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  1. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Wow farmer_broke What IS in those cornflakes or maybe the milk??!:wuerg: At least your pig was wearing a mask!xDxDxDxD
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  2. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice

    Ah -Borsty-! You naughty piggy. xD

    Neon product workshops?!! What a great idea!!!! :inlove:
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  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Seriously, /I would feel safe betting my farm that BeeP's staff already has the design.
    Ever notice the workshops (which award 2 products) are difficult to come by.

    IMO there will be no Neon workshop available this year!


    That pig was at my door again this morning still wearing a mask.
    NOPE, not lettin that pig in for cereal.-.-
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  4. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice


    But I thought BP was even late for neon workshop.

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  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    In terms of building a Neon workshop, that would be very difficult. Currently, Neon stables generally only require one of the highest breeding animal but the newest Neon stables (cuckoo and anacondas) now require 2. I don't know if they would require more animals for a workshop or add another breeding level (which may be a very hard thing to do since there are so many breeding animals in game now). Just my 2 puppy paws CC worth.
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  6. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    That pig knocked on the big house door again this morning for cornflakes. >:(

    Even though the pig was wearing a mask I agreed to bring breakfast out for us both to enjoy underneath the sunny side of the broke tree. (The condition was that we would eat together staying 25 feet apart with the wind blowing away from us. :))

    I admit, the pig was quite entertaining with the Neon workshop thoughts. :)

    The pig desired to live in the broke barn and pick tree fruit to earn its keep. And wanted to eat cornflakes together every once in a while.

    Very reluctantly I agreed.

    o_O I really liked the pig's talents displayed. I shared with the pig the ...... The broke Content Update xD

    The pig agreed to openly share its thoughts ..... over cornflakes of course

    The pig even suggested that I release The broke Content Update to my associates

    and I will! :)

    Please come back soon because The broke Content Update will go live upon release.
    (and I will hide it in this thread)

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  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Cornflakes with the pig under the broke-tree was simply wonderful this morning.

    The pig is being quite helpful sharing its review of The broke Content Update.

    I am waiting on BeeP's November Calendar to be released.
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  8. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    I am also waiting to see what your predictions will after the November calendar release.
  9. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    At this time I have an issue outside of this game which I must work with. There are charts to present which will take a little time to accurately present here. I apologize for the delay. To help right now I will tell you what will be presented and why:

    What will be presented are The broke Artisan Product Values.

    I have bothered both teddy.bear and shooger.sweet about the trades for several years. Both have been very kind to me. However, while assisting others in learning exchange value analysis in this game there was always confusion for nearly all artisan products regarding the exchange or barn value. There are none published which can mean several things I will attempt to address properly later.

    For those working with exchange value analysis the broke Artisan Product Values are invaluable.
    For those who do not engage in any form of EV analysis, the broke Artisan Product Values will greatly assist one in valuing their farm.

    If at anytime the game team addresses the Artisan Product Values then their values will be what I will use. No ifs, ands or buts to it. The change over will be very very very simple.

    I simply had to solve this problem using something that works well. And I have!

    There is nothing in the November calendar which indicates to me that this Artisan Product Values will be addressed this month.

    Again I apologize. Thanks for your patience.
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  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    More regarding the broke Content Update:

    In my opinion, the artisan trades are a mess and have been in need of attention. I do see evidence that the trades are beeing given some attention by the game developers. At one time there were "values" listed in the game faqs for nearly all of the artisan trade products. They were removed several months ago from all forums.

    Today, if one looks in their barn under Trade Products one will find the basic recipe items showing an EV. These items cannot be sold to date.

    Today, if one looks in their barn under pantry then one will find their finished and saleable trade products WITH NO "VALUE" or barn value. I do not buy this as satisfactory. Think the trade products have no value? We sure can buy and sell them!

    Also, trade products have never been directly called for as part of a event, not directly.

    I simply got tired of waiting on the game team for useable information regarding the trades. And bothering the moderators regarding this issue was not a good approach to take. While assisting others there was always the need for barn values of the artisan trade products.
    And I have used what I will present.

    For those who wish to use them, they are helpful in valuing a farm using barn values. AGAIN, there are no barn values for finished artisan products presented by the game team to date.

    On another note: While looking out the window while eating my cornflakes I saw a reindeer. (Remember the fake breeding animal?)
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  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Currently editing

    Part 1 of 4: The broke Content Update: broke Artisan Product Values

    Confectionary Products

    broke Barn Value
    Level 1
    Basic jelly
    Chocolate syrup
    Apple jam
    Rhubarb jam
    Gooseberry jam
    Guava jam
    Pumpkin jam
    Level 2
    Smooth jelly
    Beady eye jelly
    Winter jam
    Yellow pear jam
    Pink jelly
    Level 3
    Traditional chutney
    Raspberry langos
    Tomato chutney
    Rst gar & oliv pesto
    Lavender jam
    Level 4
    Sugar sweet jelly
    Hny infus bana jam
    Sweet rose jam
    Carrot-apple chut
    Level 5
    Royal jam
    Slime fungus jelly
    Easter marmalade
    Island paradise jam
    Hibiscus jam
    Eucalyptus jelly
    That reindeer came to my window while I was eating my cornflakes.
    Maybe it wanted the mushrooms I put in my cornflakes this morning?
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  12. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice

    I disagree with your opinion on Artisan Products, but I will follow your opinion. Thank you! :)

    Now a coffee for a break. ;)

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  13. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    What opinion do you disagree with?
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  14. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice

    I have some worries about the things you said.

    Yes, you are right, this game needs innovations and revisions.
    I hope we see good changes in the game after the transition to Unity. They have ignored the requests and complaints of the players for nearly 3 years, using the excuse of the transition to Unity.

    It is not a problem for me whether the artisan products have a barn value or not. But the artisan products called for any event or task can cause big problems.

    Producing artisan trade products does not make sense if the market prices of the basic items in their ingredients are taken into account.

    For Example: The Chocolate Shake: 10% more TEP effect for Bahamarama crops, trees and event crops.

    1 shake (5 * eggs + 10 * water + 50 * dragon fruit + 100 * passion fruits + 5 * cow milk + 40 * herbal elixir)
    40 * Cocoa beans
    100 * Vanilla
    4 * Cow milk
    100 * Sugarcane
    40 * Herbal elixir

    So how much is the market price of Chocolate Shake?

    I see the effect of what you wrote here in some events in the next times. Yeah I'm just worried.
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  15. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Existing barn values mean little if anything to most players. And a barn value for specifically artisan products mean even less.

    As the game presently exists, there are very very few ways developers can call for artisan products.
    * If called directly, specific quantity of an item or class of items could be done.

    The barn values have been set for a long time. Thus, one is able to use them to value their farm If and only IF one assumes the artisan products have a barn value. (IMO they are not worthless.)

    Also, if one uses the barn or exchange values properly then one is able to very very very very clearly see price movements (whether ones buys them to invest or for use or to level up a trade.) I have absolutely no doubt and have done it and can see the changes.
    There is much more to the use barn values and market price than meets the eye. Without any serious thought, several things come to mind regarding the chocolate shake:
    Make it or buy it
    price movement of eggs, dragon fruit, passion fruit, cow milk, cocoa beans, vanilla, and sugar cane
    How much am I willing to pay for 1 unit of TEP
    How many TEP do I expect to receive if used
    Did I produce any or all of the item used
    Was the item gifted to me and do I even care
    Did chocolate shake come from a cloud row earned in a previous event (it was paid for)
    Will I produce chocolate shake to level up my trade or will I purchase another item

    There is price movement in saleable artisan products. The artisan product market moves very slow.

    ............. Just a minute .... I need to see if there is any cheap eggnog on the market which requires 10 eggs. Forget the rest of that junk used to make it. Be right back.

    :( Bought them all ... 35 of them ... for a little more than half the price of a single egg. xDxD
    And the price is moving upward

    What does eggnog even do? hahaha
    Let me see
    5% reduced growing time for stables for 10 hours.
    Well, that only makes 1,591 of that stuff.

    ... and give me 50 more oat bread to bring it to over 10,900 .....

    Hold your breath and see if you survivexD

    I can only publish here what I see in light of whatever decisions are made regarding the content of this game ...... xD
    Thus the broke content update.
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  16. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice

    Of course an item's barn value is important. If...

    If you can donate it for any task or event.
    Why should it be needed if you can't use the barn value for anything?

    I am not interested that the exchange value of Deluxe Pheromones is 15,000 because I cannot use it.
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  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Sounds like you need to learn how to use them .... if you want to learn how.
    Knowing how to use the barn values (or exchange values) and using them is exactly how this farm went to #6 cc holders in this game. There was no multiple farms used. And the farm went at level 95 or 96.
    If not interested I can accept that.
    For another: Using the 15,000 Deluxe Pheromone EV is a little more advanced use of EVs simply because its use is tied to the breeding mechanism in the game and Deluxe Pheromones are not saleable on the open market.
    Ignoring all else, quite simply take the EV of what you put into a single breeding and look at the EV of what you get out. (Do this with and without the deluxe pheromones. The more times one uses them while breeding, the more accurate and predictable the results become.)

    A separate thread is required to discuss exchange values and the analysis. At this time in this thread, I will only provide the numbers I use for Artisan Products as none have been provided by game developers.
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  18. yusufça

    yusufça Forum Apprentice

    True, I have a lot to learn and it will continue as long as I live.
    But unfortunately, the more things to learn and do in this game does not mean that the players will be happier. It is sad to see bored players increase day by day.

    I'm really curious about your way of finding barn values for artisan products.

    and to thank you :):):):);):):)

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  19. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I love your flowers.

    OMG! After the amounts are disclosed, the "... way of finding" the broke Artisan barn values will be easy to explain. Learning to use them ...... I have found no limit.

    Related to this, there is another trade that is ready to be released
    2 and maybe 3 others where the bugs and method of releasing are being worked out. (no grapevine information ... EV and logic used)

    Again, the artisan product and their related market price move very very very slowly. But they do move!

    Now there are artisan product cloud rows, crates of buffs and lots of sugar etc. given away (one may think). There is method to promotion of the trades and it is being wisely used.
    No need to hurry hurry and get players all producing artisan products ..... hahaha
    hahaha because first super grow sales promotion should be in place in order to try and fully cash in on the effort. :)

    And until BeePs releases their barn value for Artisan Products then I have no choice other than to use mine. xD
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  20. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I will be sure to indicate which of each craft's products are basic recipe items.
    Do you remember the recent moonlight madness event?
    Remember the buff crates that players could send to other players?
    Why of course you do.
    Did you also notice which of the basic artisan products needed to produce the finish artisan product WERE NOT included in those crates?
    No math needed to determine which ingredients to invest in. 8)

    Currently editing
    Part 2 of 4: The broke Content Update: broke Artisan Product Values

    Baker Products

    :)broke barn value
    Level 1
    Basic dough
    Sourdough cake
    Bread roll
    Oat bread
    Carrot bread
    Cheese balls
    Level 2
    Shortcrust pastry
    Venus fly feast
    Christmas cookie
    Vanilla crescents
    Strawberry muffin
    Pumpkin pastry
    Level 3
    Puff pastry
    Chocolate pancake
    Puff cake
    Pineapple cake
    Sage macaroons
    Level 4
    Yeast dough
    Braincoli Quiche
    Fruit cake
    Cherry cheesecake
    Zucchini-apple bead
    Level 5
    Sponge-cake dough
    Pinkie pie pie
    Spinach pie
    Chocolate croissant
    Caramel tart
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