Forwarded Censored words in Ingame Messages

Discussion in 'Technical issues' started by Farmers.Almanac, Dec 23, 2023.

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  1. Farmers.Almanac

    Farmers.Almanac Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello Farmers,

    Recently, BP implemented a program to remove words from ingame messages (IGM) that may be bad language or swear words. It is recognized that while those words may not be offensive or wrong in English, they could be in a different language or culture. The program is a global feature, so we are asking you to help us report words that have been censored in your IGMs so we can pass it along to the Team for their review.

    Please understand we have no further information that what has already been shared. We do not know how long it will take to remedy the situation and make communication between individuals easier.

    In this thread, we invite you to post the words that have been censored in your IGM. We kindly ask for only those censored words and that any feedback about this program be posted in the appropriate Feedback threads.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we support the Team in this new feature.
    Best Regards,
    Your EN Farmerama Team
  2. strikoroba

    strikoroba Active Author

    Reposting in the correct thread.

    censored word "affected" as in "our neighborhood did not get that much affected"

    Please delete my post from the other thread. I was not aware this one exists.
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  3. iMSoBored

    iMSoBored Forum Greenhorn

    master - as in I did not master that craft yet-
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  4. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Censored words:cry:

    God as in Oh my God
    General as in general issues
    Gay as in my friend's 1st name
    Master as in Master keys in the event
    Cream as in chocolate cream pie
    Pie as in desert you eat
    Cracker as in graham cracker a food you eat
    Users as in Users and Game heading
    Home as a place you live
    Western as a part of the country you may come from
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  5. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

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  6. farmerumf

    farmerumf Forum Ambassador

    ***** as in ***** cat. Well that came up with ***** so I will try P u s s y
  7. NinaBoBina

    NinaBoBina Forum Greenhorn

    DICE - as in small cubes with numbers on, quite a relevant word in the current event.