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    The UK was the first country to have a test run of the Cinema.
    Later, it was opened also to more countries. Now, the Cinema is available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America

    * Where can I find the Cinema?
    You'll find the Cinema in the City, it looks like this:

    * Why can't I see the Cinema?
    If you can't see the cinema, but an empty space, this could be because your geoIP does not correspond to a country which has the Cinema.
    * What is the point of having a Cinema?
    The Cinema is a sort of Cash for Action with our Partner: SponsorPay. It has the advantage of working within the game itself, rather than watching them out of the game (through Cash for Action)
    * What sort of rewards are there for watching movies?
    For each movie you watch, you will receive 15 movie points. The movie points can then be exchanged:
    • 750 CCs = 75 movie points
    • 5 Super Grow = 50 movie points
    • 1 BB = 20 movie points
    * How can I watch a movie?
    To watch a movie, you have to click on the green " Play movie " button.
    * How many movies can I watch every day?
    You can watch up to 4 videos per day. After watching the 4th video, your cinema will be closed until the farm day resets.
    * How do I choose the type of reward that I want?
    When you've clicked on the Cinema, you'll see this pop-up:
    To exchange your movie points for rewards, you need to click on the green button below each reward, and accept the confirmation pop-up that will appear.

    * How do I claim my movie points?
    Firstly you need to open the movie, this can take a few seconds depending on your internet connexion (and other factors: Flash version, etc).

    Then, you have to watch the movie until the end. Please note: Some videos will have a 'Get rewards' button, on which you have to click on for receiving your movie points reward. Some videos will not have any button for claiming rewards, and the reward will be given after closing the video or after closing the cinema. Some videos might not give you a reward at all, but this is not a bug, because we have different kind of videos which have different mechanics. However, without a reward given, you will not lose a ticket, and you will be able to watch 4 movies / day which will give you the reward.

    * Why are there so few videos available?
    At this moment, and depending on your country or language, it is possible that there are very few, or even no videos at all.
    In this case, you'll see a message saying there are no movies available for you.
    The reason for this is that our Partners SponsorPay has a limited amount of movies available for viewing.
    Sit back, relax, hopefully videos will soon be available for you to watch.
    Enjoy the popcorn:

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    February Cinema Project

    * What is the Cinema Project?
    The Cinema Project is introduced as a solution to solve the shortage of videos in the Cinema. This is not a permanent change, it will only run until the end of February.​

    * How does this work?
    Instead of a normal video, you will see this window:

    In it you will see the description of the task, which will inform you about what you have to do:

    Then, you have to mark the persons on the street (whole body):

    After you've finished, you should rate this task (difficulty, fun) and click on the submit button:
    ... and you are done! :)

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