

    At this moment there are no elephants on your market and there is no elephant feed. :(
    How is a farm to produce elephants when mills cannot keep up with even nominal production and there is no feed to purchase?
    (And "king_broke" formerly did not have the resources in order to generate such havoc.)

    Because you are a long-time dear friend, perhaps this farm may just be able to come up with a few hundred elephants just for you.

    Thank you so very kindly for always demonstrating that you are Wonderful One-Two :inlove: .

    :music: :) 8) xD
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  4. 12ss12

    12ss12 All Knowing Oracle

    Hi broke !
    Someone offered 10 elephants for 13,134/- and another 10 for 16,111/- So I snatched them up.

    There is wisdom in what you say. There can be no mass scale production when we can't produce mass scale animal feed.
    I have 3421 elephants in my barn. Also I have now made up my mind to produce such animals in large numbers for which I can mill feeds easily and this includes dragon fly. 100 per day. For animals like monkey, elephant, parrot etc., I now and then mill minimum numbers and place only the neons and pinks in my farm. If I have no feed I simply store the pens.

    What would be the elephants' 'price just for me' ? ;) Few hundreds I can purchase.
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  5. Banjoman

    Banjoman Forum Overlooker

    I grew ladybugs in accordance with recommendations...
    Early price 20,000 ccs now the max is 36,000 for offers.
    I have sold 100 so far and now will take a break to see if the pricing formula works.
    My farm has 5,000 ladybugs waiting to flutter.
  6. king_broke

    king_broke Forum Apprentice

    If if if if if this farm on your market had lots of funds then it would be slowly buying them. This is basic: Until there is a need, the price index will remain at near its current point. (The highest price on your market at this moment is less than two times the lowest price on my market. And the feed price on this market is even higher.)
    The broke farm's highest held baha animal is X - the - elephant (X after Xristos-Ale in the strategy thread) and friends with 81,207. This farm holds 10,100 elephant feed. Feed seems like a lot at first glance. But that feed can be used up very very very quickly. I would find myself:
    Other than buying large amounts of power feed and using it for elephant production, the only other alternative that I see other than storing the pens is this:
    • Having another farm of yours on the same market that will produce the needed elephant feed.
    One finds they are in a vicious cycle even with the added farm and transferring the feed to your main farm.

    Agree! Harvesting the dragonfly one time a day one should be able to keep up. The broke farm today holds Mir - the - dragonfly and friends at 58,920 which is the third ranking Baha animal with regard to quantity. (As I increased the frequency of harvesting the dragonfly to two times per day the challenge for this farm was not the mill keeping up with production. The challenge slowly became keeping up the quantity of bitter ginger needed in the mill for the feed.) The second farm can be a solution to the bitter ginger challenge BUT all this harvesting and transferring and planning takes away our time from other things in real life.

    FYI: The second highest held BAHA animal here is the monkey at 62,439 (with over 150,000 money feed available). Massive monkey production can lead a farm into feed problems also.

    IMO, the elephant has less risk when investing.

    And obviously, BP controls the game!!!!!!!

    Here is something for you from my cornflakes:

    We can produce whatever animals we have pens for that at this moment do not require Golden Bananas to unlock!
    And are we also only falling into a trap which has been set for us all?
    Remember what happened with the shark recently?
    If I remember correctly, we had to unlock the shark to produce more of them and had to unlock shark breeding to breed them.
    Many found themselves short of Golden Bananas.
    What had been automatically available to all no longer was. Even some of what had previously been done by us became worthless effort unless we went in a predetermined direction.
    Player behavior with easily collected data was more than likely obtained.
    Is the above to be a pattern?
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