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Discussion in 'Player Feedback' started by teddy.bear, Aug 24, 2014.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello Farmers,

    Please use this thread to post your feedback and concerns regarding the game features in general.

    We are looking forward to reading your ideas!​

    Your Farmerama EN Team
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  2. memontee

    memontee Forum Greenhorn

    I don't know if this counts as a game feature - but why make changes to the forum. It was not broke and did not need tinkering with, and personally, I don't see any improvement. Why can't people just leave things alone. Sigh. Change just for the sake of change is not necessarily a good thing. Just my opinion.
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  3. crzyjoyce

    crzyjoyce Forum Expert

    I am becoming less and less enthused with the farm wheel. It seems more and more often I am getting catalpa tree, it has become almost as bad as when manure and water were on the wheel. I know I am not the first to notice this. Please take catalpa tree off the farm wheel, and out of secret seedlings.
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  4. bygo_cris

    bygo_cris Count Count

    I'm not so enthused with the farm wheel too. I recive so often super-grow. I think I'm not so lucky 8)
  5. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello memontee :-(

    I am sorry to hear that you are not happy about the new Forum, but it wasn't a change just for the sake of change, there were plenty of reasons for which this decision was taken, globally, for all the Bigpoint Games. Here is the explanation and the announcement of the new Forum.
    I hope you will get used to it quickly, and have a lot of fun around here!
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  6. Bhodho

    Bhodho Count Count

    FarmWheel: I hate receiving the Artisan Products. I've opened them all to L5. I'd do with more of the Breeding Animals...

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  7. oldman49

    oldman49 Exceptional Talent

    So many other thing's that you can spend your time on. if it's not broke leave it alone. you keep make changes to things that work realy
    well, there was zero need to fix the forum.looking for neighbor's now you have no idea when they became active, big problem.when i'm
    trolling for new fish, i'm not looking for someone at level 91 i'm looking for level17 or so for the point's, try working on more bananas
    and ways to earn them. that's all people are talking about an asking you for. gust a thought the oldman49
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  8. chookie

    chookie Exceptional Talent

    The farmwheel has lost its appeal - too many of the prizes are the same and too many classic beaver, orange horse and xxl catalpa. The party spins - for a cow dairy 8BB is not good, in fact any BB for that is bad.
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  9. marlenef24

    marlenef24 Forum Connoisseur

    I agree with "too many" catalpa tree, beaver and clasic beaver at the Farmwheel, but also at the Secret Stable and Secret Seedling. I do urge you to do something about these items, they seem to iritate a lot of players, after all we do did for fun! Please do not kill the fun in this game!8)

    Main: 91 | Island: 168 | Confectionery: 4 | Bakery: 4 | Floristry: 3 | Spa: 4 | Alchemistry: 3
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  10. birdiesaunt1951

    birdiesaunt1951 Padavan

    On the old farm wheel you could only win artisan products for those trades you had opened. With the new farm wheel you can win products for trades you do not have, which really isn't helpful. Is there any way to go back to the "old", more useful format in terms of artisan products?
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  11. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Hello oldman49 :(

    I'm not sure if the post was directed to me (judging by the Ted you were addressing to) - but I will try to explain it. First of all, I'm just a volunteer player like the rest of the moderator team. I am here to help because I want to, and I love to. The decision of changing the Forum had nothing to do with us - the reasons behind this change were explained by the community team in this post on the old Forum. The decision was taken not only for Farmerama; All the other Bigpoint games have changed the platform. We definitely listen to the pros and cons, and we want to hear all the negative feedback as well. The Steam Room was removed but not with the intention to stop the negative comments - not at all. If anything, it was easier to direct everyone to the Steam Room :p We knew all the venting would be in the same area. Now, this is going to happen all over the Forum and we will not stop it.

    I am not sure however what else you are referring to, but please don't hesitate to clear this out and let us know exactly what causes your frustration - we are forwarding to the Team all the feedback, both positive and negative.​
  12. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum Demigod

    oldman, I am a longtime player, level 86 and been on for 2 years. Not as long as some, but long enough to consider myself a regular. Rest assured that if I have said I like a feature, I truly do like it, I kiss no one's tookis. :wuerg: I agree with you, some of the old features will be missed, and some of the changes don't seem to be advantageous, but I try to look at the overall picture, and overall, I still enjoy playing the game and visiting the forum even with the changes and frustrations.

    That being said, I agree with crzyjoyce and the others, the farm wheel has become a disappointment. What started out as fun and exciting, with a reasonable opportunity to get the "good" prize, has become monotonous and boring. I am back to only spinning so I don't lose spins, and still have a ton of free spins from the old wheel that I never used. Trees and stables that we're drowning in from mystery stable and secret seedlings seem to be the predominant prizes. The party wheel rarely holds anything I consider worth spinning for, and despite the hype and build up regarding the new flower givers to be won there, I can count the number of times they've been up for grabs on one hand (and not using all my fingers). And when they do come up, it's pretty much a given I'm not going to land anywhere close. I still think it would be great if recipes were included occasionally on the wheel, like they were every blue moon before. I don't really have a problem with artisan gifts from levels you don't have open, because this gives me the opportunity on my alt farm to get items I normally can't make, but maybe I'm looking at it wrong. And like Bhodo, I love getting the breeding animals, it is very helpful for quests and building upgrades and even selling, saving precious PF and breeding time.

    I also have noticed a continuing decline in the value of the event prizes. We used to get BBs on occasion, which was helpful to those who don't/can't buy BB, but no more. The prizes for the cuckoo events were great, I thought, but when the high cost of producing the necessary colored cuckoos was taken into account, I think maybe it would be cheaper to do regular breeding or buy the needed animals to get the same pens. We only have so much room to put out EP givers, and lately that seems to be most of what we're getting for prizes. Maybe the developers could think along the lines of the past prizes that were well lauded and still talked about - BB trees and Pinkie Pie pie givers come to mind. The more desirable a prize is, the harder a farmer is willing to work, and perhaps the more they're willing to spend, to achieve it. I still love the events and obsessively do them all, but it sometimes seems like a lot of effort for not a lot of return.

    I would like teddy and all our wonderful mods to know that my thoughts are not directed at them, as I know they give freely of their time to be here for us all, even to listen to our rants ;). It is the game developers who need to listen to their customers, yes, customers, and take our wants/needs/desires/complaints, whatever you choose to call them, into consideration. The mods just get the unpleasant duty of being the ones who have to take the brunt of any dissension.
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  13. heidels

    heidels Active Author

    I'd like to say for the official record and whatever gets passed on, ;) that I also find myself using spins on the farm wheel just to use them. I don't want to complain much about free stuff and so I will keep my feedback to the regular farm wheel short. Minimally, I feel like it should not contain the same things we are "drowning in" (as spotsbox so aptly put it) from the stable and seedling events. That is incredibly tiresome. Or ideally let them not be in the seedling/stable events and keep them on the wheel, fine. But for all that is good, BP, not in both places!

    In particular with the addition of the party wheel, I would expect something on there to be worth buying. So far, I don't really see it. I have seen exactly 3 total appearances of those cheerful flowers that the announcements have been on about.

    I love the breeding animals, and most of the artisan products. I'll even take large amounts of Baha EP with pleasure. I would love to see recipes offered again. That would make me interested and motivated to care about spins. I would be willing to spend BBs on that. 8)
  14. Arielh

    Arielh Living Forum Legend

    I agree with the other players who posted before me about the farm wheel.
    There are a lot of times forgetting to spin the wheel and then realize it when I open the daily present and I don't get a free spin because I have already 5.
    Maybe Bigpoint wants us don't like the free tickets for the wheel so we buy party tickets which costs 4BB instead of 2BB the prize of the normal farm wheel tickets....
  15. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Forum Overlooker

    First, I would like to say to the mods, I know you don't have any control over this.

    I need to vent! Enough with the IRIS movie. You can't get any points without going to their website (not sure if you get them then as I won't go to an outside link). This type of video should be in the Cash for Action area, not the movie theatre. I seem to get this movie 95% of the time these days. Grrr! >:(
  16. spotsbox

    spotsbox Forum Demigod

    Cassi, sometimes there's a skip option at the end of the video, it's usually pretty small, so you have to really look for it. There's a movie for some home security app, I think it is, where the guy gets locked out of his house, and uses his phone to get back in; at the end you can click on skip rather than go to their site. Maybe the movie you're having problems with has this too?
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  17. Sweet_Cassiopeia

    Sweet_Cassiopeia Forum Overlooker

    Thanks for the suggestion, spotsbox. I didn't see that option with this video but thanks to the Farmerama fairy godpersons, this video is no longer appearing in my theatre! I wish to thank those responsible for hearing and responding to my vent! :)
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  18. Dienstag

    Dienstag Exceptional Talent

    You just click on that advertisement, wait until the new web side is uploaded and then hit the x to cancel it. That works for me. No need to give any information about you or anything and you will still get the points.
    That doesn't work for that cat sweep stake though -.-
  19. cactus_lemonade

    cactus_lemonade Forum Apprentice

    It's really unfair that someone has opportunity to earn BB's so easily by watching movie theatre, and others don't (because it isn't available in their country). I see this as discrimination. Very pity, but true.

    BB's is very hard to get and they end up one day when all quest's will be finished. And they rarely appear as prizes in the events.

    My suggestions would be to create similar system for earning BB's, but affordable to every player. No matter what country you are from and which level you are.
  20. SylvanasW

    SylvanasW Someday Author

    There is no discrimination at game level, as simply some countries do not allow such features in their commercial laws. Even if the country is suitable for displaying the Cinema, there could be no sponsors interested in advertising in the game (these commercials are offered by third party sponsors, and their availability is solely at the discretion of the Sponsors).

    When it comes to easily earning BBs, remember that this is a free game, and the Team behind it (the people whose job is to deliver this game in the best conditions to us, the players) must earn something to pay for their services. If BBs were easily earned, noone would buy them using real money, and this game would go down the drain soon. As most of the features are available for free, and only the high-end features should be paid, I don't think that the current system has any flaws in it. I hope you will still enjoy the game and have fun farming!