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Discussion in 'Player Suggestions' started by .lita23., Dec 20, 2020.

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  1. .lita23.

    .lita23. Someday Author

    There needs to be different ways to get trees and stables besides buying than thru wonder stables to complete farmer quests. I don't have extra money lying around the house to play games and when on the occasion I splurge and buy extra BB's, and then use them on the chance that I would get a special tree or stable to finish a quest only to get duplicate upgrades to the usual stables I already have is really disconcerting. Example: I spent 90 BB's and I received 1 each of pheasant-orange, donkey-orange,-reindeer -orange, peacock-orange, horse- orange and an anthill. you would think I would get at least 1 of the dormouse. Could there be specials put on the windmill to win or some other way besides the wonder stables to increase our chances?
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  2. Mooboy

    Mooboy Commander of the Forum

    I am one of those farmers who can tell the odds of winning new rare animal stable buying wonder stables such as dormouse it becoming more unlikely to win one each cost 15 BB

    Because Big Point has not bothered to take out worth less Yellow Stables and Yellow Workshops which has no impact to actually help us work on quests that is why All New Stables quests have become much much hard and expensive to complete quests

    Few years ago farmers was postings on this forum how happy to win new rare animals now it is non existence so that is saying something......
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  3. farmlily3

    farmlily3 Forum Freak

    8)It's just another money grab/sinkhole!...and sometimes it works.o_O

    I had extra BB's this time so I bought 60-80+stables at various (15/20 stables each) intervals,..(lost count of the specific amount)..out of which I got only 3 of the new Doormouse. Approximately 1 out of 20-30 or more. It used to be more like 1 out of 10 or 12, or even less.

    BUT...I also got 4 more Boxfish, 2 more Blue Jay's, and 1 more Gecko Terrarium, plus several of the new Orange stables.
    And, YES, yellow, yellow, yellow, too!:eek: ( I Hear a TRAIN coming down the track??......)

    So - all in all, I thought it was worth it - BUT only because I had the extra BB's this time. I do not usually have so many BB's at one time!
    (I had bought all 3 of the recent offering of 'BB Blenders' - Best purchase I ever made!):inlove:

    We have a G&T coming up on the 22nd. NOW! EDIT!...G&T begins on the 28th! My eagerness got ahead of the facts! :p Sorry!:oops:

    I'd love to send you a Boxfish and some other things if you will send me your farm name. Is it the same as on the Forum?
    I loooove your kitty picture! I used to have a Siamese, and I still miss her, though she has been gone for a while.
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  4. Frenchmom14261

    Frenchmom14261 Forum Connoisseur

    I have 63 yellow truffles stables and sick and tired of it. Same thing for trees. I have 58 XXX walnut trees. There are many other stables and trees, I have in upward of 30. Please stop giving these useless stables and trees especially to advance players.
    In the old days we used to get poop on the wheel. I am now missing it! At least we could use the poop, I cannot use 63 yellow truffles stables.
    All the wonder stables and trees we either earn or win are also meaningless. I do not bother to even open them. I have 29 Cinderella trees, and 28 Briar rose trees and 34 Vienna wonder stable for example that I do not even try to plant as I would loose my time. Now if the rewards are "wonder" anything I Never bother to go for it.
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  5. nm561

    nm561 Forum Mogul

    I also have numerous stable upgrades that are of no use. The only thing I can use them for is to sell them during GT or put them on the train for exchange because during GT players only want pink or neon -- on rare occasions you might be able to trade a red upgrade. I don't know whether they will add them to the farm wheel or not but at least they could change the upgrade from wonder stable sales to red, pink or neon.

    I only bought a couple for each farm and one was lucky enough to get the Doormouse and 2 received the Gecko.
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