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    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info (particularly translation of names).

    21st of November - 28th of November 2014
    * What is the minimum level required for this Event?
    Level 2 .​

    * How can I access the event?
    From Level 2+ you'll be able to see the Event Place in front of the Farmers Society:​


    * What is special about this Event?
    There will be a special Event Crop: Sunchoke
    Time: 8 hours
    EP (2x2): 56
    Can be grown on all lands, including Bahamarama
    All players level 2+ will get 5 seeds at the beginning of the Event. They will not be in the Seed Shops, nor will they be buyable/sellable at the market. If you drop down to less than 5 seeds, you'll need to wait for the automatic replenishment.

    There will be a special event drop: Chestnut Munchkins
    They will appear when you harvest any of your lands, any of your crops/trees/animals, including Bahamarama (level 2+):
    * How can I get more drop items?

    • They can be gifted to/from neighbours and friends. You can send 5 (or 7 with rune) free gifts, and you can receive up to 20 gifts per day. After the free gifts, you can send more gifts for the same price as 1 item in the shopping center.
    • You can buy Chestnut Munchkins in bulk in the Shopping Center
    • You can get some in the event baskets.
    • If you have a Magic tree it will give 1 x Chestnut Munchkin per harvest during this event.
    * What are each of the parts of this Event?
    Initially, there are 7 quest steps for the you to fill up.​

    See each steps' requirements in the table below.

    After completing the 7 steps, the ranking step will open. In this part you can donate almost everything (except Pheromones, Artisan products, Products, etc; If you don't see it in the donation list in game, but you have it in your Barn, it probably cannot be donated), in any amount.

    Value for event items:
    • Each sunchoke has a value of 20 for Top 1000 donations
    • Each Chestnut Munchkin has a value of 120 for Top 1000 donations

    Every players' values of the additional step are tracked and compared to each other, so there is a ranking for this event. The top will be updated every day, and you will see a counter in the donations layer announcing the next update. The best 1000 values in the end of the event-time will receive a special reward: 1000000 CC, 2000000 EP and the Top 1000 Goodie Box!

    20 Golden Bananas
    10 XXL Toolboxes
    100 Power Feed
    100 Suzy's Super Grow
    100 Suzy's Turbo Mulch
    8 days of all Harvester Helpers functions
    10 Mistral Wonder Seedlings
    10 Dawn Wonder Stables
    50 Barnyard Bills
    1 Chestnut King Item!
    1 Special Top 1000 Cloud Row!

    Chestnut King
    Time: 48h
    Effect: 800 Baha-EP and 1h of +100% EP for tropical crops and trees
    Takes: 1x1 plots

    Top 1000 Cloud Row
    Cooldown time: 48 hours
    Effect: 70 EP x farm level, 70 Baha-EP x island level, 150 CCs x farm level
    * What are the event requirements?

    Each time a value like tree, plant, crop or animal is requested,
    Bahamarama goods can be used as well.
    Please note that donated resources will not be refunded if you do not finish a certain stage. You can donate the whole amount requested by the quest or partially donate the resources you have available, until you finish the donation segment. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough resources to finish the mission before you donate, or you will lose the partially donated resources at the end of the event.

    * What rewards can I win in this Event?

    Chestnut Buddies Event Sticker

    Chestnut Deer
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 400 EP
    Size: 1x1 plots

    Chestnut Hedgehog
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 600 EP
    Size: 1x1 plots

    Chestnut Spider
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 2000 CC
    Size: 1x1 plots

    Chestnut Farmer
    Time: 12 hours
    Gives: 300 Baha-EP
    Size: 1x1 plots

    Chestnut Festival Cloud Row
    Cooldown time: 96 hours
    Effect: 50 EP x farm level, 45 Baha-EP x island level,
    plus a 5% increase of Super Grow effectiveness on all lands for 6 hours (includes event crops)

    * Can I pay my way through the quest with BBs?
    No, for this quest you cannot pay for completing any step.​

    * Can I buy Event resources in the Shop?
    • 1 Chestnut Munchkin: 2 BB
    • 50 Chestnut Munchkins: 85 BB
    • 100 Chestnut Munchkins: 150 BB
    • 150 Chestnut Munchkins: 200 BB
    * Will there be Event baskets?
    Yes! In the Supply Store, you'll find the Harvest Baskets, buyable multiple times:​

    Small Harvest Basket
    100 x Sunchokes
    20 x Chestnut Munchkins
    50 x Super Grow
    Price: 1.99 Euro or equivalent in your currency (through the bank)

    Medium Harvest Basket
    225 x Sunchokes
    50 x Chestnut Munchins
    75 x Super Grow
    1 x Carrot Apple Chutney
    Price: 4.99 Euro or equivalent in your currency (through the bank)

    Large Harvest Basket
    400 x Sunchokes
    100 x Chestnut Munchins
    150 x Super Grow
    1 x Carrot Apple Chutney
    50 x Barnyard Bills
    Price: 9.99 Euro or equivalent in your currency (through the bank)
    * Will leftover event resources be exchanged after the end of the Event?
    Each Chestnut Munchkin will be exchanged for 5 EP and 5 CC.
    Each Sunchoke will be exchanged for 4 EP and 4 CC.​
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