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Dear forum reader,

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    These are not 'double posts' as they come from two different farms, each of which has the separate and specific right to post. No need exists for any extra 'forum script'.

    I mentioned to you that it was also my farm because I was continuing the conversation from it, and then from this one, because I read, and then answer, various threads at different times from different farms.
    I did not want you to think they were from different people when they were both from me. I was giving you Clarity.

    No one has asked for your specific contact information. The questions asked do not specifically identify you - just as when we answer, they are in general, such as: I live in the USA, in the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern part of my country. (So do many millions of others fit that description.)
    We ask these questions because it helps us to understand and empathize with you. This, in turn, helps to create within us concern and caring for the welfare of others such as yourself.

    In no way does it violate the rules of this forum or game.

    Since you seem reluctant to introduce yourself to us in our accepted form, I will respect your wishes and not trouble you further with questions you do not welcome, unless specifically asked to do so.
    Happy farming, elRe.
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    The Farmerama forum culture is charged with evidences issued from long time user experience. You build the begin of this adventure. If this place is now a meeting room to know personally other participants, perhaps there are different tables to treat conversations.

    I am expectant and look out how to answer in a best way the above listed questions.

    Actually, I discover the Farmerama activities to talk with others about Farmerama. There are plenty of matters and manners. I accumulate many interrogations and need a lot of time to place my reflections in relation with things already developped on this forum where I read that you remember the first Farmerama forum. Perhaps, one day I say that I remember the second one. I consider the story we are able to teach. There are a lot of possibilities.

  3. elRe

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    The « elRe1 » approach is an E impacted F initiative and explore the OCD concept in making use of EOCD with FOCD principles. The so called EFOCD (E=event, F=Farmerama, O=online, C=community, D=diversity) long terme vision gives time to discover expiration limits of perspective evolution and is the opportunity to define the memory of transformation.

    It is a pleasure answering your question added as number 21.
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    Hi elRe! :D You make me laughxD

    EOCD = Event Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and FOCD = Farmerama Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, in general lol :p
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    Hi elRe, if it is your intentions to improve your english by some of the terms used here it is not likely to happen. EOCD and FOCD are two examples of terms made up by our players to express the way we feel about this game and laugh with each other about our obsessions. Have a great day!!
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    This is the successor of « elRe » on Farmerama.
  7. elRe

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    Sixteen days ago I reach my aim with « elRe1 » on Farmerama: accede mainland level 095.

    Now, I start statistics:
    introduction post1
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    Waiting to get another aim with « elRe1 », I prepare with « inGame » to be familiar as an other language Farmerama user through hungarian access.

    I decide today to do this, because I continue to share my experience as a spokesman of the New Enthusiastic Member Experience Status.
    Actually, I am not ready to introduce myself on the hungarian Farmerama Bigpoint forum: as a hungarian Farmerama user, the forum contributor can join the Vojvodina (a mainly Hungarian-speaking province in northern Serbia) discussion, the Budapest* and Pest County discussion, the Northern Hungary, Central Hungary, Transdanubian counties or the Transtisza discussion.

    This means, that again, I participate on the english language Farmerama Bigpoint Forum, because my experience as « elRe11 » is rich, but not rich enough: it ends with mainland level 077.
    _ _ _ _ _ _
    Under edit.

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    *Data Coming Soon.
    Find it on the english language Farmerama Bigpoint forum:
    introduction post1
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