"Cheesy Mars Landing" Daily Quests

Discussion in 'Game Strategy Discussion' started by *WisdomTree*, Aug 10, 2022.

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  1. *WisdomTree*

    *WisdomTree* Forum Pro


    Quests I-VIQuest I
    11th of August at 14:00 -
    12th of August at 14:00
    Quest II
    12th of August at 14:00 -
    13th of August at 14:00
    Quest III
    13th of August at 14:00 -
    14th of August at 14:00
    Quest IV
    14th of August at 14:00 -
    15th of August at 14:00
    Quest V
    15th of August at 14:00 -
    16th of August at 14:00
    Quest VI
    16th of August at 14:00 -
    17th of August at 14:00
    Barn36 x Horses125 x Watermelons26 x Lynxes1,050 x Cabbages40 x Salamanders1,400 x Sage
    Crops: Plantable on the Green Meadow only! ...Space Cactus
    5 hours [​IMG]
    x 1,985
    Space Cactus
    5 hours [​IMG]
    x 2,100
    Cheese Puff Plant
    6 hours
    x 1,350
    Puff Plant
    6 hours[​IMG]
    x 1,364
    Electric Star
    5 hours and 30 minutes
    x 1,935
    Drops: You will get these
    drops when harvesting your crops and trees on the Main field only!
    Space Helmet
    x 235
    x 245
    x 246
    5 decorations and cloud row can be obtained even just by completing quests 2-4-6.

    Good luck!
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  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks *WisdomeTree" for sorting out the requirements for us - and making it so easy to see what we need at the same time! ;)
    I will do this one and see how I get on - it looks okay but depends on how the drops go in the main. :p
    Good luck all! :)
  3. sapeli

    sapeli Forum Apprentice

    not for You illy1996, not for You but my opinion is...

    This is gonna be my 1st SKIP in 11 years of playing, because those drops... needed many many many hudreds of SG in earlier events like this... and If You miss couple of hours... sleep in night etc. thats gone...

    BUT nice to see people to do this kind of "FAQ2" with MANY information...

    So I SKIP - lucky to everyone who try - hope You get Your goals!
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  4. puppiesnponies

    puppiesnponies Living Forum Legend

    I was tempted to skip this event as I'm working on other things right now, but with WidsomTree's great chart and summation that we can get the CR by doing quests 2,4 and 6, I decided to do it. It means 3 days of growing crops and those quests do not require any drops so no worry about that. I like CR's that give something to improve the efficiency of my farm. Crates O Animal Feed every day helps reduce the need to grow or buy ingredients and milling.

    I'm in :) Thanks WisdomTree :)
  5. *WisdomTree*

    *WisdomTree* Forum Pro

    Drops are no problem if you just want the cloud row and items. It is possible to get the cloud row and 5 items only by completing quests 2-4-6. Drops are not needed in 2-4-6 quests.

    But I'm going to skip this event too. Because I like to skip some events. This makes me feel free. Oh freedom!..
  6. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks WisdomTree for your time and effort to start this thread and post your numbers! There seems to be a problem with quest 6 numbers that I thought here in the EN forum were way to low I came up with 235 but that is what they add up to on this forum:p
    I see you have posted in tech thanks I will do this event as drops lately seem to be very good! Good luck everyone
  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Forum Overlooker

    Saturday is going to be an issue for me...RL farmer's market.

    I've decided I'm going to do what I can and reap what rewards I can and not sweat it if I don't get everything.

    So now I have to go adjust my green meadows on the usual 3 farms. ugh.
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  8. sunshineaz

    sunshineaz Forum Mogul

    Perfect attitude! I decided to do that also. I do what I can, when I can as RL is the most important thing.
  9. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Mogul

    Thanks so much @*WisdomTree* for your chart and the work behind it. I love seeing your charts - they always make everything so clear!

    I'll go for the cloud row - so nice to know that takes no drops! As for the days requiring drops - I'll see how that goes. I'm not going to lose any sleep trying to get enough drops!!

    Good luck everyone! :inlove:

    @dumbunny - hope your day at the Farmer's market is successful.

    Had to come back and report - finished the season and just harvested my first Walrus and Bristlecone!!

    I had Hydrangea out on on main field. Happened to wake up at 5:15 a.m. (start time was 5 a.m.) AND remembered to put out my 3 Howies, leave the field and come back. Result: 136 space helmet drops. I need 97 more to complete this step, so all I have to do is get my field harvested on time and day 1 will be complete! Yahoo!
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  10. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Inhabitant

    Thanks for advice and/but as also "sapeli" says, very near is "total skip" BUT, I have amaranth in fields, so some about 175-185 drops, needed only about 50 more to do day 1... so one time 44 fields "almost-instant-roses" without help of cloudrow-bonuses and 7 minits roses gives (lucky quess) 40-44 drops -> normal crowings to Main Field and get those needed 15-20 (max) drops before night-sleep!

    Then days 2-4-6 needs 2 times some %-helps, I have one gold-place +100% plants-bonus already, if I think those Crate o buffs and BB crates are worth-of-it to use 500++ SG...

    Let´s see... LUCKY to EVERYONE !
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  11. -Päärynä11

    -Päärynä11 Forum Duke

    I got all drops harvesting long time crops for first day. I'm growing long time crops for FSQ. Amaranth and Red currant + gifts from neighbours gave all drops I needed. Orange pansies gave extra. I just must remember to seed Amaranth again tonight.
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  12. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Inhabitant

    Yes - again - 100% skip to me... and so it happens again, Amaranth give me only 150 drops, but 3 times insta-roses and day 1 was complete.

    So day 2 and second Party ticket in Lucky Wheel give me +100% and now I have -500 event plants together days 2&3, so now in the middle of the night, FSQ-plants to GM and MG and end of the day 2&3 event plants tomorrow-night !

    YES I remember the Amaraths, hope alla other 234++ level-players remember also... now it´s too late, if You don´t use SG....
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  13. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Inhabitant

    That was a nice happening - when picking Amaranths, then plant a roses (water+manure+small plots) and ta-daa-aa !

    Just the amount of drops what I/we need, not 1 more, not 1 less, just same number :)

    Lucky to everyone else also! And goodnight (00.45 Finnish time)
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  14. 12ss12

    12ss12 Living Forum Legend

    Hi dear friends !
    I need 5 cheese drops please. Can you send me some. Thank you.

    Thank you for the cheese drop, pnp. I got 2 drops from 2 rounds of wheat. Next I have put carrots. Let's see if I get the remaining 2 drops.

    Thanks I got the drops and finished the event. Please don't send me any drops.
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  15. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Inhabitant

    Total skip.... or not... and now using 300++ SG´s to doing last event crops... :) ;)
  16. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Living Forum Legend

    I have completed all 6 quests and have the CR up and running. I will add that the CR givers are the cutest animation, and I am glad we got 2 sets 1 for the CR and 1 to put wherever you want! :music: Good luck to all doing this event and "Thanks" to all my neighbors and friends who send event gifts!:inlove:
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  17. Nuubi-Joonas2210

    Nuubi-Joonas2210 Forum Inhabitant

    Done - not 0% but 100% all days, all parts :) "I can´t skip anything - I quess"
  18. anki74

    anki74 Forum Apprentice

    so do I also...
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  19. illy1996

    illy1996 Living Forum Legend

    I finished too ... now to look at those cuties! :inlove:
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  20. Solatido

    Solatido Forum Mogul

    Done! Even though my electricity was off for a day (not so nice with temps over 100!), so no internet. But with some very lucky spins, I finished with time to spare!